Why Am I Getting Ads on Paid Hulu Plan? (Answered)

The growth in popularity of streaming services has led to millions of people around the world purchasing programming sources online.

From Netflix to CBS All Access to Disney+ and more, the competition is becoming fiercer every day as streaming services look for advantages over their competitors.

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Why Am I Getting Ads on Paid Hulu Plan?

You will see ads on Hulu if the TV show or movie is not owned by Hulu. These content are not in the Hulu streaming library, and the only way to not seeing ads in these content is to upgrade your plan from Hulu $5.99 to Hulu’s No Ads $11.99.

Hulu is one of the oldest streaming services. Hulu was launched in 2007 and today is one of the largest services of its type with over 35 million subscribers.

For those who are new to Hulu and have used other streaming services such as Netflix, it may be surprising to see advertisements.

Considering the cost, many customers wonder why Hulu has ads when subscriptions are being paid every month?

The answer is two-fold. Hulu has different streaming packages with the lower priced ones having more advertisements to help offset the cost.

Depending on the programming even some of the higher tier packages may include ads such as Hulu Live.

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Hulu PlanAdsPrice/moPrice/year
Hulu (No Ads)No$11.99$143.88
Hulu + Live TVYes$54.99$659.88
Hulu (No Ads)+ Live TVNo$60.99$791.88
Source: Hulu

Streaming Packages: One of the advantages of Hulu is that the least expensive package is priced under most packages from many popular streaming services, including Netflix. However, the least expensive also includes advertisements. The ads that you see help to offset the cost incurred when purchasing the program. Just like network and cable television, advertisers pay for the right to show their ads on the Hulu lower-priced package.

Commercials in Live Programming: Hulu has recently expanded their services to include live programming. In such cases, you may see advertisements during live programs that are part of the network or channel in which the programming is being originated.

How do I Get Rid of Commercials on Hulu?

The simplest way is to purchase a higher-tier package from Hulu that eliminates the advertisements. Although the packages offered by Hulu change from time to time, they will carry information about which ones have commercials and which ones do not.

For the most part, the lower-tier packages will have commercials to offset the cost of the programming. While the higher-tier packages will have few to no commercials for most of the programs on their streaming service. This means that you will have to choose which package is right for your needs.

Many people do not mind having the commercials, especially if they are paying relatively little for the Hulu package they have chosen. But they can become annoying, especially when the commercials run at inopportune times. Your toleration for commercials will be one of the main factors in deciding which type of package you select from Hulu.

Keep in mind that with Hulu Live, it may be impossible to avoid ads. This is because they are part of the network feed that is provided to Hulu. The ads pay for the origination of the program that Hulu carries.

Does Hulu have Add Ons?

Yes, Hulu have add ons for no ads subscribers. If you’re Hulu’s no ads subscribers, you have an option to sign up with their premium networks including HBO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and STARZ. If you are Hulu’s no ads subscriber, you can also signup for more premium perks and enhance your entertainment experiences. Below are their monthly cost:

Hulu (No Ads) Premium NetworksPrice/month
Hulu Live TV (No Ads)Price/month
Enhanced Cloud DVR$9.99
Unlimited Screens$9.99
Cloud DVR+ Unlimited Screens$14.98
Entertainment Networks$7.99
Spanish Networks$4.99

Why Do Some Shows on Hulu Have No Ads?

Certain Hulu content does not have ads because the purchase price for Hulu of the show is low enough that it does not warrant additional funds from advertising. This is also the case for other streaming services such as CBS All Access

It is true that most older shows, particularly those from the classic era of television of the 1950s and 1960s do not have ads, the actual reason is the cost that Hulu must pay to run these programs on their streaming service. While the age of the show is important, it’s not the only factor in the price that is set by the owner of the shows.

Some programs may not have commercials because they were inexpensive for Hulu to obtain, even if they are practically new. Remember that Hulu like Netflix generates their own programming, although not to the same extent. This means when Hulu is interested in promoting a specific program to help boost subscriptions to their service, they may show it with limited or even no commercials for their lower-tier packages.

Why Does Hulu Have Ads, but Netflix Does Not?

Netflix does not have ads because the company charges a higher subscription fee compared to Hulu, and they have a secondary source of income through rentals.

The higher fee has allowed Netflix to purchase a considerable amount of programming without resorting to having advertisements. Before streaming began, Netflix rented movies and shows through the mail. This rental service is still going strong and brings in a considerable income for the company.

Over a decade ago, Blockbuster Video which dominated the video rental market chose not to purchase Netflix. It was an incredible mistake because as streaming services rose, the demand for physical media such as DVDs dropped precipitously. Today, Blockbuster Video has only one store left in the US while Netflix is thriving.

For those who have chosen Hulu as their streaming service, you will have to see advertisements on the lower-tier packages. This is unlike Netflix which limits the programming choices for their lower-tier package but keeps all of it commercial-free. Because Hulu began with running commercials, it remains part of their lower-tier package services.

Netflix PlansPrice/moQualityResolutionUsers
Tier 1$8.99Regular480p1
Tier 2$13.99Good1080p2
Tier 3$17.99Best4k+HDR4
Source: Netflix

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Does Hulu Have Ads on Their Paid Plan?

Hulu Does have ads on their cheapest plan $5.99. If you do not want to see ads on Hulu, the ad-free plan cost $11.99.

Overall, Hulu offers a wide-range of television programs, movies, documentaries, and live-stream packages. Over the years, they have modified their services in response to Netflix., creating original programming, or bringing in programs from network television such as the upcoming third season of “The Orville” which ran for two seasons on the Fox television network.

Whether you choose the tier package program that has commercials or one that does not, you will need to look over your choices carefully. Keep in mind when you package Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN+, which is a popular bundle, you may be restricted in terms of price to what tier package you receive.

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