Where Can I Get My Computer Fixed?

Knowing the market price for the type of computer repair can prevent you from getting ripped off by repair companies.

Let’s take a look at the list of the best services offered by companies at fair prices and at-home remedies that will cover overhead costs for simple solutions instead of going to a vendor for repairs.

Below is a table showing the average price of getting a computer repaired:

Type of RepairAverage Price
Storage Replacement$100-250
Liquid Damage$100-250+
Motherboard Replacement$150-300+
Fan Repair Replacement$100-150+
Solid-State Drive Upgrade$150-400+
CPU Replacement$200+
Laptop Screen Replacement$125-250+
RAM Upgrade / Replacement$50-200
Power Jack Repair$100-200
Keyboard Replacement$80-195+
Virus Removal$50-100
Data Recovery$100-1000+
GPU Repair / Upgrade$200-1000+

Companies for Tech Support

When problems get too big for us to handle, what do we do? We pay our fee to sit at the big boy table and have professionals handle our problems.

Let companies that have certified professionals handle the in-depth details to fix or repair our electronics.

What do we get? cost efficiency, valuable time, prevented damage, and no stress, without any concerns for something that would be too big for us to handle.

Tech to Us

Tech to Us

Overview: A Remote Technical-Based Support Company, offered to both home and business clientele support plans. The professionals are experienced, patient, and friendly. They provide fast-paced solutions for tech problems. Techtous.com

Established: In 2010, based in Hartford, Connecticut

How it works: Pick any support plan from the Business or Home Support plan that fits your budget and needs.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am to 10pm EST, Saturday-Sunday, 9am to 6pm EST

Home Support plan:

  • Unlimited Tech Support for one Computer (PC / Mac)
  • Infinite Tech Support for secondary devices (Smartphones, tablets, home devices, printers, routers, cameras, and so on.)
    Local tech support
  • Expert professionals
  • Chat with an agent in less than 5 minutes
  • Infinite Computer Tune-ups
  • Fixed-rate prices, no hidden fees. (Purchase any support plan of your choice that covers your needs)
  • Available by phone or online chat
    Open daily under normal business hours
  • Money-Back Agreement on First Purchase.
  • Starting at $34.99 a month + $100 one-time setup. Phone 800-516-7989.

Business Support Plan:

  • Supported Device Bundle:
  • Support for one Computer (PC or Mac)
  • Support for one Smartphone
  • Support for one Tablet
  • Support for one Printer
  • Limitless Technical Support for all Included Devices
  • Expert Professionals
  • Business Priority Phone Support
  • Chat Support via Quick Connect Icon (Windows PC Only)
  • Training & Guidance
  • Infinite Computer Tune-Ups
  • Advanced Managed Malware Prevention Remediation Software for 1 Computer
  • Secure Password Management by Sticky Password for 1 User
  • 500 GB Tech to Us Cloud Data, Backup Shared between all of your supported devices, Additional Device Bundle(s). $35/month each
  • Support for one Additional Printer: $5/month each
  • 500 GB of Additional Storage: $20/month each
  • Starting at $74.99 a month + $100 one-time setup. Call 800-516-7989

Tech To Us Computer Repair FAQ

  • Where are Tech to Us employees located? All technicians work out of Hartford, Connecticut offices remotely.
  • Are Tech to Us technicians certified? Most technicians carry one or more industry-level certifications, however it is not a requirement. They value education, knowledge, and experience.
  • What brands of products does Tech to Us support? All companies that manufacture computers, software, and electronic devices, in general, are provided services by Tech to Us. Apple, Microsoft, Toshiba, Canon, Lenovo, Dell, Belkin, Netgear, Compaq, Acer, and so on.
  • Can Tech to Us connect to my computer remotely and fix any deficiencies? Yes, a working internet connection is required. If your internet connection is slow or has stopped working, technicians will work with you on the phone.
  • How long will it take to resolve my problem? That varies, for example, malware removal will take on average 1-3 hours to fully resolve. Tech to Us technicians are fast, however they take their time until a deficiency is fully restored.
  • Can Tech to Us remotely connect to my computer at any time in the future after my problem has been solved? Absolutely not. Tech to Us technicians cannot connect to your computer without your permission and need to intentionally request to have access to your computer.
  • What countries does Tech to Us provide services to? As of now, only in the United States and Canada. 

Geek Squad

Overview: The Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy that provides services in-store, on-site, and over the internet over remote access. Provides 24-hour telephone support and no longer works solely on computer-based issues. They now fix or repair all electronic devices & appliances.  You can pay a fixed fee or discount prices w/ unlimited tech support with a Total Tech Support membership.

Established: In 1994, headquarters located in Richfield, Minnesota

How it works: Walk in-store, call on the phone, or message an agent online to get started.

Hours: Varies on local Best Buy business hours for on-site sessions and 24/7 chat with agents is available online

Services Offered:

INSTALLWill deliver your products and get you running
SET-UPWill setup your equipment and show you how to use it
SHIELDExtend your warranty and protect your products
SUPPORTTechnicians will provide answers to any questions 24/7
REPAIRWill fix your computer, tablet, phone, or appliance no matter where they are from.
Chat with an agentCall today at 1-800-433-5778

Geek Squad Individual Services:

PC/Tablet Setup$99.99
Printer Setup$39.99
PC Tune-Up$39.99
OS Installation$99.99
Virus/Spyware Removal$149.99
Diagnostic & Repair$99.99
Firewall Support$259.99
Server Administration$299.99
Server Diagnostics and Repair$299.99
VPN Support$329.99
Chat with an agentCall today at 1-800-433-5778

Geek Squad Total Tech Support Membership:

Remote virus removal$149.99 Included
Antivirus Software$49.99 Included
Remote Antivirus Software Install$39.99 Included
Remote PC Tune-up$39.99 Included
Premium TV mounting$199.99 $49.99
Basic audio setup$129.99 $49.99  
Home Wifi setup or troubleshooting$99.99 $49.99
Voice control setup$99.99 $49.99
Smart doorbell install$99.99 $49.99
Wireless camera install$99.99 $49.99
Membership costs annually $199.99Call today at 1-800-433-5778

Geek Squad Computer Repair FAQ

  • Where can I renew my Geek Squad membership? Online, on the phone, or online with an agent.
  • What is covered in the Geek Squad protection plan? Any electronic devices including, appliances, TVs, Music equipment, Phones, Cameras, Drones, and many more. 
  • Do I need to purchase my product from Best Buy to have it covered under the Geek Squad protection plan? Yes, both your product and specific Geek Squad membership need to be purchased at Best Buy.
  • Can I still buy the Geek Squad Protection plan after I bought my product from Best Buy? Yes, from the day you purchased your product, you have 60 days to purchase your Geek Squad membership to cover your products.

Tech Support Expert

Overview: Tech Support Expert is a computer support and service provider that offers online tech support for computers, tablets, and cellphones for fixed fees or premium support plans.

Established: In 2000, based in California.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm PST

Services Offered: Fixed fees vary for services needed, starting at $39.99+ Get a free quote and consultation for more information.

$7.99 monthly unlimited incidents (One-time setup fee for monthly program $79.99)

  • Support for computer and devices
  • Security Suite for 1 PC for a year
  • Malware/Spyware issues
  • Advanced network security checkup
  • Popup issues
  • Email support Support@TechSupportExpert.com

$129.99 yearly unlimited incidents

  • Support for computer and devices
  • NO Security Suite
  • Malware/Spyware issues
  • Advanced network security checkup
  • Popup issues
  • Email support Support@TechSupportExpert.com

$149.99 yearly combo unlimited incidents (MOST POPULAR)

  • Support for computer and devices
  • FREE Security Suite for 1 PC for a year (Worth $54.99)
  • Malware/Spyware issues
  • Advanced network security checkup
  • Popup issues
  • Email support Support@TechSupportExpert.com

Tech Support Expert Computer Repair FAQ

  • What brands of products does TechSupportExpert support? Any computer, tablet, or smartphone, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, HTC, Sony, Nokia, LG, and many more.
  • Are TechSupportExpert technicians certified? No, not required, qualifications include education and experience.
  • How long will it take to resolve my problem? That varies on the end-user, the internet connection, and the technician working on the solution. Simple issues such as connecting to the internet or changing a CPU can take a few minutes to solve.

Office Depot

Office Depot Business Discount for Life Science Corporations

Overview: Office Depot is an office supply retail company that offers technical support for computers, printers, and tablets with fixed fees.

Established: Founded in 1988 offering IT services for over 30 years, based in Boca Raton, Florida

Hours: Varies for local Office Depots near you, 24/7 tech support by phone or chat is available.

Services Offered:

Prices start at $49.99, Computer and laptop repair services

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Screen Replacement
  • Software Help
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Hard Drive & Motherboard Repair
  • Recover Media Creation
  • Computer Cleaning & Tune Ups
  • Data Recovery & Transfer
  • Data Back & Transfer
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 and Chrome OS
  • Call 1-800-463-3768

Office Depot Computer Repair FAQ

  • How do I set up a repair for my computer? Simply walk on-site to your nearest office depot, call, or chat online with an agent to set up an appointment or have a technician remotely work on a solution.
  • Are Office Depot technicians certified? Yes. That is a requirement.
  • Can I get free delivery? Yes, any purchase for a product or service over $60 will qualify for free delivery.
  • What method of payment is offered for online orders? PayPal, Masterpass, Credit Card(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Office Depot Credit Card.
  • Where are Office Depot technicians located? At your local Office Depot near you, online chat, or phone
  • What countries does Office Depot provide tech support? Office Depot is international, in 60 countries throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
  • What brands does Office Depot serve for computer repair? Any computer, mac, or PC. The only Operating Systems serviceable are Windows 7, 8, 10, and Chrome OS.

How To Repair A Computer Yourself

How to repair a computer that has been running slowly or freezes up?

  1. Backup your files. (Be sure to have your storage backed up in case the problem gets worse) Use any cloud storage of your choice, Google Drive, an external storage hard drive, iCloud, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive.

2) Update your computer. (In windows, type in “check for updates”)

3) Uninstall applications you recently installed in your computer. (Antivirus software, too many startup programs or background programs)


  • Click the Finder tab in the lower left corner.
  • Click the Applications folder.
  • Select and drag the program of your choice that you want to uninstall to the trashcan in the Dock.
  • Restart your Computer


  • Click the Ubuntu Software Icon
  • Click the Installed tab
  • Select or search the program you want to uninstall
  • Restart your computer


  • Select the Windows start menu tab in the lower-left corner
  • Select the setting icon
  • Click Apps / Add or Remove Programs
  • Select the program you want to uninstall
  • Select uninstall
  • Restart your computer