Target Business Hours Guide (Regular & Holidays)

Target is a store with many different departments that all run on different hours. To be sure that the department you need is open and ready for your business we have compiled all of the business hours that the many Target departments are open. You will also find the information you need to see if your Target is open for the holidays.

Most Target opens at 7:00 am and close at 11:00 pm. Target closes at 11:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays. On Sundays, most Target opens late at 8:00 am and closes early at 9:00 pm.

Every Target store may be different based on location. To be sure that your Target store and the services you are looking for are open for business, it may be a good idea to call ahead.

Target Main Store7am – 11pm7am – 11pm8am – 9pm
Customer Service7am – 11pm7am – 11pm8am – 9pm
Pharmacy9am – 8pm9am – 6pm9am – 6pm
Optical10am-8pm9am – 6pm12 – 4pm
Dressing Rooms7am – 11pm7am – 11pm8am – 9pm
Starbucks in Target8am-8pm/9pm8am-8pm/9pm8am-8pm/9pm
Pizza Hut in Target10am-8pm/9pm10am-8pm/9pm10am-8pm/9pm

Target Holiday Hours Chart

DateDay of the WeekHours
New Year’s Day1/1/2021Friday7am – 9pm
Martin Luther King Jr. Day1/18/2021Monday7am – 11pm
President’ Day2/15/2021Monday7am – 11pm
Memorial Day5/31/2021Monday7am – 11pm
Independence Day7/4/2021Monday7am – 11pm
Labor Day9/6/2021MondayClosed
Veteran’s Day11/11/2021Thursday7am – 11pm
Black Friday11/26/2021Friday7am – 11pm
Christmas Eve12/24/2021Friday7am – 11pm
Christmas Day12/25/2021SaturdayClosed

Customer Service

Open: 7 am Mon-Sat./8am Sun.

Close: 11pm Mon-Sat./9pm Sun.

The customer service desk at most Target locations is open and ready for use during the main store’s hours. At some stores the Customer Service Desk may not open until an hour after the main store and will close an hour before the main store. This is based on the manager’s choice and could be based on the staffing of that location. To be safe, try to go in the middle of the store’s business hours

Tip: If the desk is empty, you can ask a Target employee for assistance and they will get someone to help you.


Opens: 9am Mon-Sun.

Closes: 8pm Mon-Fri/6pm Sat-Sun

The hours of the CVS Pharmacy inside of Target varies greatly by location. However, each store’s pharmacy does have set hours, so they will not change week to week.

Most Target pharmacies will open two hours after the main store opens and close three hours before the main store closes. The pharmacy may close sooner on the weekends with some locations not providing pharmaceutical services on the weekends.

This variation is due to the partnership with CVS and may be based on each location’s pharmacist.

Target Optical

Opens: 10 am Mon-Fri/ 9am Sat/ 12pm Sun.

Closes: 8pm Mon – Fri/ 6pm Sat/ 4pm Sun.

Target’s Optical department has reduced hours when compared to the hours of the main store. You can expect most optical departments to open up at 10 am or later and close significantly earlier than the main store.

Tip: Target Optical take appointments. It’s call in advance for an appointment so you can save time by not waiting when you get there.

Dressing Rooms

Open: 7 am Mon.-Sat./8am Sun.

Closes: 11pm Mon-Sat./9pm Sun.

As part of the normal offerings in their clothing department, Target fitting rooms are open at the same time as their main store. Some Target stores allow for free entry and exit of their fitting rooms while others have kiosk with an employee that assigns dressing rooms and monitors the number of items you try on. If your Target’s dressing room is closed or the kiosk is empty, any Target employee can help you access the dressing rooms.

Starbucks in Target

Opens: 8am 7 Days a week

Closes: 8pm/9pm 7 Days a week

The Starbucks inside of Target runs on hours that reflect a normal Starbucks. Some of these locations offer reduced menus, but most will host a full drink menu. Most Starbucks that are inside of Target will open at 8 am. Closing times for these Starbucks are different in every story with some locations being upon until 9 pm and some closing earlier at 8 pm. Checking your locations hours ahead of time will make sure that you can get coffee and treats when you visit.

Pizza Hut in Target

Opens: 10am 7 Days a Week

Closes: 8pm/9pm 7 Days a Week

The Pizza Hut Express’ located inside of Target stores offer a limited menu and do not offer delivery. Much like Starbucks, the hours of each location vary. Most Pizza Hut Expresses will be open for business at 10 am, but the closing time will vary by location. Some serve food until 9pm while others close earlier at 8pm. Make sure to call your specific location ahead of time to see if your Pizza Hut Express is still serving food.

New Year’s Eve

Opens: 7 am.

Closes: 9pm

Target will be open for any last-minute New Year’s Shopping you may have. However, to account for the New Year festivities, Target locations will close earlier than a normal business day. Most locations will close at 9 pm, while some locations will only close an hour earlier than normal. Some locations may close earlier, make sure to call your store to see when they plan on closing on December 31st.

New Year’s Day

Opens: 7 am Mon.-Sat./8am Sun.

Closes: 11pm Mon-Sat./9pm Sun.

You can start your New Year filled with a full day of shopping at Target. Target will be open for their normal hours of business on January 1st. As always, it may be a good idea to contact your store as some locations may choose to limit hours or even close for New Year’s Day based on staffing.


Opens: 5pm

Closes: 1am

Possibly Closed

If your Target store is open that day, it will not open its doors until 5pm. It will stay open until 1am to accommodate Black Friday shoppers. Many Targets will be closed on Thanksgiving Day to prepare for the Black Friday Rush the following day. This varies by location and the extent to which your target is running Black Friday deals. Call your store ahead of time to ensure that it will be open for your convenience on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday

Opens: 7 am

Closes: 11pm

Most Target locations will hold normal business hours on Black Friday. To accommodate for the black Friday rush of shoppers, most Targets will be open from 5pm – 1pm on Thanksgiving Day. Some stores stay open a few hours later on Black Friday, but most will close at their normal time to clean up from Black Friday.



Target has traditionally been closed on Christmas day and will continue this in 2021. The retailer is completely closed on this day at all locations across the US.

Day After Christmas

Opens: 7 am

Closes: 11pm

Most Target stores will return to normal business hours the day after Christmas. Some stores may run special long hours to accommodate post-Christmas returns and any post-holiday shopping. During this day, many Targets will open up multiple return registers so guests can make returns and exchanges quickly and without added stress.