Is White Glove Delivery Worth It? (My Personal Experience)

Costco is one of the leading retail stores in the United States. It has achieved this lofty status in part by offering its customers choices when it comes to delivery options.

Although many may look at Costco’s selection, price, and convenience in terms of the sheer number of locations, their delivery options are surprisingly wide-ranging.

While it does make sense that even a well-established retail store would focus on delivery options, it is surprising that Costco goes the extra mile to provide such a wide range.

Is White Glove Delivery Worth It? (My Personal Experience)

I am so glad that I got White Glove Delivery from Costco when I bought my Samsung 75 Inch QLED, 4K & 8K Smart TV. My assembling and tool knowledge is not good. I have ordered this service and the delivery people were very careful.

My QLED TV arrived flawlessly and they installed a wall mount in less than 1 hour. It’s been almost 2 years and I have never had any problem and I am very glad that I paid for this service. Unless you are very handy and have a big truck, White Glove delivery is highly recommended.

What Is White Glove Delivery?

White glove delivery is the top-of-the-line delivery service usually reserved for high ticket items. It is the best delivery option from Costco that ensures the items arrive on time in their expected condition.

On average, White glove delivery cost $100-$200 more than typical delivery services. White glove delivery services typically cost more than typical services and require additional fees.

What follows are the typical delivery options available from Costco.

  • Standard
  • Standard w/No Pre-scheduled Appointment
  • Curbside
  • Threshold
  • Room of Choice
  • Grocery
  • Appliance
  • White Glove

Most of the delivery options are standard for retail or department stores. One of the more unique delivery services offered by Costco is their famous white glove delivery.

It is this type of delivery that is reserved for special occasions but does provide shoppers with additional options depending on the item that has been ordered.

Costco White Glove Delivery Comparison

To better understand how white glove delivery is different compared to all other options that Costco offers, it pays to have a brief breakdown of the other delivery services.

Costco Standard Delivery

This is when items are delivered using a common delivery service such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

This means that the delivery rates are set by the delivery company being used, not by Costco, although there may be additional shipping and handling charges applied by the store.

Such charges will be seen on the checkout, so you know what you are paying for before you pay.

Standard delivery is the most common as it applies to most items that are available from Costco and you will need to be present to sign for the item. But there is a common variation that is used.

Standard w/No Pre-Scheduled Appointment

In other words, this is the same as standard delivery, but you do not have to be present to receive the item.

The item or items will be left on your front porch and the delivery service will note the day and time in which it was delivered.


This is similar to standard delivery and includes appointment and signature requirements. The difference is that curbside will place the item on your driveway to minimize contact between you and the driver.

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place around much of the world, this is a common form of delivery today and will continue for the foreseeable future as an option.


The same as standard delivery, except the item is placed in the first dry area entering your home. This normally means the garage or just inside the front door.

This type of delivery is commonly used for large appliances or devices such as refrigerators, washers, or dryers when you can put them in place.

However, it can be used for other types of items as well. It also ensures that they enter your home before the driver leaves. This service does require an appointment and signature for delivery.

Room of Choice

An extension of the Threshold delivery service, this places the item in a specific room.

For example, you can order a refrigerator with the Room of Choice delivery and have it placed in your kitchen as opposed to inside the garage or just within the front door as with Threshold delivery.

Otherwise, this delivery is identical to Threshold.


This extends the Room of Choice delivery to the hook-up or attachment of appliances or devices. For example, if you ordered a refrigerator, the Appliances delivery option will have it hooked up to your electrical system.

This includes dishwashers and other, more complicated devices and appliances that require installation. Keep in mind that there may be exceptions to this delivery service in which certain items may not be included.

Costco Grocery Delivery

Perfect for those who cannot or have difficulty leaving the home, this delivery service is only offered in certain locations.

Such grocery deliveries will take two days and a $3 surcharge is applied unless the total exceeds $75 on the order.

Costco White Glove Delivery

White Glove Delivery is most akin to Appliances but includes the inspection process to ensure that the item is operating under normal parameters.

It is also the most expensive delivery option as it is performed under the auspices of Costco itself and not a third-party delivery company. The exact charge will depend on the type of item and what is required for it to be delivered.

How Does White Glove Delivery Work

You choose the item or items that will be delivered. This includes a pre-scheduled appointment time for their arrival. This is more than an estimated time. It is more precise which allows you to narrow your window for being at home or the location in which the items are delivered.

When the delivery arrives, the carrier will unpack, set it up, and inspect it to ensure that what is delivered meets your order. This means that the delivery includes the removal of packaging. If you are satisfied, the carrier will then leave.

If there is something wrong, then the issue will be addressed. Keep in mind that there may be additional services involved in a white glove delivery based on the specific item that is being delivered. You will need to check with the product page to know what the delivery services entail for that product.

This form of delivery is considered the top of the line, the best of the best. It means that all aspects of a proper delivery are addressed for an additional fee. In other words, you get what you pay for with a white glove delivery service.

This type of delivery is normally reserved for expensive, delicate, and large items that have a high retail cost. This often includes large appliances and devices such as wide-screen television sets that include delicate electronics. A white glove delivery ensures that it is all operational and ready to go upon arrival to your home.

How to Get White Glove Delivery

You can get White Glove delivery on items that apply under its requirements. All delivery options available for each product are listed on the product description page.

This means that if you see the White Glove delivery option available, then you can choose it if you desire. Keep in mind that you can always choose from the other available delivery options.

When you use the checkout feature, search for the delivery options which should be listed as you pay for the produce.

Remember that the delivery is usually not coming from the store, but rather from another location where Costco keeps items for delivery purposes.

So, calling the store may not be an option if you want additional delivery services. Instead, stick to the website which will provide the answers.

White Glove Delivery Times | Assembly | Installation Options

As with the types of delivery, the delivery times will be listed with the individual items as well. If you order more than one item, they may be all shipped together or separately depending on the nature of the items.

The delivery times are estimated, although you will need to be present for the White Glove delivery service. With the appointment feature, the time window will be narrowed down, so you will have an estimation of when they will arrive.

However, given the variations of traffic and distance, the window itself will be wider to allow for time so the driver can arrive.

The White Glove delivery service does provide for assembly of some items again depending on the type of product that was ordered.

The primary goal of the White Glove delivery service is to ensure the item is delivered on time and in good, operable condition. Assembly for most items is mostly limited to connecting it to an outlet and ensuring that it works.

Items that require extensive assembly may not be included with the White Glove delivery service. You will need to check under the product page to find out if the assembly is included.

Installation options are provided for certain types of appliances and devices which again will be indicated on the product page.

Under most circumstances, the installation requirements are minimal which normally means putting the item in place and connecting it to the electricity.

A more extensive installation such as with a built-in dishwasher for example will normally be handled by an experienced, licensed team. You will need to check the delivery and installation options as listed for each item.

Is White Glove Delivery Free?

Costco White Glove Delivery is not free. It can cost $as much as $150 to $200 or more. If you have purchased heavy and bulky equipment that is difficult to assemble, Costco’s White Glove Delivery is worth the money.

Does Costco Have Free Shipping?

Yes, Costco has free shipping, but only for selected products and 2-day delivery grocery orders of non-perishable food & household supplies of $75 or more.

When you shop on, each item typically comes with its own separate shipping fee. For example, this New 4th Gen Apple iPad Air 256GB has a shipping & handling fee of $4.99.

The reason each item has its own shipping fee attached is that most items on are shipped directly from the vendors and manufacturers with whom Costco contracted. Each vendor and manufacturer has its own shipping charge, and it cannot be waived by Costco.

However, many items do not come with a shipping fee. For example, this Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Photo-Brightening Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 comes with free shipping.

So for these selected items on, you get free shipping.

Another way to get free shipping at is to buy grocery items (non-perishable food & household supplies) that are eligible for 2-day shipping. You can find those items here.

As per usual for, each of these grocery items come with its own separate shipping fee. For example, this Tide Ultra Concentrated HE Liquid Laundry Detergent comes with a shipping fee of $3.

If your grocery order amounts to a total of $75 or more, will waive all the per-item shipping fees in your order. This way you get free shipping for the entire order.