What Companies Are Owned By Enterprise

Enterprise Holdings was founded in 1957 by Jack C. Taylor. The organization now owns a fleet of more than one million passenger trucks and cars. They rent out various vehicles from more than nine thousand locations in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Jack C. Taylor and his family have a net worth of more than $12 billion. However, Taylor passed away five years ago. Despite that, Enterprise is one of the largest vehicle renting businesses in the U.S.

After the acquisition of Alamo and National in 2007, Enterprise has become one of the most well-known companies for airport car rental among travelers.

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PhillyCareShare was a non-profit organization that was serving more than thirteen thousand members before Enterprise acquired it. They aimed to improve community transit. Enterprise Holdings acquired the service in 2011 as it was facing more than $2 million in penalties and back taxes.

The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. The company was renamed Enterprise CarShare in 2014. Ever since then, it has been facing a few ups and downs.

In 2017, the company had to suspend retail operations in Chicago because of fraud, theft, and vandalism. However, it is slowly getting back up on its feet, and customers can avail of the service.


In 2007, Enterprise acquired Alamo Rent A Car. The financials of the acquisition were not disclosed, and Alamo has been doing reasonably well since the acquisition. In 2009, the 2009 Rental Car Satisfaction Study ranked Alamo Rent A Car at number four.

That is because the company is known to provide excellent customer service to its users. Alamo is leading the industry, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Customer service is the backbone of the company, and it is capitalizing on this service.

There are also Brand Integrity Audits that happen to ensure the vehicle’s condition and cleanliness. Alamo will continue to exceed the expectations of the customers with its exceptional service.


Zimride was founded in 2007, and its aim was to link drivers and passengers to car and van sharing opportunities. The service was in use by over 350,000 customers on more than a hundred corporate and college campuses. All customers had to do was type their location, where they wanted to go, and when to find a car or van.

The aim for Enterprise to acquire Zimride was to target a younger demographic and offer them these services. Enterprise already had a few car-sharing services at the time, and the Zimride acquisition was meant to grow that part of the business.

Unfortunately, Enterprise decided to suspend Zimride university networks in December 2020. Because of the pandemic, the environment of such services is changing for the younger demographic. Hence, the operations are indefinitely suspended.

Performance Gateway, LLC

Performance Gateway, LLC was a European and North American provider of performance and network management software to collision repair centers, vehicle manufacturers, and insurance companies. It allows the companies to focus on providing excellent customer service by improving performance. The aim of acquiring the company was to enhance its vision even further.

Performance Gateway will remain an independent company and keep developing solutions as always. The company aims to enhance management and provide information tools that enable companies to optimize their operations and track KPIs in real-time. The financial details of the sale were not disclosed to the public.

In 2019, Performance Gateway, Cyncast Inc, and Enterprise Holdings merged to form Entegral. The aim is the company is to enhance the value of the Automated Rental Management System for Enterprise. The company is doing well financially and has a bright future ahead.

Triangle Rent A Car

Triangle Rent A Car was based in Raleigh, NC, and acquired by Enterprise Holdings in 2015. The acquisition includes the majority of Triangle’s fleet, its locations, websites, brand, and truck and van rental business. Triangle had almost thirty branches located across many places such as Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina.

Triangle Rent A Car had an excellent reputation in terms of customer service and experience. That is the core of Enterprise Holdings, which is why they acquired the company to provide an even better service to their customers in the Southeast. Triangle transitioned into one of the brand locations of Enterprise Holdings’.

The company was transformed into Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and it now offers rental programs and much more. The company is doing well for itself. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed to the public.

Dooley Car Rentals

Dooley Car Rentals was the car rental division of the Dan Dooley Group, which Enterprise Holdings acquired in 2017. The acquisition involved a fleet of more than fourteen hundred vehicles and international contracts and customers. The reason for the purchase was that Dooley has the same customer service values as Enterprise, which is why it wanted to invest in the business so it can grow further.

The agreement was that the General Manager and Operations Director of Dooley Car Rentals would independently lead the business. The business has 50 employees. The completion and financial details of the agreement were not disclosed to the public.

The car rental continues to operate in Ireland and has improved its operations ever since the acquisition. They now have more than twenty-five locations in Ireland and more than ten thousand locations worldwide. Thanks to the acquisition, the company has flourished globally and expanded its operations in no time.


Deem is an innovative managed-travel technology platform, which was acquired by Enterprise Holdings in 2019. The Deem platform has many branches, which include the Deem Ground Work and the Deem Work Force. These are travel and booking technology products for travel management companies, travel managers, business travelers, and much more.

Enterprise Holdings was a minority investor in Deems since 2016, but three years later, it decided to purchase Deem. The aim was to bring even better solutions to the travel industry so Deem can flourish. The sale and financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed to the general public.

Deem has access to resources and capital that it never did before to expand its product developments and product roadmaps. Deem has continued to operate independently from Silicon Valley since the acquisition, and it is now offering business travel technology across many places.

SHB Hire

SHB Hire is based in Romsey and operates a fleet of more than eighteen thousand commercial vehicles. The aim of Enterprise to acquire this business was to create the most diverse and large commercial vehicle rental business in the U.K., with a fleet of more than forty-five thousand vehicles. Both companies focus on customer service, which is what they will enhance through their service.

The acquisition took place in 2019, and no details of finances or the sale have been disclosed to the general public. Now, the Enterprise Rent A Car U.K. fleet has come to over 120,000 vehicles. The number will keep on expanding as Enterprise continues to grow in the country.

SHB hire doing well since the acquisition and providing a higher standard of customer service. Enterprise continues to work on these values to provide a better experience to customers in the U.K.

Discount Car And Truck Rentals

Discount Car and Truck Rentals is one of the leading Canadian truck and car rentals. The acquisition by Enterprise included the Quebec licensee’s daily rental businesses and all the corporate-owned locations of Discount. It took place last year, and no financial details have been disclosed to the general public.

The aim of the acquisition is to diversify and add more innovation to the company through a more expansive fleet of cars and trucks. Besides that, the acquisition also aims to increase the portfolio of services it offers. For example, airport car services, moving truck rentals, and much more will be offered.

Enterprise has more than six hundred locations in Canada, and Discount has more than three hundred. Both of them combined will now offer a more extensive fleet and accessibility to customers all over the country.

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