Walmart’s Return Policy on TVs

One of the biggest purchases you can make for your home is for television. Nowadays, TVs are paper-thin and chockfull of technology to provide the best viewing experience.

Smart TVs, 4K TVs, and even curved TVs are all over the market, and choosing the best for you depends on a variety of factors. Choose the wrong TV and now you’re faced with returning it.

However, returning a TV at Walmart is one of the simplest processes of the major retailers.

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Walmart’s Return Policy on TVs

Walmart’s Return Policy on TVs states that the item must be returned within 30 days with a receipt for a refund or an exchange. There are ways to return a TV at Walmart without a receipt or the original packaging although they are subject to approval. Also, with extended holiday returns, the usual 30-day period doesn’t start until December 26th.

Walmart tries to keep the best interest of the customers and to keep their process as convenient as possible. The retailer has ways to help you get as much as you can for your returned product even if you don’t have the receipt or the TV is opened.

The returns process is similar to other retailers, like Best Buy, with the only difference usually being the number of days in the return window.

How to Return TVs at Walmart

Walmart customers should bring the TV in its original packaging to the customer service desk with the receipt for the easiest transaction. Customers can also jump-start the process by beginning the return online or on their Walmart app.

Walmart account holders can sign in, locate the order and begin the process for return all online before they arrive at the store. Non-Walmart account holders can use their receipt or order number to complete a similar process online as well.

For online returns, customers simply need to check their order history, select return or replace, and print the free shipping label. Then, they just need to take their TV to participate UPS locations to finalize their return or exchange.

Although Walmart has so many options for returning items (not just TVs), the waiting period for your refund depends on how you return the item.

How Long Does It Take Walmart to Refund?

When Walmart issues a refund, the refund is applied back to the original form of payment. Depending on how you purchased the item, a refund can take up to 2 weeks. You can return it to the store or mail it back.

  • Cash or check payments will be refunded in cash.
  • Credit card payments will be returned to the same credit card used or issued on a Walmart gift card.
  • Debit card payments
    • if processed as a “debit tend” will be refunded as cash or back to the same debit card (up to 7 days processing).
    • if not processed as a “debit tend” will be refunded on the same debit card or issued on a Walmart gift card.
  • Gift card payments will be returned to the original gift card, or a new gift card will be issued with the refund.

All refunds issues back to a card are subject to a processing period of 1-10 business days. All cash or gift card refunds will be immediate.

Luckily, Walmart tries to keep down their auxiliary fees, so you get back exactly what you paid for in the first place.

Does Walmart Have a Restocking Fee for TVs?

Walmart does not have restocking fees for returning TVs or any electronic products. With Marketplace Returns, customers do not have to pay restocking fees, and they can return their goods without being charged additional shipping fees with faster refunds.

Restocking fees are typically used to help the retailer offset the cost of processing the return of a product. Since companies must process the order twice, they end up losing a bit of money on the transaction overall.

To combat this loss, some retailers have a restocking fee that they charge the customer to help in the event of a return. Companies also have other ways to dissuade them from returning.

Can I Return TVs to Walmart After 30 Days?

Walmart does not typically allow for TVs to be returned after the 30-day return window. However, towards the end of the year, Walmart has specially extended holiday returns.

During the returns period, all items purchased or delivered between November 1st and December 25th begin their 30-day return window on December 26th. So, if you get or give a TV for the holidays, you have an extended time frame to return or exchange it.

Hopefully, you have the receipt still as that is the easiest way to complete the transaction.

Can I Return TVs to Walmart Without a Receipt?

Although returns with a receipt are the easiest, Walmart does allow for returns if you don’t have the receipt anymore.

Customers can use any of the following to complete a return without a receipt:

  • a valid government-issued photo ID
  • the credit or debit card used in the original transaction
  • the email or phone number used in an online purchase

Customers can also complete the refund verification process online before coming to any Walmart location to receive an exchange or Walmart gift card only.

To make the returns process as smooth as possible, customers should also have the original packaging.

Do I Need Original Packaging to Return to Walmart?

For the easiest, and most likely to be accepted, return, TVs should be returned in original packaging and unopened if possible.

While Walmart can accept opened TVs or TVs not in their original packaging, their availability for refund or exchange is subject to approval. Also, you might not get a full refund if approved.

Can I Return a TV to Walmart?

Customers can return TVs at Walmart for a refund or exchange. The superstore has a standard 30-day return window and the process is easiest to complete with a receipt.

If you find yourself in possession of a TV you’d like to return, Walmart is a retailer that works with the customer to make the process as stress-free as possible