Walmart Tax Service Guide (Price & Get It Done Fast)

Walmart is a common sight in almost every part of the US, and it offers a massive range of services that keep on expanding, especially through its MoneyCenter, which offers Walmart Tax Service.

Through a partnership with Jackson Hewitt, Walmart MoneyCenter is now able to provide you with tax preparation services at almost all of their locations during tax season.

Does Walmart Do Taxes?

Walmart provides tax service through a partnership with Jackson Hewitt, a leading tax preparation service. You can file in-store at any of the thousands of Walmart locations across the country. Prices start at $59, and most standard tax files can be completed within an hour.

You can book your tax service online and drop off your taxes to be done while you’re shopping in Walmart.

You will likely need to bring a number of things to ensure speedy processing of your taxes:

  • W-2, earnings statement, paystubs, or other income verification forms
  • Your driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID.
  • Social Security number
  • Your last year’s federal and state tax returns
  • Social security numbers and birth dates of any dependents

If your taxes are more complicated, it can take more time, and additional information may be required; however, Jackson Hewitt completes the majority of tax returns within 1 hour.

How Does Walmart Tax Service Work?

During tax season, Jackson Hewitt will set up booths inside Walmart stores, and you can book an appointment through the Walmart website. You can then sit with the tax pro and go through everything, or simply drop-of your taxes to be done while you shop.

With your tax preparation, you get two guarantees and a best effort that should make you think about the Walmart tax service seriously.

  • Maximum refund guarantee
  • Lifetime accuracy guarantee
  • Taxes are done within 1 hour or less

If you need more than basic tax filing, Walmart tax services can assist in a variety of areas, including tax preparation for salary and contract workers, help you resolve tax issues, general tax advice or information, and refund advice.

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Do Your Taxes?

Walmart tax services start at $59 for basic filings, but the more complex and time it takes to complete your filings, the more the costs will increase. You’ll need to discuss with your tax pro how complex your filings will be and what the estimated cost is going to be.

If there are issues with your taxes due to Jackson Hewitt, then you are entitled to a refund with Jackson Hewitt paying the penalties; however, you need to contact and submit a claim for this within 30 days of receiving notice of any problems on your tax fillings.

When Can I File Taxes At Walmart?

Walmart offers tax services at thousands of locations across the country during tax season, starting in early January and finishing by the end of April. You’ll be able to confirm if a tax pro is available at your location Walmart store yet by trying to book and seeing what dates are available.

If you need immediate assistance, you may be able to find other locations that Jackson Hewitt is set up during the entire year.

Does Walmart Offer Tax Services Online?

Walmart offers tax services online through another partnership with HR Block, which will connect you with an actual tax pro online to help do your taxes when you can’t or don’t want to visit an in-store location. Prices start at $99 but may not always be available due to heavy use.

You can also purchase tax software through Walmart or online access to automated software if your tax filing needs are simple and you just need a place to get them filed. Costs for automated online access start at $6.65, which is highly economical.

How Do You Get Your Walmart Tax Service Refund?

Walmart tax service refunds can be received in three ways, and you can decide which method best suits your requirements. Refund options include cashing your refund check, prepaid cards, or direct deposit.

If you get your refund via a check, you can then cash the check using Walmarts check-cashing services so that everything is done through Walmart, and you don’t need to go anywhere else.

If you don’t want cash but want a convenient payment option, then Walmart can issue you with a prepaid card that can be used in Walmart or any other stores, including online.

Your refund can be sent directly to your bank account, you just need to bring your banking information when you file your taxes initially, and everything will be completed by your tax pro with the money appear in your account when ready.

How Fast Can I Get My Tax Refund From Walmart?

Walmart will process your taxes as soon as you make an appointment, and the IRS will be accepting tax files starting in January, with refunds being issued within about 21 days. So as soon as you get all of your tax information ready for the year, you should book Walmart tax services immediately.

If you decide to take a direct deposit, the IRS will send your refund once your taxes have been processed and a refund approved. However, it can take three to five days for the funds to arrive in your account.

Checks will be mailed once your refund has been approved, it can take one to two weeks for it to arrive, and then you will need to deposit or cash your check.

Opting for a prepaid card is your fastest option and can arrive 2+ days earlier than your direct deposit from the IRS. 

Can I File My Taxes At Walmart?

You can file your taxes at Walmart during tax season, early January to late April, by booking an appointment on the Walmart website. You will be connected with a tax pro in-store who will be able to complete standard tax filings in an hour or less, starting at $59.