Walmart Return Policy on Food

Walmart is very customer-focused when it comes to returns or exchanges, and that includes all food items, whether they’ve gone bad before the expiry date or in some cases if you just didn’t like the item.

The only issues you may run into are if you try to return items without a receipt or if you constantly return items that could be considered fraud by Walmart, and that includes all kinds of items like video games, TVs, or even clothing.

Can You Return Food to Walmart?

Walmart accepts returns for any food items you’ve purchased online or in-store; you can get a refund or replacement product if you provide a receipt and return the item within 90 days. Perishable food returns will be based on the expiry date rather than the 90-day return policy.

Items purchased in-store or perishable items must be returned to a store; you can not return these food items via the mail and expect a refund or exchange.

Walmart does have a freshness guarantee on all products, including flowers, though you may have difficulty returning fresh cut flowers 90 days later.

If you’re unsatisfied with your Walmart Private brand purchase, then you only need to return the packaging to receive your refund.

How to Return Food At Walmart

To return food purchased in-store, you must return them to a store; Walmart prefers you to start the return process online, but you can still bring the item and your receipt to the Walmart customer service desk.

If you have a Walmart account, start the return process by logging in, the link is here.

  • Select an item for return and choose return to store
  • An email will be sent to you with a barcode you’ll need for return.

If you don’t have a Walmart account, start the return process here.

  • Select an in-store return
  • An email will be sent to you with a barcode you’ll need for return.

For both methods, you must bring the item, packaging, receipt, and barcode to the store for a smoother refund or exchange.

How To Return Food By Mail To Walmart

You can return food purchased online to a store with the details above or return them via mail using the details below; you can’t return perishable items through the mail.

If you have a Walmart account, start the return process by logging in, the link is here.

  • Select the item you’d like to return or replace and choose why you’re returning it.
  • Select return by mail to get a return label you can print
  • Package the item with all original packaging and parts, then drop it off at USPS or FedEx.
  • Once received and confirmed, you’ll get a refund or replacement.

If you checked out as a guest, start the return process here.

  • Enter the email you used and the order number from your original emailed receipt.
  • You’ll then be able to follow the steps listed above to print a return label. 

Are There Any Exceptions To Food Returns?

There are no exceptions to the food that you can return to Walmart; if you need to return meat, fish, dairy, fruit, vegetables, it can all be returned for a refund or exchange.

Your perishable food items will have an expiry date that can’t have passed for you to return them. For example, it’s unreasonable to return fresh fish to Walmart 90 days after purchase, saying it tastes strange.

Do You Have To Return Food To The Same Walmart Store?

Whether you purchased online or in another city, you can return or exchange food in any Walmart store that is convenient for you; it doesn’t need to be the original store where you purchased the item.

Can I Return Food To Walmart After 90 Days?

Food items can not be returned to Walmart after 90 days for a guaranteed refund. However, if you find nonperishable food items have gone bad sooner than their expiry, you can discuss with a store manager who has the discretion to refund anything. 

Walmart Food Return Exceptions

Walmart is reasonably forgiving when it comes to returns of food items, so it’s often fine to just take your item back to the customer service desk to discuss issues, and you’ll likely get a refund or exchange.

If The Food Has Gone Bad Or Isn’t Fresh: Walmart will refund or exchange any food item that has gone bad before its expiry date or up to 90 days after purchase. You will need to return the bad food item to receive your refund or exchange.

The exception is with Walmart Brand Products; if you are unsatisfied with them, you only need to return the package.

If You Don’t Have A Receipt: Walmart accepts returns without a receipt if you can provide a government-issued photo ID, and they can verify in their records that you purchased the food from them.

You can look up a lost receipt online by going to the Walmart receipt finder here.

If You Don’t Have The Original Packaging: Original packaging or complete packaging won’t always be required, but you will need to return the food, and Walmart will need to verify your receipt and product.

If you don’t have the food or packaging, a return won’t be accepted.

What If The Food Is Opened Or Partially Eaten?

Walmart has a freshness guarantee, so if you’ve opened and even started to eat the food, you can still return it. However, if you try to return most items with the food totally gone, then a refund is not likely.

You may run into issues with some food items if you’ve eaten almost the entire product and there is no proof of a problem, such as bad food.