Walmart Return Policy on Clothes

Walmart accepts almost any item for return or at least exchange, even if you purchased it and simply changed your mind. Returning clothing is simple in most situations, and you should have no issues if there is a legitimate reason for the return.

Whatever you want to return, clothes, food, video games, or even TVs, Walmart will make the process as simple as possible.

Trying to return heavily used or clothing that you’re damaged will likely result in refusal from Walmart, even if you are within the return policy timeframes.

Can You Return Clothes to Walmart?

Walmart accepts all unused clothing for return or exchange within 90 days of purchase; even if you took the tag off to try the clothing, it can still be returned as long as there aren’t stains or other damage to the clothing.

There is no official policy on returning worn clothing within the 90 days, so the judgment on return will be up to the store manager or employee to determine if the item is too worn for return.

If you’re returning too many items too often, it’s within the store’s policy to refuse return or exchange and even remove your online account so you can’t purchase anymore.

How to Return Clothes at Walmart

To return clothes purchased in-store, you must return them to a store; Walmart prefers you to start the return process online, but you can bring the item and your receipt to the Walmart customer service desk.

If you have a Walmart account, start the return process by logging in, the link is here.

  • Select the item for return 
  • Choose return to store
  • An email will be sent to you with a barcode you’ll need for return.

If you don’t have a Walmart account, start the return process here.

  • Select an in-store return
  • An email will be sent to you with a barcode you’ll need for return.

You must bring the item, packaging, receipt, and barcode to the store for a smoother refund or exchange for both methods.

How To Return Clothing by Mail to Walmart

You can return clothes purchased online to a store with the details above or return them via mail using the details below.

If you have a Walmart account, start the return process by logging in, the link is here.

  • Select the item you want to return or replace and choose why you’re returning it.
  • Select return by mail to get a return label you can print
  • Package the item with all original packaging, then drop it off at USPS or FedEx.
  • Once received and confirmed, you’ll get a refund or replacement.

If you checked out as a guest, start the return process here.

  • Enter the email you used and the order number from your original emailed receipt.
  • You’ll then be able to follow the steps listed above to print a return label. 

Can I Return Clothes To Walmart Without Tags?

Walmarts return policy for clothing is flexible; clothing without tags or that has been opened can still be returned for a refund or exchange, whether it didn’t fit right, was damaged, or you simply changed your mind.

Just be aware that clothing that has been opened will be inspected to ensure it’s not heavily worn and being returned for fraudulent reasons.

Does Walmart Accept Underwear For Return?

Walmart accepts all unused underwear for return or exchange without issue; however, there is no published policy on used underwear, but reports indicate used underwear will not be accepted for return.

If you open your underwear and it is damaged, you can request a refund or exchange, but that will be up to the Walmart employee to verify, or the store manager can step in.

Underwear is considered any kind of undergarment, including underwear, bras, and lingerie sets.

The refusal of used underwear is due to health and safety concerns. Those items can not be resold by Walmart or any other store.

Can I Return Clothes to Walmart After 90 Days?

You can’t return clothes to Walmart after 90 days even if they’re unworn and still in original packaging. The 90-day return policy is a reasonable timeframe to determine if you like the product or if there are defects with it.

If there is a specific reason or product defect that turns up after 90 days, you can try to discuss with the store manager to see if they will accept the item, but there is no guarantee; it’s at the discretion of the store manager.

Walmart Clothing Return Exceptions

Walmart has a very flexible and accommodating return policy that leaves a lot open to the judgment of the employee or store manager. Their goal is to keep you as a customer, so accepting legitimate returns is in their best interest.

If The Clothing Is Damaged: You can return clothing that was damaged before you opened it, return it as quickly as possible, and you should receive a refund or exchange.

If the employee determines the damage was done after opening, you won’t get a refund; this will be especially true if the clothing is also heavily worn or dirty.

If You Don’t Have A Receipt: Walmart will accept returns without a receipt if you can provide a valid government-issued photo ID, which they will use to track if you return too much too often without receipts.

You can look up a lost receipt online by going to the Walmart receipt finder here.

If You Don’t Have The Original Packaging: Clothes without the original packaging can still be returned as long as they are unused or in good condition. Original packaging can include the tags, plastic bag, or box that the item came in.

If The Clothing Is Open Or Used: Clothing that has been used lightly may be accepted for return as long as it’s in good condition and there is a reason for the return, such as damage or poor quality.

Heavily used clothing that you try to return will not be accepted unless there is a defect unrelated to your use of the clothes.