Walgreens Flu Shots Cost

Many people go to their usual doctor for flu shots every year. Typically, they cost $70 without insurance. However, now many pharmacies have started providing free flu shots.

Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy chain in the US that offers many services. Are you wondering if they give free flu shots? If so, below is all the information you need.

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How Much Is A Flu Shot At Walgreens?

A flu shot at Walgreens cost $40.99 without insurnace, and a high dose flu shot for seniors over age 65 cost $76.99. Walgreens does take insurnace. Your flu shot is free if your insurance is accepted by Walgreens.

Flu Shot TypeAge GroupWithout InsuranceWith Insurance
QuadrivalentChildren and Adults$40.99Free
High DoseSeniors of age 65 and above$76.99Free

All locations of Walgreens in the US offer free flu shots to people with insurance. You can use the store locator to find your nearest branch and visit it for the shot.

Besides that, Walgreens also offer flu shots to individuals without insurance for a fee. Below is all the information you need about the price of flu shots at Walgreens.

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Do I Need An Appointment To Get A Free Flu Shot At Walgreens?

You don’t need to get an appointment for a flu shot at Walgreens, as the pharmacy locations accept walk-ins. It is recommended to fill the paperwork beforehand and bring it with you during the visit.

You can also schedule an appointment to save time by clicking here or phoning your nearest branch. When visiting Walgreens for a free flu shot, you must also take your insurance information.

Does Walgreens Give Free Flu Shots?

Walgreens does provide free flu shots to all individuals with insurance in the US. They provide this service on coverages that do not have a co-pay policy. If you have similar insurance, you can visit your nearest Walgreens to get a free flu shot.

Typically, everyone with non-copayment insurance can get free flu shot at the pharmacy chain. However, you are only eligible for the vaccination once every year. This is why it is best to get the shot during the flu season only.

Besides that, Walgreens only provide free flu shots to individuals of age three and above. You should take your insurance information with you to get the free flu shot.

The pharmacy chain offers free flu shots as part of its philanthropic program. Walgreens donate to the United Nation’s Shot at Life campaign for every flu shot you get at the pharmacy.

Besides that, providing flu shot service has allowed the store to boost its sales. This is because people tend to buy other things when inside the store.

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