UNIQLO Return Policy (Price Match, No Receipt + More)

UNIQLO allows you to return most items that have been purchased in-store or online for a full refund as long as you can provide a receipt and return all packaging so that UNIQLO can resell the item. In-store purchases must be returned in-store, and online purchases must be mailed back.

The UNIQLO return policy is fairly reasonable and standard compared to many other similar stores like L.L. Bean and lululemon. However, many people are used to a more relaxed return policy that companies like Amazon have set for their customers.

Can You Return Items to UNIQLO?

UNIQLO allows you to return most items purchased in-store or online for up to 30 days. You must provide a receipt for a full refund, and you need to provide all packaging, including tags with the product in the same condition as when it was purchased.

Poor Quality
Changed Your Mind
Heavily Used / Dirty
Missing Packaging
Final Sale Items

You need to return your item to the same location that it was purchased in a condition that allows UNIQLO to resell the item. So items missing packaging, damaged, or showing heavy use will not be accepted for refund or exchange.

Online orders can be returned for a full refund, but the shipping costs are your responsibility. Either you find your own shipping, or there is a flat $7 fee if you use the UNIQLO return shipping option.

Any clearance items or final sale items can not be returned for exchange or refund, so ensure you want the item before making the purchase.

If the price of your item drops within 14 days of purchase, you can request a price adjustment on your item in-store.

How to Return Items at UNIQLO

UNIQLO will allow you to return items purchased in-store back to a UNIQLO store; if there are no UNIQLO stores close to you, then you can return the item by mail to several locations around the country. 

Online orders can not be returned to a physical UNIQLO store and must be returned by mail to the warehouse.

Bring your item, original receipt, and all packaging to the store where you purchased your item and present it to the checkout or returns counter for your order to be refunded or exchanged.

How to Return Items By Mail To UNIQLO

Online orders must be returned by mail and not returned to a store. However, some in-store purchases can be returned by mail if no local UNIQLO stores are available to you.

Option 1: Return Online Orders By Mail

  1. To start the return process, complete your online return form
  2. Select Easy Drop-Off or FedEx return
    • FedEx return has a flat rate $7 fee deducted from your refund
  3. Package your item and add the return label
  4. Bring your item to the drop-off location or FedEx drop-off location.

Option 2: Return In-Store Purchased By Mail

  1. Fill out and print your return form.
  2. Find the closest address that accepts returns and mail the item back.

Types of UNIQLO Returns

When you return an unused item to UNIQLO, you will get a full refund to the payment method you originally used. You only need to provide an original receipt along with all packaging.

If you return an item without a receipt, then you will only be able to exchange your item for the same item in a different size or color.

Items marked as final sale, clearance, or where you receive a discount for a product with a known defect can not be returned for a refund or exchange of any kind.

Certain products such as facemasks can not be returned but will be clearly stamped as a final sale when you make the original purchase.

Gift items must come with a gift receipt. Otherwise, returning the item will issue a refund back to the original purchaser’s payment method. However, you may choose to exchange your item for the same item in a different size or color without a gift receipt.

What Are The Limitations To Different UNIQLO Stores?

You must return your UNIQLO purchase to the same location you made the purchase. The same location in most cases means the same country, but there are some exceptions in each country.

Returns must be within the same country where you purchased the item, so items purchased in Canada can’t be returned in the United States. This is the case for refunds, exchanges, and price adjustments.

Hawaii is a specific exception where it has its own return policies for UNIQLO stores, and you may not return, exchange, or price match any items purchased in Hawaii in other states, and any items you purchase outside from Hawaii can not be returned within Hawaii.

Can You Return Altered Items?

Various items can be altered by UNIQLO when you purchase them; these items can also be returned for a full refund or exchange using the same methods as everything else. However, the cost for alteration will not be refunded to you.

UNIQLO Return Exceptions

What If The Return Window Has Passed: Returns past the 30-day return window will not be accepted unless your item was purchased within the holiday return period, 11/22/2021 – 12/31/2021. If purchased during this time, you will have 60 days to return your item.

What If The Item Is Damaged: If your item was damaged when you opened it, you should return it immediately to UNIQLO for an exchange of the item. Your exchange will be limited to the same item, with the possibility of changing the size or color.

What If I Don’t Have A Receipt: Items you wish to return without a receipt can only be exchanged for the same item; you can change the size and color. If the item is no longer available, then you won’t be able to make an exchange.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Packaging: Items must be returned with original packaging, including tags. The item needs to be in a state that UNIQLO can resell the product. If you no longer have the original packaging, then you can’t return the item.

What If The Item Has Already Been Used: As long as the item appears new with no damage, then light use is acceptable. Heavily used, damaged, or dirty items will not be accepted for return or exchange.