Uber Black Vs. Lyft Lux: Which Is Better?

Ride services, such as Lyft and Uber offer you various options that you can choose from. These options have different requirements, pricing, car options, and more.

You can select an option, depending on what you want from the car service. Many people are always confused between Uber Black and Lyft Lux.

They are luxurious options you can choose from for one of the best car experiences. If you are confused about which one to choose, you are in the right place.

Here is a complete guide on Uber Black vs. Lyft Lux to help you make the right decision.

Uber Black Explained

As the name suggests, Uber Black is an on-demand black car service for users. The option enables you to ride in a luxurious vehicle with a professional driver.

The luxurious feels are not just contained to the aesthetics of the car and driver.

That is because such cars are not more than five years old and the condition is exceptional. Even the drivers need to offer a great service to maintain a minimum rating of 4.85 stars.

If you have business meetings and you want to impress your clients, then this is the ideal option. It is the perfect option for people with high incomes that want to splurge for a special occasion.

Lyft Lux Explained

Lyft Lux offers you a luxurious riding experience that you will not find anywhere else. When you book your ride, you will get a high-end vehicle with a top-rated driver. Many people use this service to treat themselves to luxurious seats, exceptional legroom, and more.

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There are three types of Lyft Lux, which include:

Lyft LuxLyft Lux BlackLyft Lux Black XL
Four leather seatsFour leather seatsFour or more leather seats
2014 or above model2016 or above model2016 or above model
High-end SUV or sedanBlack vehiclePremium black sedan or SUV

These are the top three types of Lyft Lux vehicles and services that you must understand. You can select any depending on what you require from the car service.

Uber Black Vs. Lyft Lux: What to Look For

Both the car services are unique and will offer you something special. Once you understand what you will get, you will be in a much better position to decide.

Here is a comparison and breakdown of everything that these car services will offer you:

1. 4.85 Star Ratings

Uber Black and Lyft Lux have standards to maintain when they offer you a premium car service. That is why there are also some minimum requirements that the driver must fulfill.

For example, both the services ensure that you get a driver with a rating of 4.85 or above. If their rating is below 4.85, then they can’t be driving for Lyft Lux or Uber Black.

The drivers also need to be insured and meet all requirements to drive safely. Both companies maintain these standards to offer you the best experience.

2. Premium Cars

One of the best things about these car services is that you will receive premium and luxury cars to take you around town. All the Lyft Lux cars will have leather seating and a great interior that will enable you to feel luxury.

Here are some of the top cars that Uber Black and Lyft Lux offer:

Car CompanyUber BlackLyft Lux
AudiA8 LA6, A7, A8, E-Tron, Q5 to 8, S5 to S7, and more
BMWX7, 7-Series, 5-Series, and 740i3, 5, 6, and 7 series, X3 to X7, M5 and M6, and more
CadillacEscalade, Escalade ESV, XTS, CTS, and CT6CT6, CTS, Escalade, Escalade ESV, STS, SRX, XTS, XT4, and XT5
FordExpeditionExpedition, Expedition EL, and Expedition MAX
GMCSuburban, Yukon, Yukon XL, and Yukon XL DenaliAcadia, Yukon, and Yukon XL
Mercedes BenzE350e, S-Class, E-Class, GL-Class, and GLS-ClassE-Class, R-Class, S-Class, Maybach, G-Class, and many others

There are many other cars that these car services offer. The one you get will depend on your requirements and what is available.

Regardless of the vehicle, you can count on the fact that you will get a luxury that will offer you a luxury ride. You can commute in style to wherever you want to go, be it a business meeting or a social event.

3. Pricing

There is no exact pricing for Uber Black and Lyft Lux. Whatever service you choose, the rate will depend on the location, the time you need the ride, and the option you select.

As a general rule of thumb, a Lyft Lux and Uber Black ride will cost three to four times more than the standard ride by the company. The reason for the higher cost is the added luxury and comfort you will get.

Key Differences Between Uber Black And Lyft Lux

DifferencesUber BlackLyft Lux
Ride PreferencesOption to select before your ride startsThere is no option to select any ride preferences
Airport Pickup AccessYesYou can only get airport access with Lyft Lux Black in select airports
Waiting Time15 minutes10 minutes
Scheduled RidesAvailableOnly available in select regions

Now that you understand the basics of these services, here are some of the top differences between Uber Black and Lyft Lux:

1. Ride Preferences

One feature that you will find in Uber Black and not in Lyft Lux is ride preference. That is because Uber Black enables you to set your preferences before you hop on the ride.

Here are some of the top things you can opt for before getting on the ride:

  • Temperature: You can let your driver know whether you prefer a cooler or warmer temperature
  • Conversation Levels: Uber Black offers you conversation options, such as quiet mode, happy to chat, or no preference
  • Help With Baggage: If you have luggage, you can request the driver to help you get your baggage in the trunk

Uber Black introduced this feature in 2019 and it is one of the best things to exist. If you don’t like chatting with Uber drivers, you can opt for quiet mode and enjoy a peaceful ride in no time.

2. Airport Pickup Access

Uber Black drivers have CDLs and official TCP numbers, which means that they can go wherever a regular taxi can go. At many airports, Uber drivers are not allowed to pick up or drop someone off.

That is not the case with Uber Black, as they can easily pick you up or drop you at the terminal. You don’t get the same amenities with Lyft Lux.

If you want to go to the airport or you want to get picked up, a Lyft Lux can’t come. On the other hand, you will have to request a Lyft Lux Black to come to pick you up.

Even then, these vehicles are not allowed in every airport. That is why you will have to check if the airport allows for such vehicles before you decide to call a Lyft Lux Black.

3. Waiting Times

When you order a standard Uber or Lyft, the driver will not wait more than five minutes. Instead, they will cancel the ride and you will be charged a fee.

On the other hand, the same is not the case with Uber Black and Lyft Lux. Lyft Lux drivers will wait for you for ten minutes if you are running late.

Uber Black drivers are required to wait for fifteen minutes for you. The difference is only five minutes but it can make all the difference when you are running late.

4. Scheduled Ride

With Uber Black, you can reserve the ride beforehand. Doing this will help you ensure that you get the ride on time and you lock prices.

Because of this, the car service doesn’t subject you to any surges in pricing. You can even reserve the ride beforehand with Lyft Lux, but this service is only available in a few regions.

That is why you will have to check with the Lyft app or website if you can get the reservation feature on your ride. Be sure to enter your region and see.

Uber Black Vs. Lyft Lux: Which Is Better?

There is no right or wrong answer between Uber Black and Lyft Lux. The one that is better for you will depend on what you need and your budget.

You can go through our detailed guide and then decide which option will suit you best. The services are similar, but you might get more options and features with Uber Black.

The features that both these services offer also depend on the region you are from. That is why we recommend that you check if they offer all their features in the region you are in.

Doing this will help you decide which option is better for your region. Once you do, you will select the best ride option that will offer you a safe and comfortable ride no matter where you want to go.

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