15 Places You Can Sell iPad Online

If you want to get a good price for your iPad or tablet, it is important that you include all the accessories. This includes the charger, cable, and case. People are willing to pay more for a tablet that comes with everything they need to use it. Before you sell your tablet, get an estimate of how much it is worth. There are a few ways to do this. You can check online listings to see what similar iPad are selling for. You can also bring your iPad to a local electronics store and ask them for an estimate.

Below is a list of 15 Places You Can Sell a iPad Online:

1eBayLarge online marketplace, fees and shipping involved
2Amazon Trade-InMassive marketplace, payment often in Amazon Gift Card
3GazelleEasy selling process, selective in tablet types
4CraigslistLocal selling, free listing, safety concerns
5SwappaTech-focused, payment after buyer confirmation
6Best BuyTrade-in program, offers store credit or cash
7GameStopTrade-in for store credit, numerous locations
8Not availableConvenient, research tablet value before selling
9DecluttrBuys a variety of brands, pays cash
10Not applicableLikely to get a good price, no stranger interaction
11Not availableQuick cash, lower price expected
12TrademoreQuick quote and turnaround, free shipping
13BuyBackWorldOnline platform for cash sales, wide range accepted
14Green Buy BackFocuses on recycling, competitive prices
15GizmogoQuick, easy sales, accepts major brands

1. EBay

EBay is one of the first places that comes to mind when you’re looking to sell anything online, and for good reason. It’s a huge marketplace with millions of active buyers, which means you’re likely to find a buyer for your iPad relatively quickly.

The downside of selling on eBay is that you’ll have to pay fees to the site, and you’ll also need to deal with shipping the tablet to the buyer. If you’re not comfortable with those things, then eBay might not be the best option for you.

2. Amazon

Another great option for selling your tablet is Amazon. Like eBay, Amazon is a massive marketplace with millions of potential buyers. And, since Amazon is a trusted site, you won’t have to worry about scams or fraud like you might on some other sites.

The downside of selling on Amazon is that in most cases you may only get an Amazon Gift Card instead of cash in return for your tablet. So, if you’re looking to get the most money possible for your iPad , then Amazon might not be the best option.

3. Gazelle

Gazelle is a great option if you’re looking for an easy and hassle-free way to sell your tablet. All you need to do is find your device on the Gazelle website and then get a quote for how much they’ll pay you.

If you like the quote, you can then ship your iPad to Gazelle, and they’ll send you the payment once they’ve received and inspected your device. One downside of Gazelle is that they don’t accept every type of tablet, so be sure to check and see if yours is eligible before you get started.

4. Craigslist

If you’re looking to sell your tablet locally, then Craigslist is a great option. It’s free to list your tablet on Craigslist, and you can typically find a buyer relatively quickly. There has never been a platform as effective as Craigslist.

The downside of selling on Craigslist is that you will have to deal with meeting up with strangers, which can be unsafe. You should always meet in a public place and bring a friend or family member along for safety.

5. Swappa

Swappa is similar to Gazelle in that it’s a great option if you’re looking for an easy way to sell your iPad. The main difference is that Swappa is designed specifically for selling tech devices, so you’ll know that the people who are buying from you are looking for tablets.

Another difference is that Swappa doesn’t pay you upfront for your tablet. In most cases they hold onto the payment until the buyer has received the tablet and confirmed that it’s in good working condition. Once that happens, Swappa will release the payment to you.

6. Best Buy

Best Buy is a great option if you’re looking to get good return for your iPad. They have a trade-in program where you can bring in your old tablet and get store credit or cash in return. It is one of the most convenient ways to get money for your old tablet.

The downside of trading in your tablet at Best Buy is that you might not get as much money as you would if you sold it somewhere else. But, if convenience is more important to you than getting the highest price possible, then Best Buy is a great option.

7. GameStop

GameStop is another option for trading in your old iPad for store credit. They have a similar trade-in program to Best Buy, so you can just bring in your tablet and they’ll give you an estimate of how much they’re willing to pay you. The best part about GameStop is that there are thousands of different locations so you can find one near you get a good price for your old tablet.

The downside of trading in your tablet at GameStop is that you’re limited to store credit, which you can only use at GameStop. So, if you’re looking to get high amount of cash return for your tablet, then this might not be the best option.

8. Sell at Your Local Electronic Store

Another option for selling your old iPad is to bring it to your local electronic store, such as Best Buy or GameStop or any other local store. The best part about this option is that it’s very convenient since you don’t have to ship your tablet anywhere.  It is very important to research the value of your tablet based on its condition before you take the tablet to the local store.

9. Decluttr

If you’re looking to declutter and get rid of some old electronics, like a used iPad, Decluttr is a great option. They accept tablets from a variety of brands including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and more. Plus, they pay cash (not store credit) for your devices which is always nice. Shipping is free and you can expect to receive your payment within hours of them receiving your device.

10. Sell It to Your Friends or Family

The first people you should think to sell your iPad to be your friends or family. Why? Because they’ll give you the most money, of course! But seriously, unless you have a very high-end tablet like an iPad Pro, selling it to someone you know is probably your best bet. They’ll be more likely to give you a good price, and you won’t have to worry about meeting up with strangers or dealing with any of the other hassles that come with selling online. Of course you should only ask them if they want to buy it and not force the sale on them, but if they say no then you can always opt for other choices.

11. Sell Your Tablet at an Online Pawn Shop

If you’re looking for the best place to sell your iPad for cash, then an online pawn shop is a great option. Pawn shops are known for giving good prices for electronics and other valuables, so you can be sure that you’ll get a fair price for your device.

Another great thing about selling your tablet at an online pawn shop is that you can get your money fast. Most pawn shops will give you cash on the spot, or they may offer to send you a check within a few days. You can also bring your tablet to a brick and mortar pawn shop if you prefer, but always remember that pawnshops buy your products to sell them at a profit so you’ll likely get a lower price for your device. PawnBat and PawnAmerica are some of the best online pawn shops that you can check to sell your tablet.

12. Trademore

Trademore is the best place to sell your iPad if you’re looking for convenience and a quick turnaround. With Trademore, you can get a quote for your device in just a few minutes, and then ship it off to us for free. They can even provide a pre-paid shipping label. Once they receive your device, they’ll inspect it and issue payment within two business days.

13. BuyBackWorld

Buyback World is an online platform that allows you to sell your iPad for cash. They have a wide range of electronics that they are willing to buy including tablets. BuyBackWorld is a very reputed platform which is used by thousands of people every year to get the best value for their old devices.

14. Green Buy Back

Recycling is one of the most important things in the modern world and companies are always looking for new ways to be more sustainable and “green.” Green Buy Back is one such company that specializes in properly recycling your old phones and tablets. Green Buy Back is a great option if you have an old or used tablet. They offer some of the best prices for tablets.

15. Gizmogo

Gizmogo is the perfect place to sell your tablet if you’re looking for a quick and easy sale. They accept most major brands of ipad, including iPad, Samsung, and other local and international brands. They also offer a fantastic price for your tablet, beating most other online platforms.