Target Return Policy On Video Games

Target has a standard return policy of 90 days for most of its items. However, they are stricter when it comes to electronics and digital downloads.

For instance, the Target return policy for laptops has a shorter window than most other items. If you are wondering about the store’s policy regarding video games, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know.

Can You Return Video Games To Target?

Yes, you can return video games to Target within 30 days of purchase, provided that the item is unused, intact, and unopened. Meanwhile, you can also return the game within 60 days if you have a Target RedCard. Keep in mind to take the receipt and your ID for a refund.

A key thing to note is that the store offers a full refund only for unopened video games. You must also take your original receipt, payment method, and government ID for the process.

The good news is that you can return video games bought from a store location and online platform. Not only that, but you can start the process by contacting the store.

If you used a credit card for the purchase, the refund would be processed in one to three days. Meanwhile, RedCard holders get the money back in one to two days. This window applies to cash purchases too.

Another good news is that there is no stocking fee for returning video games to Target. You must also remember that the return process of in-store and online purchases is a bit different.

How To Return Video Games To Target

To return video games to Target, you can visit your nearest Target for an in-store return and tell the clerk to show you the customer service desk. Upon reaching there, you must tell them you want to return video games and show the receipt along with an ID.

Once the store manager approves the return, the refund will be processed for you in a few days. This is the only option for giving back an item you bought from the store.

Meanwhile, you have two options for online purchases: mailing the video games or going to the store for the return. If you want to go to the location, you must take the barcode on the Target app to the store.

Additionally, you have to print a return label from the website when mailing the video games. Keep in mind to give back all the accessories that came with the item for a total refund.

You should note that the shipping must be paid by you when returning the item. Target will only cover the costs if they make an error while delivering the order.

Requirement to Return Video Games to Target

The retail chain has a strict policy regarding items such as video games. However, it is still relatively lenient than most other stores. For instance, you can return the video game without a receipt.

You must show alternative purchase proof for the item. This will allow you to get the total refund easily. However, without evidence, you will not receive the full amount.

You should also remember that Target has the right to refuse the return even if you have the receipt. This happens when the store feels you are abusing their policy.

Additionally, the store will not allow a return if you have a history of returning video games frequently. So always ensure to provide a plausible reason when demanding a refund from Target.

Besides that, Target is also relatively lenient on the return time window of video games.

If The Video Game is Opened

The retail chain offers an exception for open video games. You cannot return them for a total refund. However, the store will allow you to exchange it for the same game on a different console.

For instance, if you bought a game for PS4 but intended to get a PS5 version and realized after opening, the store will allow you to exchange.

Additionally, if the original game title is not present at the store, you can get a different one of the same value. However, this does not apply to digital downloads.

You can also get a return for a video game without an original receipt. In such a case, you must show alternative proof for the total amount. If you don’t have that, you will get a partial refund.

How to Return After 30 Days

You can return video games to Target after 30 days by providing a reasonable explanation. In most cases, the decision depends on the store manager. Typically, they allow you to give back the video game.

However, keep in mind that you will not get a total refund after exceeding 30 days. Instead, the store will offer you a merchandise card for the item. This will be equal to the video game’s lowest price.

Additionally, you can use the card only for in-store purchases. Target also has a different policy and exceptions for some returns.

You Can Not Return Digital Games and Access Codes

Target offers digital games to all consumers around the US but does not accept returns for them. This is because the store cannot change the access codes you receive for redeeming the digital game.

Another reason why Target does allow returns of digital games is because of the potential of fraud. So you should not expect a refund for such purchases.

Besides that, the store also does not allow you to exchange the digital game and access codes. If you want a new item, you will have to purchase it from Target.

Meanwhile, you should contact Target if you have been facing issues with the downloads. They will resolve it promptly but do not expect them to offer you anything other than technical help.

Target has a strict policy regarding digital downloads. So they will not waive it and offer a refund in any case.