Target Return Policy on Laptops

At many retailers, the process of returning laptops is simple as long as the laptop is not opened, or you have a receipt.

At Target, the policy for returning electronics, including laptops, is effective although it does have a longer return window than their competitor Best Buy.

Target’s Return Policy on Laptops

Target’s return policy on laptops is 15 days for Apple Macbooks and 30 days for other laptop brands. You can return for a refund or exchange for other models within these return windows. Target RedCard holders have an additional 30 days to return or exchange their products.

All laptops can be returned to any Target location or possibly returned online via a prepaid shipping label. Customers are encouraged to have their receipt with them at the time of return.

How to Return Laptops at Target?

Simply bring the laptop and a receipt (or online barcode, or original form of payment) to any Target store and head to the customer service counter, which is normally located toward the exit.

If you purchased your laptop online, check the product description to see if the computer is available to return online. If so, follow the instructions to print a prepaid UPS shipping label and finish the process to complete the return.

Target is pretty quick about its refund turnaround compared to other retailers. 

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How Long Does It Take Target to Refund?

Target process refunds within 1-5 business days for third-party cards, like debit or credit cards. For Target RedCard holders, refunds are processed within 1-3 business days.

Cash transactions will be processed at the time of refund and customers will be given cash immediately.

Customers should be receiving funds for the full purchase price including taxes and fees. If the customer doesn’t have the original receipt, they may not receive the full refund for the laptop.

Is There a Restocking Fee for Laptops at Target?

Target does not have a restocking fee for returning laptops. This helps customers save money when completing the refund process.

A restocking fee helps retailers offset the cost of returning a non-defective item since there are a lot of fees typically associated with processing an order.

When a customer returns an item, the store is responsible for reprocessing the order and the restocking fee can help offset these costs.

Target chooses not to have a restocking fee for benefit of their customers. However, Target also has a comparatively shorter return period than its competitors.

Can I Return a Laptop to Target After 30 Days?

Target’s return policy is up to 30 days, excluding Apple products, with an additional 30 days for Target RedCard members. Returns after this period are subject to denial.

However, Target does have a special holiday return policy. This policy is as follows:

  • For Apple products bought between Oct 1-Dec 25, the 15-day return period is from Dec 26-Jan 9.
  • For other electronics bought between Oct 1-Dec 25, the 30-day return period is from Dec 26-Jan 24.

For Target RedCard members, the additional 30-day extension still applies.

For the easiest transaction, returns should be made within the return window and with the original receipt.

Can I Return a Laptop to Target Without a Receipt?

You can return a laptop to Target without the original receipt by showing the original form of payment, an online barcode, or a confirmation email from an online purchase.

These forms of proof of purchase are subject to approval for returns and refunds. The condition of the laptop being returned can also affect the status of the return and refund or exchange.

Do I Need Original Packaging to Return a Laptop to Target?

Target’s laptop return can be conditional on the packaging of the laptop. Computers that are open, damaged, or without receipt may be denied a refund or exchange.

For the best results, customers should come with an unopened laptop and a receipt within the return period.

Can You Return a Laptop to Target in [Year]?

Customers are able to return and exchange or refund laptops at Target as of 2024. The store offers a standard return policy compared to other retailers across the market except for some reduced return windows.

Even if you purchase or receive a laptop that doesn’t fit your personal needs, exchanging it for another or refunding it all together can be a simple process instead of a daunting task.

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