Target Return Policy On Electronics

Target is a famous retail store that sells computers, video games, clothes, and much more. Generally, the store has a 90 days return policy for most items.

You can give back clothes to this store after understanding the Target return policy on clothes. The retail chain also allows you to return alcohol.

Besides that, you can also learn the Target return policy on video games if you are a gamer. You may also be keen to know whether or not you can return electronics to Target.

Here is everything you need to know about the Target return policy on electronics.

Can You Return Electronics To Target?

The good news is that you can return electronics to Target by going to the store or mailing the item. Typically, you can give back the item within 30 days of purchase. However, the duration extends to 60 days if you are a Target RedCard holder.

You must take the receipt with you when returning an item to Target. If you don’t have that, you must take an alternative purchase proof.

Besides that, you are required to take the original payment method when returning electronics to Target. Luckily, there is no restocking fee for such items at this store.

Another thing to note is that Target requires you to bring your government ID when coming for a return. This is to verify that the item is yours and not stolen.

Apart from that, you should learn how to return electronics to Target. This is because the store offers different options. So you can choose the right one to save your time.

How To Return Electronics At Target?

The primary way to return electronics at Target is by visiting any nearest branch with the item. After reaching the location, ask a clerk to show you the way to the customer service desk.

At the desk, you should give the item, show your ID, and confirm the original payment method. The store manager will then approve or reject your refund depending on the return policy.

The going to the store method is applicable on in-store and online purchases. However, there is a second way that you can use for website-bought electronics only.

You can give back the item by using a mailing service for online electronics. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Log into your Target website account
  • Go to the purchase history section
  • Find the item and click on the return button
  • Complete the prompts to open the return label page
  • Print the label
  • Attach the return sign to the sealed electronics package
  • Drop the item at your nearest UPS branch

These methods will help you easily give back the item to Target. You should also understand the various return types at Target.

Types Of Target Returns

Target does not have many different return types such as clearance or refurbished products. Typically, its items fall in the online or in-store purchases categories. Besides that, there is an international return type at this store.

The key thing to note is that international electronics cannot be returned to Target. You cannot exchange them with other similar items too. So be sure to avoid sending such a product to Target.

Besides that, you cannot return gift cards to Target through mail or by going to the store. Breast pumps also fall in the non-returnable items category of this retail chain.

You can return TVs, laptops, freezers, and major appliances to Target through the electronics policy. Here is what you need to know about whether or not you can return mobile phones to Target.

Can You Return Mobile Phones And Apple Products To Target?

The good news is that you can return mobile phones to Target. However, keep in mind that this electronic item has a special policy. You can give back a mobile phone to Target within 14 days of purchase only.

Besides that, the store also has a different policy for Apple’s electronic items. For example, you can return Apple Watch to Target within 15 days only.

You should note that you can extend the dates for these items by 15 days if you are a RedCard holder. So you can return mobile phones in 29 days and Apple products in 30 days with the RedCard.

Do you have a gifted electronic item that you want to return to Target? Well, the good news is that the store will accept the product. However, keep in mind that the policy differs for such electronics.

What Is The Return Policy For Gifted Electronics At Target?

The key thing to understand is that the window for returning gifted electronics is 30 days. However, you will not receive money in the refund. Instead, the store will give you a gift card.

Typically, Target will provide you with a gift card of the same value as the electronics. However, keep in mind that you can use this card for store purchases only.

Besides that, the store also has many return exceptions to offer high flexibility. You should also be aware of them for a smooth refund process.

Target Electronics Return Exceptions

The primary Target exception is that you cannot return opened or defective products to the store. However, this is not applicable if the item was already damaged when opened.

Besides that, some branches accept opened electronics and provide a full refund. This is if you return all the accessories that came with the product.

Apart from that, you also return electronics after 30 days in two scenarios. Firstly, you can give back the item in 60 days if you are a Target RedCard member.

Besides that, you can return the electronic after 30 days to get an exchange. The store also provides a refund when you exceed the limit but you should not expect to get the full amount.

Target provides a gift card of the item’s lowest value in the last 30 days if you return it late. However, keep in mind the final approval depends on the store manager.

Lastly, you can return a used electronic item if it was necessary for you to check its functioning by using it. Be sure never to abuse the return policy in this case as the manager can refuse the refund.