Target Return Policy On Clothes

Target is a famous retail store in the US that sells many things, such as alcohol. Not only that buy you can return liquor to the shop after understanding the alcohol return policy.

Besides that, the store also has a return policy for video games and other stuff such as laptops. If you have been meaning to learn whether Target will allow you to return clothes, you’re in the right place.

Here is all the information you need about Target’s return policy on clothes.

Can You Return Clothes To Target?

Target allows consumers to return unused and intact clothing within 90 days of original purchase. You must take the authentic receipt of the purchase or other evidence for proof. The store also accepts clothing returns without tags, provided that the items are in top-notch condition.

You must keep some guidelines when returning clothes to Target. For instance, proof of purchase is necessary to start the process.

Keep in mind that the evidence does not necessarily have to be the original receipt. It can also be the barcode you receive on Target app purchases. 

Besides that, it may be a copy of the online receipt or the packing slip of the clothes.

Another thing to remember is to learn how to return clothes to Target. This is because the same procedure does not apply to all items.

How To Return Clothes At Target?

The primary way to return clothes at Target is by going to your nearest branch. You should tell the clerk to show you the guest service desk and let the employee know about the return.

Once the employee checks the proof of purchase, they will initiate the process. The store manager will do a quality check on the package to determine if it has been opened and then approve the refund.

Typically, you will get the refund to your original payment method within a few days. It is also essential to take the card with you during the return if you used it for the original purchase.

Apart from that, you should note that going to the branch is the only way to return clothes bought in-store. If you have purchased the item online, you can also mail it to Target.

How To Return Clothes By Mail To Target?

When returning clothes to Target through the mail, the first thing to do is log in to your account. After that, you should go to the order history to find the clothes you want to give back and click on the return button.

You will have to complete some prompts after clicking the button. This will redirect you to a page with the return label. Print this sign and attach it to the outside of the sealed package you plan to return.

Once you have sealed the packet and attached the label, you must drop it off at the nearest UPS branch. Keep in mind that the store does not cover the return shipping fee unless they made an error with the order.

Additionally, you should be sure not to return the wrong clothing item to Target. If they find it out after the refund, you will have to pay the original amount back.

Many stores do not allow clothing returns without tags, so it is best to know whether Target does this or not. This will help you avoid return mishaps in the future.

Can I Return Clothes To Target Without Tags?

Target allows consumers to return clothes without tags as long as the item is in top-notch condition. You must also ensure that the product is unworn and not damaged in any way.

However, the store may not notice if you have only worn the clothing item once or twice. Of course, you will have to ensure that the product does not show signs of wear.

Besides that, clothes must also not contain any stains. The store manager can refuse the refund if the item shows such signs. Another thing to note is to verify the purchase by the receipt or other acceptable proof.

Many people also buy underwear and makeup with clothing purchases. Here you can learn if you can return makeup to Target. Meanwhile, the next section will clear your confusion about underwear returns.

Does Target Accept Underwear For Return?

Target accepts underwear for return only if the item has not been opened and worn. The store will offer you a total refund in such a case without any issues. Bras and lingerie are included in this category.

However, the store will refuse the return if you have opened the package and worn the item. Besides that, it may also not offer a refund if you have opened the clothing but not worn it.

Underwear is an item that the store cannot resell if it has been worn. This is why Target prefers you return it in original packaging.

The store will not accept the underwear if the seal has been opened or you have removed the tag. This is regardless of whether you return the item within 90 days or after.

Can I Return Clothes To Target After 90 Days?

You can return clothes to Target after 90 days, but they will not offer you a money refund in such a case. Instead, you will get a merchandise card of the item’s lowest value in the last 90 days.

Remember that the merchandise card can only be used in the store and not online. Additionally, not all branches may offer you this option when returning clothes after 90 days.

Some locations have a stricter manager, and they only allow you to exchange unused and packed clothing after 90 days. You will have to ensure that the tags are present.

Besides that, you must also show a receipt when returning after 90 days. However, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the bill. Target has some return exceptions to make the process easy.

Target Clothing Return Exceptions

The primary exception to remember is that the store allows you to return items without tags. This is applicable if you have maintained the packaging and the clothing has not been used.

Besides that, you can also return clothes without a receipt by showing alternative proof and telling your order number. If you don’t have any evidence, then the store may provide you with the merchandise card option or no refund at all.

Lastly, Target does not have exceptions for damaged and stained clothing returns. The store will refuse to offer a refund in such cases.