Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso Review

Starbucks is always at the forefront when it comes to making popular drinks regardless of the season, and their Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso is no exception.

As far as new beverages go, this one has turned out to be popular due to its sweet flavor combined with the energetic hit that comes with drinking an espresso.

Another appeal of this drink is that, as the name implies, it relies on a dairy substitute in the form of oat milk meaning that even the lactose intolerant, or those who forgo dairy for other reasons, can enjoy this beverage without worry.

What is Key Ingridient in Starbucks Oat Milk Espresso?

The Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso is made by mixing Starbucks brand blonde espresso combined with their brown sugar syrup, mixed with goat milk, and finally topped off with a few shakes of cinnamon.

Oatly’s is the brand that provides Starbucks with their oat milk product. Here is the nutrition fact:

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 16 oz

Servings per container 1

Amount per serving
Calories 120

Calories from Fat 27

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3g 5%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 120mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 20g 7%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Sugars 13g
Protein 2g

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Source: Starbucks

Ordering this drink in a Tall will have it packing ninety calories, two and a half grams of fat, sixteen grams worth of carbohydrates, ten grams of sugar, and one hundred seventy milligrams of caffeine.

Bumping up to Grande will increase the calories to one hundred twenty, fat to three grams, carbohydrates to twenty grams, sugar up to thirteen grams, and the caffeine content will be increased to two hundred fifty-five milligrams.

Finally, ordering in a Venti will have a calorie count of one hundred seventy. Total fat increases to five grams, carbohydrates are up to thirty grams, sugar bumped up to twenty grams, and the caffeine level sits at three hundred forty milligrams.

This is with the standard configurations, as you can alter the amount of espresso and brown sugar used in the drink to fit your needs.

Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso Customization Options


Tall12 fl oz90
Grande16 fl oz120
Venti24 fl oz170


  • Chocolate Malt Powder
  • Extra Chocolate Malt Powder
  • Light Chocolate Malt Powder
  • No Chocolate Malt Powder
  • Substitute Chocolate Malt Powder


  • Ice
  • Extra Ice
  • Light Ice
  • No Ice

Topping Options:

  • Cinnamon Dolce Sprinkles
  • Extra Cinnamon Dolce Sprinkles
  • Light Cinnamon Dolce Sprinkles
  • No Cinnamon Dolce Sprinkles


  • Caramel Drizzle
  • Extra Caramel Drizzle
  • Light Caramel Drizzle
  • No Caramel Drizzle
  • Mocha Drizzle
  • Extra Mocha Drizzle
  • Light Mocha Drizzle
  • No Mocha Drizzle


  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Extra Cinnamon Powder
  • Light Cinnamon Powder
  • No Cinnamon Powder

Whipped Cream:

  • Whipped Cream
  • Extra Whipped Cream
  • Light Whipped Cream
  • No Whipped Cream

Cold Foam:

  • Cold Foam
  • No Cold Foam
  • Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam
  • No Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam


  • Brown Sugar Syrup
  • 6 pump(s) Brown Sugar Syrup
  • Caramel Syrup
  • Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
  • Hazelnut Syrup
  • Peppermint Syrup
  • Pineapple Ginger Syrup
  • Raspberry Syrup
  • Sugar Free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
  • Toffee Nut Syrup
  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup


  • Mocha Sauce
  • Dark Caramel Sauce
  • White Chocolate Mocha Sauce


  • Sugar
  • Sugar In The Raw®
  • Honey
  • Splenda®
  • Stevia In The Raw®
  • Classic Syrup
  • Cane Sugar (Best For Iced Tea)
  • Honey Blend

Espresso & Shot OptionsShots:

  • Espresso Shots: 4 Shots
  • Shot Prep: Upside Down
  • Decaf or Blonde Espresso
  • Ristretto or Long Shot

What does Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso Taste Like?

The flavor of Starbucks’ Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso has been described by customers as sweet, but not overpoweringly so.

The balance between the coffee and the brown sugar works well with the goat milk to create a unique flavor that some have described as ‘drinking an oatmeal cookie’.

Customers simply love it, as it is not too sweet, but it is not bland or bitter either.

If you have tried the drink once before and found it either too sweet, or not sweet enough, you can always adjust the amount of brown sugar syrup being added to your drink.

A Venti sized cup will have six pumps of the syrup added to it, while a Tall has only half of that at three pumps. A Grande sits somewhere in the middle with four pumps of the syrupy sweetener. There are also other sweeteners to add if the sweet factor is not to your liking.

How do You Order Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso?

There are a few ways to order this beverage. If you are going to a physical Starbucks location without ordering ahead then the process will look something like this:

  1. Arrive at Starbucks. Going to the physical location is the first step.
  2. Wait in line. It is uncommon to arrive at a Starbucks that does not have a waiting line, so patience is necessary for this step.
  3. Speak to the barista and tell them what you want to order. Ask if they have oat milk in stock and then order your Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso.
  4. Pay.
  5. Wait for your beverage to be made. This should not take too long.
  6. Once it is ready you can enjoy your beverage!

Ordering through the app or website is a similarly easy process:

  1. If you do not have the app then you will need to download it, or simply go to the online menu that Starbucks has.
  2. Make sure you provide your location or select the store you want to have your order made at.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Pay for your beverage on the app or website.
  5. Travel to your selected Starbucks location, or if you used a delivery service then simply wait for it to come to you.
  6. If you ordered a pickup then travel to the Starbucks and head to the takeout area and proceed to tell the staff your name and order.
  7. Retrieve your beverage and enjoy!

Why did Starbucks remove it from their menu?

Shortages of ingredients are becoming more common at Starbucks, and the reason for this delicious beverage being taken off the menu is no exception.

Oat milk is becoming increasingly popular as people turn away from regular milk for health or other personal reasons and this has caused shortages of the product to sweep across the nation.

This fact is not helped by the continual disruption of food supply lines around the United States. Not every store has run dry though, and you can check online using either the Starbucks website or their mobile app to see if their stores of oat milk have been replenished.

How to Check Availability

Checking the app or website is as simple as navigating to their menu page, and then either using the search function on the app to look for oat milk or navigating to the cold coffee section of the menu on the website.

If the location you are looking at has oat milk, then the beverage you seek should appear. If oat milk is still scarce in your area, then the beverage will not show up. 

Currently, they are still out of oat milk in my area, so checking back about every week or so should keep you apprised of their oat milk status.

Alternative to Starbucks Brown Sugar Oat Milk Espresso

If your store is still out of oat milk then there are other alternatives that you can turn to if you are still seeking a dairy-free option.

Soy milk has long stood as a reliable dairy-free milk option, with almond milk also being available at many locations to add to your beverage.

Coconut milk is also on offer as a reasonable dairy alternative, though none of them have quite the same creamy taste that oat milk does.