Staples Return Policy on Electronics

Staples has a general return policy of fourteen days on most items sold online or in-store. Of course, you must have your receipt to make the return.

If you don’t, Staples will only offer you in-store credit for your returns. On the other hand, you can’t return items such as digital software, expired or opened ink and toner, and prepaid cards.

So, if you are looking to return Electronics to Staples, you have come to the right place. Here is what you need to know.

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Can You Return Electronics To Staples?

Staples allows you to return electronic items within fourteen days of your purchase. It doesn’t matter if you have bought the electronic item in-store or online because both are subject to a fourteen-day policy. You need to bring the receipt with you to return the item.

Keep in mind that if the electronic item you purchased was defective or damaged out of the box, then you can get a free replacement. All you have to do is select “Damaged or Defective” when stating the return reason.

You will receive your refund within three to five business days. The refund method will be your original mode of payment.

It is crucial to select the right method for returning the electronic item. It will ease your return process.

How To Return Electronics At Staples?

You can return the electronics you have purchased in-store at Staples by going to the store. While returning online is easier. However, you can still use the conventional method by returning to the physical store.

Here are steps you need to take to return electronics at Staples in-store:

  • Go to the store within fourteen days of purchase of the electronic item with proof of purchase
  • Talk to the sales assistant and show them the receipt
  • If you want an exchange, they will replace the product immediately
  • If you want a return and you purchased with a credit card, you will get the money in three to five business days
  • If you paid with a gift card, you would get it within seven to ten business days
  • If you used a coupon, you would get the refund in 72 hours

These are the steps you must keep in mind to return electronics in-store. You must bring the item and the receipt for a smooth refund.

Now that you know how to return in-store, here is how you can return electronics at Staples online:

  • Access the Staple website and log into your account
  • Select the return orders option and explain the return reason
  • Pack the item in the package you received with the proper label to send it back to store
  • When the item reaches the store, you will get a refund

The time for the refund will depend on how you paid for your purchase. You can also return any other items at Staples.

Types Of Staples Returns

Staples returns are not just limited to electronics. You can also return other items, such as office supplies, furniture, software, ink & toner, AppleCard+, and more. Unfortunately, there are also items you can’t return, such as prepaid cards and digital software.

Besides that, you can’t return an opened or expired ink & toner. On the other hand, you can return an unopened boxed software within thirty days.

If the boxed software is open, it is non-refundable and non-returnable. You can also return the furniture within fourteen days of your purchase.

You can return AppleCare+ within thirty days of the purchase. Finally, if you make returns using a gift receipt, you will have to follow the policy, and you will only get in-store credit for it.

Besides that, the receipt barcode should be readable and intact for a successful return. Ink and toner are the top-selling items with electronics, which is why you must understand their return policy.

Staples Return Policy On Ink And Toner

If you haven’t opened the ink and toner and the expiry date is far, you can return the item anytime. There is no fourteen-day or thirty-day time limit for you to return the item. On the other hand, Staples will not accept the item is if it is expired or you have opened it.

The process of returning these items in-store or online will be the same as others. You must have proof of purchase or ensure that Staples can find the purchase information.

If you don’t have proof of purchase and Staples can’t find the information either, you will not be eligible for a return. Unfortunately, many people also think they can return electronics to Staples after thirty days.

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Can I Return Electronics To Staples After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, Staples does not offer a thirty-day return policy on its electronic items. Instead, you have to return it within fourteen days of purchase. There are no exceptions to this rule as it is strict about its fourteen-day policy.

The only items you can return within thirty days are AppleCare+ and unopened boxed software. Besides that, you can return unopened and unexpired ink and toner anytime and office supplies anytime you like.

You can also receive a replacement if the product you receive is defective or damaged in any way. Whenever you return an electronic item or any other, be sure to understand the exceptions to the rule.

Staples Electronics Return Exceptions

There are exceptions to the general return policy of Staples. These include:

What If The Electronics Are Damaged: If the electronic item you get is defective or damaged, you can return it for a full refund or exchange. Keep in mind you have to ensure the original packaging is intact, and you must have proof of purchase.

What If You Lose The Receipt: If you lose the receipt, Staples will have a record of the information and your purchase with the details. If, for some reason, the store does not have this information, you will not be eligible for a return.

Besides that, if you don’t have the original packaging, you might not get a refund or return. So it is best to find your nearest Staples store and ask them further about this.