Samson Go Mic Review (Is it Worth it?)

You may have decided that it’s time to upgrade from the mobile phone mic to something more powerful, more clear, and professional. Samson Go Mic is a simple, compact, and inexpensive option that’s definitely worth your attention.

Samson Go mic is available on Amazon, BestBuy, and SweetWater for $49.99. Amazon also offers this microphone bundled with other accessories.

Released more than a decade ago, Samson Go USB mic still stands at the top of the competition because of its value for money. From podcasters to YouTubers, from students to professionals, this microphone is still widely used for various calling and recording purposes.

What is In the box

  • Samson Go Mic
  • Charging cable
  • Safety Case (only for the mic. Cable doesn’t go in the mic case)
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

Product Spec

Element type 2 x Electret condenser (10mm)
Polar patternCardioid and Omni (selectable)
Frequency Response 
Cardioid80Hz – 18kHZ
Omni20Hz – 20kHZ
Sampling Rate44.1kHz / 48kHz
Bit Depth16-bit
Sensitivity47 +/- 2dB/Pa
Maximum SPL21 db
Headphone Output3.5mm
Stand Adapter3/8”-19 thread mouni
Dimensions2.8” x 1.7” x 0.9”
Included1m USB cable, zipper pouch


  • Condenser microphone
  • Portable. Fits in pocket and hand.
  • Mac and PC compatible, no drivers required
  • Can be clipped on laptop screen or sit on desk
  • Perfect for recording music, podcasting and field recording, voice recognition software, iChat, VoIP and web casting
  • Cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns. Switchable with button.
  • 16-bit, 44.1kHz resolution
  • Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz–18kHz
  • Stereo 1/8″ headphone output for no latency monitoring
  • Safety carry case and USB cable included in the pack.

Common Usage

  • Skype calls
  • Zoom meetings
  • Podcasts and Youtube videos
  • Voiceovers for videos
  • As the spare mic for a starter studio


The first feeling you get when you set your eyes on the mic is that it’s small. But when you pick it up it’s heavy for its size. It gives you a feeling of solid build and immaculate craftsmanship that made this gadget be the preferred microphone for so many years.

Samson Go mic can be placed on your table or clipped onto your laptop screen as per your preference. And the mic is surprisingly stable when you keep it on the table thanks to its heavy clip which is also the desk stand.

This mic is also compatible with the 3/8 inch 19 Euro mount mic stand mounting threading if you decide to use one.

The microphone’s headphone lets you monitor the sound while recording, and there’s a Mini-B USB cable input slot used for the connection. On the other side of the microphone, you will find the switch to select the polar pattern you like to use i.e. cardioid or omnidirectional.

It has two isolated microphone capsules to isolate the cardioid and omnidirectional inputs to record in better sound quality undisturbed by each other.

There’s a green LED button that indicates the microphone is on and connected. If you go over or below the ranges the light will turn red.

The only negative point we can think of is having to carry the charging cable separately as the carry case doesn’t accommodate it. However, the case itself is of good quality material and finish that would really protect the microphone from scratches or minor shocks on the go.

Voice Recording

Samson Go mic has good reception at decent distances that are quite adequate for voice recording. You can record high-quality sound while it’s clipped to the computer screen, sitting 2 feet away from the computer. Samson recommends about a 4 to 18-inch distance from the artist to gain perfect reception.

However, official recommendations aside, we found that the Samson Go mic produces great results at a normal sitting distance from a computer. If you need a little bit more reception then you can place the microphone on the desk, or clip it to the laptop CPU.

Music Recording

Samsontech recommends the Samson Go mic for music recording. For recording guitar, the recommended distance of about 6” to 24” would capture good quality sound in a studio environment. However, some adjustments would find you the perfect direction to place your microphone.

We found that this mic works well with many acoustic instruments but the mic needs to be placed after carefully checking out the direction and distance.

This microphone would be sufficient for recording basic level music in a studio but it won’t be professional quality to a great extent. But if you need to record a song in a family entertainment level then the Samson Go will not disappoint you.   

Pop filtering

It has dual-stage windscreen which controls the pop sounds which is extremely useful for a microphone without a pop filter.

Great Portability


This is where the Samson Go mic really enters the competition. While you may find several other mics with similar performance, this mic is the best in portability. You can literally fit it in your pocket, and then feel nothing more than a mobile phone. Of course, this is thicker but it’s absolutely small.

Plug and Play

You don’t need to install drivers in order to use this phone. This will work with your generic USB drivers saving a load of trouble and time.

Indicator LED and headphone jack

The LED makes it easy to decide if the mic is ready and if it’s having reception drops. You can plug in a headphone to monitor the latency levels yourself during recording.

Windows or Mac

You can use this mic on both operating systems without having to look for additional software to make it compatible. This means the mic is usable by a group of friends irrespective of what kind of computers they possess.

Pros and Cons

  • Compact, Solid build, Metal finish
  • Clip-on/ keep on table/ mount on stand
  • USB Plug and Play
  • Cardioid and omnidirectional patterns
  • No gain control button
  • No pop filter

Is Samson Go Worth The Money?

There has always been a gap between the mobile phone or laptop microphone and professional microphones. The lack of a reliable device for a reasonable price is a question asked by almost every start-up YouTuber or recorder.

Samsung go mic is definitely worth the money. For its price, we would call this one of the best available choices out there in the current market. This time-tested device that has created life-changing videos is highly recommended. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.