Sam’s Club Return Policy On Plants

Sam’s Club is a famous retail chain in the US. They have more than a thousand stores and offer various services such as eye exams.

You can also buy plants from this warehouse chain. If you are wondering about the return policy on this product, worry no more. Here is all you need to know.

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Sam’s Club Return Policy On Plants

Sam’s Club has an anytime return policy on most of their items, including plants. You can go to the store with the item to get a complete refund at any time. Besides that, you can mail the plant to Sam’s Club in case of an online purchase.

The top thing about plant returns at Sam’s Club is that all of their locations accept them. However, you must ensure to maintain the right packaging and give back all the accessories that came with the item.

Are you wondering about the plant returning process at Sam’s Club? If so, below is all the information you need.

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How To Return Plants At Sam’s Club?

The primary way to return plants at this warehouse chain is by going to your nearest location. You should take all the relevant items and go to the customer service desk.

An employee at the customer service desk will take the plant from you and process the refund. You must remember to take your original payment form with you for the return.

The earlier process is the only way to return a plant that you bought in-store. Additionally, it is one of the methods to return an item you purchased from the Sam’s Club’s website.

The second method to return an online plant purchase is by shipping the item to the store. You must print the return label from your account history and attach it to the mailing package.

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How Long Does It Take Sam’s Club To Refund?

Sam’s Club refunds the amount for in-store plant purchases on the spot. They would transfer the money into your bank account if you paid with a card originally.

Meanwhile, for online purchases, it takes longer for the refund. You can expect to receive the funds in five to seven business days.

If you want to know about the restocking fee for plants at Sam’s Club, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know.

Is There A Restocking Fee For Plants At Sam’s Club?

The store does not have a restocking fee for plants at all of its locations. You can return the item without worrying about extra charges.

Sam’s Club also covers the mailing costs for online returns, so you don’t have to stress out about that. The store is lenient and refunds the entire amount in most plant return cases.

The primary return policy date for many of Sam’s Club items is 90 days. If you want to know whether they accept plants after this date, continue reading.

Can I Return Plants To Sam’s Club After 90 Days?

The store allows all customers to return plants after 90 days. This is because the item falls in the anytime return category of the chain.

You can return the plants at any time if you are not satisfied with the purchase. Be sure to take the original receipt with you for the return.

Are you wondering whether you can return the plants to Sam’s Club without a sale receipt? If so, keep on reading.

Can I Return Plants To Sam’s Club Without A Receipt?

You can return plants to this warehouse chain without a receipt. However, you must let the management know about it.

Besides that, if you do have the receipt, it is good to take it. This is because it accelerates the returning process.

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Do I Need Original Packaging To Return Plants To Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club recommends all consumers return items with the original packaging. They also accept plants that you have opened from the box.

However, keep in mind to return all the original packaging such as the box, accessories, and much more during the return. This will help you get the entire amount in the refund.