Retail Stores with Coin Counters

To change your loose change, use a Coinstar kiosk at retail stores to get cash in a few minutes. You can also exchange coins for cash at participating banks and credit unions.

Below is a list of retail stores that have coin counters. The most common type of machine is Coinstar and they normally charge around 11.9% processing fee.


Albertsons Companies is an American grocery chain with over 2,000 stores in North America. It is the second-largest grocery chain in the region after Kroger.

Albertsons Companies is a leading grocery and drug retailer that operates in over 30 states and the District of Columbia. The company features a variety of banners such as Jewel-Osco, Carrs, Giant, and United Supermarkets.

Coinstar at Albertsons is a self-service coin counting machine that is installed in over 1,600 Albertsons stores and over 150 drug store locations. The machines can also be used for a variety of transactions.


CVS Health is a healthcare corporation that operates under the name of CVS Pharmacies. It was originally founded in 1963. CVS has launched a program that allows customers to convert their loose change into a CVS card at its Coinstar Center locations.

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a grocery store chain that is owned by Kroger. It is known for its no-frills approach to grocery shopping. Currently, it operates in various cities in the US.

Food Lion

Food Lion is a leading American grocery store chain that operates over 1100 stores in 10 states. The company was founded in 1957 as a single grocery store in North Carolina.

In 1983, the name Food Lion was changed to Food Town after finding another chain that had the same name. Both stores have good sales and promotions.

Food Lion have CoinStar machines that charge a 19% fee. If you opt to donate, there is no fee.

Foods Co.

Foods Co. features fresh food and low prices. The company was established in 1965 by The Kroger Co.


Kmart Corporation is a big box department store chain based in Illinois. The company’s first store opened in 1962. There are still more than 40 Kmart stores in the US. One of these is the Coinstar machine, which accepts all types of coins.


The Kroger Company, also known as Cincinnati, Ohio’s Kroger, is the largest grocery chain in the United States. It is also the second-largest general retailer in the country.

With more than 2,800 stores in 35 states, Kroger is the world’s largest retailer. In-store services at Kroger include many of the convenience features that make life easier. These include: Pay with Coinstar, Western Union, and long-distance phone cards.


Lowe’s Companies, Inc. is a home improvement retailer that operates in the US and Canada. They are a Fortune 500 company that sells home improvement and hardware items.

Coinstar, which makes coin-counting machines, has a deal with Lowe’s, which lets customers trade their spare change at participating stores.


Meijer is a Midwestern supercenter chain that was established in 1934. The company’s headquarters is located in Walker, Michigan. With a variety of farm-fresh produce, organic items, and a meat department, Meijer’s new stores are more than just a grocery store.

You can get FREE coin counting when you turn in your loose change at a local Meijer. Enter your coins into our kiosk and let us do the work. There are three simple options: get cash, donate to a charity, or pay with a NO FEE eGift Card.


A Pavilion can be used for various purposes, such as shelter, meeting point, cafe, or theatre. It can also be used for events, such as lectures, performances, and sports. They have self-serve kiosks in several of the grocery chain’s stores.

Pay Less Super Markets

Pay Less Super Markets are mainly located in Indiana’s central region. There are nine stores in the area, and each of them has a slightly different name. They are located in central Indiana. Some of these stores are located in Lafayette, Anderson, West Lafayette, and Muncie.

Your local Pay Less Super Market can offer a variety of in-store services that make your day easier. Some of these include: Coinstar, Western Union, and long distance phone cards.


Quality Food Centers is a grocery chain based in Washington with over 60 stores in the Puget Sound region. The QFC rules help US regulators wind up failed institutions in an orderly fashion. They are part of a package of measures designed to enable banks to operate more efficiently.

Your local QFC store has many in-store services that make your day easier. These include: Coinstar, Western Union, and long distance phone cards.


Ralphs is a grocery chain in California. The chain is owned by Kroger, which is the largest grocery retailer in the US. Your local Ralphs store has many services including coin machines that will make your day easier.


Randalls is a grocery chain in Texas that operates under the banners of the Flagship and the Randalls. The chain has stores in Houston and Austin. The company has 32 stores in the state with coin machine.


Safeway is a US-based grocery chain founded by Marion Barton Salka in 1915. It has stores in the US and abroad. They also have Coinstar, a self-serve machine at 500 Safeway stores in 37 states.


Target is one of the biggest US-based retailers. It is the eighth-largest private-retailing corporation in the country. The addictive shopping experience that Target provides is known for its clever marketing. It uses this strategy to keep its customers coming back for more.

Some of the 2,000 Target stores have Coinstar but not all of them have Coinstar self-checkout kiosks. Most of them have self-serve terminals that accept various forms of payment.

United Supermarkets

United Supermarkets is a chain of grocery stores in North America. Its roots go back to 1916. Cerberus Capital Management, the private firm that owns several grocery chains, including Albertson’s, is buying United Supermarkets. In 2013, United Supermarkets L.L.C. was purchased by Albertsons, and the company became known as Albertsons L.L.C.


Vons is a grocery chain that is owned by Albertsons. It operates under the names Pavilions and Vons. Vons is a grocery chain that operates in California and Nevada.


Walmart is a global retail giant that operates a chain of stores in the US. Walmart is the world’s largest private employer. It has approximately 2.2 million employees globally.

Walmart has Coinstar Kiosks located in most of their stores. These machines are located near the check-out counters and can be used to avoid getting charged an 11.9% fee. There are more than 200 Coinstar self-serve terminals in Walmart stores.


Winn-Dixie is a grocery chain that operates in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The company has been around since 1955. Using a Coinstar machine to count coins at a local Winn Dixie is a no-brainer. Just enter the zip code of the machine and get cash in bulk.