Regal Cinemas Rewards Program (Free Movies, Discounts, & More)

Regal Cinemas has a digital loyalty program called Regal Crown Club started in 2016. Anyone can join for free and 1000 credits will be granted upon signing up. You can earn 100 credits for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases at qualifying theaters.

The earned credits can be exchanged for admission tickets, concessions, and movie merchandise. The members can enjoy perks like free movies, free food, and drink, concessions, and discounts when they achieve the elite status tier.

What You Get With Regal Crown Club Credits?

The earned credits can be redeemed for movie tickets, sweepstakes, food, and beverage. One credit code can be claimed at a time for purchases at Regal theater locations. However, the rewards have no cash value.

Below are some of the items and their credits that can be redeemed online or in-theater.

Small Popcorn60007000
Small Soft Drink70008000
2D Movie Ticket18,00020,000

Get Sweepstakes With Regal Points

The members can use their Regal points for Sweepstake entries and win prizes. For example, a trip to Dream Resorts and Spas is a Sweepstake sponsored by Regal. 

The winner will be rewarded a 4-night stay for a family with four airline tickets. The prize can be redeemed within one year.

The other popular redemption options and their corresponding credits are mentioned below.

SweepstakesMan’s Best Friend Signed Poster50
SweepstakesRock N Horror Signed Poster50
BeverageSoft Drink Upsize1500
FoodPopcorn Upsize2000
Digital RewardsStay at Paradisus La Perla0
Digital RewardsSunbasket Meal Delivery50
Merchandise RewardsDog-Flying Disk1000
Merchandise RewardsLicorice Pizza Bumper Sticker Blue500
Merchandise RewardsThe Protege- Koozie5000
Poster RewardsMoonfall -13’x19’ Numbered Art Print John Bradley900
Poster RewardsMassenet Cinderella 13’x19’ Numbered Art Print50

Get Offers With Regal Points

Regal Cinemas periodically give offers to their members including offers, sweepstakes, posters, and trivia quizzes. 

Some of the promotional offers include

  • Unlimited 90 days subscription.
  • The Batman 500 Extra Credits
  • Studio 666 SIgned Poster Sweepstakes
  • My Way Matinee
  • Regal Value Days
  • 25% off Candy Every Monday
  • Extra Credit Wednesday

Regal Rewards Membership Levels

Regal Crown Club allows members to earn credits and rewards faster by introducing the Crown Jewel bonus program. It has 3 membership tier levels including Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond.

The members who visit Regal theater locations more than 6 times a year will achieve Emerald status and receive 250 points per visit.

The members who make theater visits more than 10 times a year will be considered Ruby status members and they will receive 500 points per visit.

Those who visit Regal theater locations more than 20 times a year will achieve Diamond status and receive 1000 points per visit.

Visits Per Year6+10+20+
Bonus Credits2505001000

Regal Crown Club Benefits

With the earned credits, the members can use it for free and upsize food or beverage, reserved seating, free movies, and concessions. You can also get discounts and special offers occasionally when shopping for rewards like Movie Swag, and digital downloads.

  • Anyone can join for free.
  • Welcome bonus of 1000 credits after registration.
  • 100 credits per $1 spent.
  • Free food and beverage.
  • Upsize drinks.
  • Seat reservation.
  • Earn unlimited credits per day.
  • Birthday reward.
  • Special offers and discounts.
  • Earn rewards faster with the Crown Jewel bonus program.
  • Free movie ticket.
  • Redeem credits for posters and apparel.
  • Promotion offers.
  • Sweepstakes.
  • Digital rewards.
  • Merchandise rewards.

Birthday Reward And Discounts

The members will be rewarded a free small popcorn on their birthday which is valid for 30 days. You can redeem it by providing your card number at the box office, concession stand, or through the app.

Additionally, there are discounts allowed for students, military officers, and senior citizens.

How To Earn Regal Crown Club Credits?

After creating a Regal Crown Club account, you can watch movies and start earning points with a maximum of 100 credits per dollar for qualifying purchases at participating Regal theaters. The earned points will be added to your account within 72 hours of purchase.

When you purchase tickets at an in-theater kiosk, online, or other approved ticketing partners, you need to present or enter your card number during box office and concession stand transactions.

You can earn credits on every visit to Regal for movie tickets, food, and beverage. For example, when you buy a large size popcorn that costs $8 you will earn 800 points and you get a free refill of popcorn. 

You will also get discounts on concession items like hotdogs and nachos. To receive credits the members need to present their card number at the theater or online during the transaction.

Earn Credits From Unlimited Plan

You can earn Regal credits faster by subscribing to the Regal Unlimited Plan which allows you to watch unlimited movies, get advance tickets, and get 10% discounts on food and non-alcoholic beverages.

There are 3 types of subscription plans Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited All Access. Each plan allows you to use your subscription pass at participating theaters. The subscription can be made online through the app.

Subscription fee$18 + tax$21 + tax$23.50 + tax
Discounts10% off for food/beverage10% off for food/beverage10% off for food/beverage
Location AccessUnlimited movies at 200 locationsUnlimited movies at more than 400 locationsAccess to 550+ theaters for one fixed price.

The members can earn extra credits for booking new release movies. The other options to earn bonus points include special promotions, and linking your Crown Club account with Facebook or Twitter.

Earn Points using Gift Cards

You can also earn credits for redeeming gift cards for admission tickets or concessions. However, you cannot earn points for purchasing alcohol, emergency tickets, or gift cards.

Learn more: Regal Rewards FAQ

How To Redeem Regal Crown Club Points?

After logging in to the Regal app, click on “Redeem Credits” and select “Shop Online”. Then choose the reward you wish to redeem and provide your card number during check-out. You can view your current available balance near your name on the top page of your account.

The credits will not expire as long as you continue the purchase at Regal theaters but will expire after one year if not used. The rewards including drinks and popcorn will expire after 60 days and movie rewards will expire after 90 days.

Regal Crown Club Membership Management

The new members need to create an account on or download the app and build a profile by adding valid details. A member number will be provided for new members. The existing members can simply log in to their accounts.

How To Sign Up

During enrollment, the members need to provide their email address, contact number, and other details. After agreeing to the terms and conditions you can submit the membership application.

A membership card will be provided after enrollment that gives access to exclusive offers and benefits to registered members. Members who own a physical card can also own a virtual card by logging in to the app. 

To get the card, you can visit the website and click the button “I don’t have a card, assign me a virtual one” and you will get an email confirmation after the registration.

Is Regal Crown Club Rewards Worth It?

Regal Crown Club is worth joining as the program offers bonus credit on registration, a lot of offers and discounts on the latest movies, and offer free in-theater food and beverages for members. 

The credits can also be redeemed for posters, sweepstakes, merchandise at most of the participating locations. They also provide weekly deals and offers on special days with a low ticket fare.