Places You Can Use Computer and Print

There are many options when it comes to printing public documents. Office supply stores are great places to get all your printing and copying needs. There are many locations that offer these services.

Shipping stores like FedEx and UPS offer mobile printing and copying. With their apps, you can print and copy from anywhere.

These services allow you to easily upload and print documents from anywhere. They also allow you to pick them up when they’re ready.

Copy & Print Shops are for printing documents on the go. They can provide a variety of services, such as copying and printing, and they’re usually locally owned.

You can also use computers and print documents are libraries. This service is usually limited to printing a basic document, but it can also work on other documents as needed.

Hotels normally have a cloud-based public printing solution that enables users to print and pay for their documents.

Most of the time, online printing is the most cost-effective option when you need to print large volumes of documents. However, it can also be very useful if you don’t need to immediately print.


The UPS Store can provide various printing and finishing services, such as digital printing, color printing, envelopes, binding, and laminating. They also offer a variety of electronic file access options.

The UPS Store has thousands of locations worldwide that can provide you with copies. You can get 15 percent off when you sign up for their newsletter. They offer various sizes and have a variety of paper.

They can also make copies of church bulletins, legal documents, and W2s. They usually charge around $0.12 for black or white and around $0.50 for colored copies.


FedEx Office is a printing company that was previously known as Kinkos. They are currently in select Walmart locations.

Their computer rentals and printing service make it possible for people to get their printing supplies in advance. It saves them time and helps them avoid running to a printing facility.


Staples self-service copying machines are available in any store. They make it easy to make and print color documents, as well as save time by allowing you to pay at the machine. They’re also designed to work seamlessly with email and the cloud.

With Staples’s Copy & Print service, you can access the cloud, print and scan documents, and send and receive faxes from anywhere.


You can print documents from Walgreens’ online document printing page, but they cannot get laminated. You can also customize the type of file that you want to print and pick up in a few days.

Although they do not have computer rentals, if you are looking for more office services, such as printing, scanning, and film development, then you should check out Walgreens.

Office Max

Office Depot is a great place to save money and time by printing and copying documents. With Office Depot’s online tools, you can create and print labels and other custom items from anywhere. You can also customize your own design and get instant results with their predefined templates.


Although it isn’t free, it does cost a bit. Usually, it is for black and white and color copies. At most libraries, it is only $0.10. This feature makes it possible for people to have their copies in just a few minutes. There are also copy machines in public libraries.