Pantum Printer Review

Working from home took away my ability to use my works printer, so I needed a cheap option to print off my Amazon returns and a few other items once in a while. The Pantum P2502W printer is a great basic printer that’s affordable and compact, so it fits in my cupboard out of the way.

I’m going through all the details on this printer to see if it will be an excellent fit for you as well.

What the Pantum Printer is like

Pantum P2502W Wireless Laser Printer Home Office Use, Black...
  • Single function home laser printer. Fast and high definition printing up to...
  • Sleek design and compact size 337 x 220 x 178 mm (13.27'' x 8.66'' x 7.01'') fit...
  • Easy one-step wireless installation. Connect with High-Speed USB 2.0 and WIFI....
  • Come with a 700-page starter cartridge (at 5% coverage based on ISO 19752...

The Pantum P2502W is incredibly cheap at $99 and provides basic printing in black and white, so it’s a great option when you don’t really need much functionality out of your printer, and like me, are just printing Amazon return slips and some other random documents occasionally.

It’s a laser printer and comes with a toner cartridge that will give you about 700 printed pages, at which point you need to buy a new toner cartridge for about $55, which will provide you with another 1,600 printed pages. So if you’re low volume printing, then 700 pages should last a while.

It’s a really small printer and is WIFI enabled, so I keep it tucked away in a cupboard away from my laptop because I don’t need it taking up space on my desk due to how little I need to use it. It can connect directly to your wired router or your computer via USB.

Pantum Printer Compared To Older Models

The Pantum P2502W printer is relatively basic, so they haven’t added too many new features to this cheap model. It’s $10 more expensive than previously, though you now get the option of directly connecting to ethernet, and the printable size has been reduced to a maximum of A4 paper, but that has made it more compact.

Pantum Printer Compared To Other Printers

The Pantum P2502W is cheaper than most competitors that offer similar features, it’s slowing in printing, but it does provide multiple connectivity options, which is a bonus. It is missing the ability to print on both sides of the paper, which most competitors do allow.

If you want a cheap printer, don’t need double-sided printing, don’t need fast printing, but do want Wifi access to the printer, then the Pantum P2502W is a great choice at a low price.

Pantum P2502WBrother HL-L2300DCanon LBP162dw
OutputBlack & WhiteBlack & WhiteBlack & White
ConnectivityWifi, Ethernet, USBUSBWifi
Print Speed7.8 PPM27 PPM30 PPM
Print MediaPlain PaperPlain PaperPlain Paper

Pantum Printer Pros and Cons

Pantum Printer Pros
  • Very cheap
  • Very compact
  • Allows Wifi, Ethernet, USB access for whatever you need
Pantum Printer Cons
  • Slow printing
  • No double-sided printing
  • Can’t print larger than an A4 sheet of paper

Key Factors To Buy The Pantum Printer

What you use your printer for will determine what features are most important to you; if you require high-quality printing in large volumes, then you’ll need more advanced features but will also be paying more for that type of functionality.

Key FactorsDescriptionRating 0/10
Print Speed (PPM)7.8 PPM5
ConnectivityWifi, Ethernet, USB10
Media SizeA47
Media TypePlain Paper7
Resolution1200 x 12007
Ease of UseMedium8


The Pantum Printer is one of the cheapest printers on the market while still providing some good functionality. You also get an included toner cartridge, so you don’t need to buy a toner cartridge right away, but when you do, that’s also reasonably cheap, so the cost of running the printer is low.

Print Speed

The Pantum P2502w printer is very slow compared to other similar printers, but it’s fast enough for my needs, so I can’t really complain about it. It could get a bit tedious waiting if you’re printing many large documents.


The Pantum P2502w printer blows its competitors away by offering all connectivity options, so you get ethernet, Wifi, and USB so you can decide how you connect to the printer. Similar models either give you USB only or WIfi only.


It’s an extremely compact model that is well suited to sit under your desk or in a cupboard as I do. If it were larger, you’d need to keep it out on a table, which is not ideal for small apartments where you’re maximizing space.

Media Size

The maximum size you can print is A4 which covers all of my needs, but some people may require larger printing options, which aren’t available on this printer.

Media Type

This Pantum Printer will not be a good model if you’re looking to print anything on cardboard or transparencies. Even thin card will jam up the printer, and you’ll need to open it up and rip it out. Plain paper is all you’ll be able to use with this printer.


With a 1200 dpi resolution, this printer is in the upper end of home office printing; you’ll get crisp and clear printing on all your documents. However, because this is a black and white printer, you won’t likely be printing any photos or images.


Printing on both sides of your paper can save you money; for me, it’s not a significant concern, however, the Pantum P2502W does not offer duplex printing while most of its competitors do.

Easy of Use

The Pantum P2502W printer is effortless to use, and I print from my Windows laptop and iPhone without any problems. There is limited functionality from the printer, so there really aren’t too many options that can confuse anyone or that need to be changed.

Some online reviews indicate that the setup can be difficult, with some even saying they’ve given up. I didn’t experience this, but the setup can’t be done via Bluetooth or without plugging the printer into something. I’ve been able to set up Wifi via the actual printer with previous printers, which is not possible on this model.

Is The Pantum Printer Worth It?

I’m a massive fan of this printer; it’s incredibly cheap to buy, comes with a toner cartridge, and new cartridges are low priced; you get Wifi printing, and it’s compact, so I can put it out of sight. For my requirements, it’s a perfect printer, and I’m glad I brought it.

This printer would be good for home users or a single business user that only needs to print reports from things like Salesforce, or excel spreadsheets. Sharing the printer between multiple people could cause a backlog, so there would be better printers if that is required.

The Pantum P2502W would not be a good option for anybody that requires fast printing, color printing, or printing photos or images. If you need to print lots of pages quickly or print onto different media, it would not be a good option either.

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