Nutri Chopper Review (My Personal Experience)

I recently purchased the Nutri Chopper from Amazon for chopping vegetables and making healthier fries to put into my air fryer. Unfortunately, it’s small, so you need to precut most things you put into it, and it does require some grip strength to cut through the veggies.

The Nutri Chopper is advertised as a timesaving handheld kitchen slicer to cut all of your fruit and vegetables with just one snap and faster than you can with a knife, and it can cut them into thick slices, cubes, or wedges. 

The description of the Nutri Chopper isn’t untrue, but keep reading this Nutri Chopper review to see why I will be returning the Nutri Chopper to Amazon, and you can decide if it may be a better fit for you. 

What the Nutri Chopper is like

NutriChopper As Seen On TV - Nutri Chopper Multi-purpose...
  • Nutrichopper 3 different stainless steel blade attachments, combing to provide 4...
  • Comes with one portion container and our quad-locking stay-fresh lid.
  • The Nutrichopper locks close when not in use for easy storage and is...
  • The Nutrichopper cuts or slices 5x faster than with a knife.
  • Quick lock feature
  • Can cut 10 times faster than a knife
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a storage container.
  • Actual container dimensions are 8.5 in. L x 3 in. W x 4.5 in. H. (approximately)

Size and Weight

The Nutri Chopper is around 1 lb, and it’s only about 8 inches long, so it’s a light and easy-to-handle kitchen appliance. Unfortunately, it’s a little small to put most vegetables in for cutting unless you precut them, which defeats the purpose.

Interchangeable Slicing Options

With five interchangeable cutting options, the Nutri Chopper Super slicer is for anyone who wants to make thick and thin slices. Thick slices, thin slices, wedges, dice, and more are among the 5 interchangeable slicing options.

Faster Than Cutting Knife

The advertising saying that it’s 10 times faster than cutting with old knives may be true if you only cut things small enough to fit into the cutting area. So if you like cutting your eggs or small apples into smaller chunks, this may be a good product for you.

Not Good for Arthritis or Weaker Hands

My wife and I have tried, and it takes good grip strength for chopping vegetables, which may be due to the angle that you’re cutting or potentially the blades aren’t sharp enough. So anybody with weaker hands or even arthritis may not do well with this product.

Comparison with Competitions

Nutri Chopper 5 in 1Fullstar 9 in 1Lepo 23 in 1
# of Cutting Options5923
Weight1 lb2.99 lbs2.8 lbs
Dishwasher Safe
Country of OriginChinaChinaChina
Positive Reviews

The Nutri Chopper would be best for people that require a small, easy-to-handle chopper for small tasks against softer vegetables. For example, if you’re trying to chop mushrooms or grape tomatoes directly into a pan quickly, it would be much easier to handle than other larger tabletop choppers.

The price of the Nutri Chopper is the lowest compared to similar products, in some cases half the price. You get fewer cutting options, but most of the time, people don’t need 23 different cutting options, though if you want a juicer or any specialized chopping, the Nitro Chopper won’t meet your needs.

If you have larger and harder fruits or vegetables to chop, especially when there’s a lot to do, other tabletop choppers would be better. With the tabletop choppers, you get a bigger chopping area, and you can leverage your weight by pushing down on the device rather than having to squeeze it with your hands.

Comparison with Previous Models

The Nutri Chopper has been around since 2019, and there haven’t been any changes to it since then, so I wouldn’t imagine significant changes will be coming soon for this As Seen On TV product.

It has a few flaws that could be improved; however, that may raise the cost, and the price is one of the biggest benefits of this kitchen appliance.

Pros and Cons

Nutri Chopper Pros
  • One of the cheapest choppers available.
  • Excellent for cutting directly into a pan to save on mess.
  • Lightweight and small for storage and handling
Nutri Chopper Cons
  • The cutting area is tiny
  • Requires good grip strength on harder vegetables.
  • Fewer cutting options than competitors

There are many choppers on the market, manual, mechanical, and electric. Some are larger and ideal with big jobs, while others like the Nutri Chopper are cheap, small, and good for easy and fast jobs.

I’ve listed some key points that I think are important for all of these choppers, and I’m going to let you know where the Nutri Chopper does well and where it fails. 

FactorsDescriptionRating 0/10
Weight1 lb10
Cutting AreaSmall3
Blade SharpnessMedium5
Ease of UseEasy6


The Nutri Chopper is almost the cheapest you’re going to find, and that should be considered when buying any of these. You could be paying an extra $15 or $20 to get something that’s better.


At 1 lb, it’s one of the lightest choppers, which is good if you’re using it in a handheld fashion. However, if you’re only using it on a tabletop, then the lightness of the chopper may be a hindrance when cutting harder vegetables.

Cutting Area

The cutting area is tiny; you can precut all of your vegetables before using it, but that’s an added hassle, and you could just cut the vegetables by hand to save time and cleaning.

Blade Sharpness

The blades are reasonably sharp, but anybody having difficulty applying enough pressure could find the blades crushed rather than cut the vegetables. A slow push against the blades isn’t going to cut as well as a firm compress of the handle.


It does have a storage container; however, it’s tiny, and if you’re trying to cut a lot, you may be emptying it very often. Most of the more expensive choppers have much larger storage compartments.

Ease of Use

It’s an easy device to use because it’s small, simple, and there aren’t too many different blades to choose from. However, many people, including my wife, have difficulty applying enough pressure to use it for all the cutting they need. 

Is Nutri Chopper Worth It?

The Nutri Chopper may be suitable for people who don’t want to pay more than $20 and don’t have much cutting to do. It would be ideal for cutting up smaller fruit and vegetables for a single person.

If you prefer to cut your vegetables directly from the packet into your pan or other dishes, and what you’re cutting isn’t large, then the Nitro Chopper would also benefit you by being light and easy to handle with smaller items.

Although there are tons of 5 stars customer reviews, the Nutri Chopper did not meet my requirements as a helper to make healthier meals faster. I will be returning it to Amazon and purchasing one of the larger tabletop choppers or an easier to use handheld chopper with a larger cutting area. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site.

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