Nintendo Rewards Guide

Nintendo officially launched their digital loyalty program My Nintendo in 2016. Anyone can join for free and earn gold and platinum points for eligible game purchases and using various services. You can redeem these points for rewards including Switch, game cards, wallpaper, and software purchases.

Dead Cells$24.99120
When The Past was Around$6.3630
Lego Marvel Super Heroes$19.9995
Eternal Radiance$16.9980
Coffee Talk$7.7935

The new users need to have a Nintendo account to sign up at My Nintendo and link their Nintendo Network ID to My Nintendo. The existing members can simply log in to their accounts.

Anyone above 16 years can create their own account and after signing up, you can earn points for all eligible Nintendo Switch and other digital purchases.

My Nintendo Benefits

With the earned gold and platinum points, the members can not only play games but receive rewards like in-game content, discounts on digital purchases, and use the services. The customized game news and Nintendo updates will be mailed to your account.

How Does My Nintendo Rewards Work? 

After registration, you can start earning gold points by purchasing games and completing various missions from the website, store, and eShop. You will earn 5 gold points for each dollar spent on the eligible digital purchases. A code provided by the issuer needs to be used for physical purchase. 

For digital purchase, you will be awarded 5% worth of gold points and for physical purchase, you will be awarded 1% worth of gold points. You can convert physical games into digital. 

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Gold Points

  • Earn gold points for purchasing eligible digital games for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, or DLC for Nintendo Switch from website or store purchase.
  • Earn points for purchasing Nintendo Switch game vouchers.
  • The earned points will be automatically added to your account after purchase.
  • The gold points are equivalent to 5% of the amount of digital purchase, and 1% of physical purchase will be awarded.
  • The gold points must be claimed within 1 year of the original release date.

Platinum Points

  • Platinum points can be earned by completing missions.
  • It is valid for six months after you collect them.
  • The points can be used to get discounts on games.
  • Unlock new game items.

How To Get Gold Points On Game Purchases?

The members will be rewarded with gold points for every digital game purchase on the Switch. The points need to be redeemed within 1 year of their release date. The gold points will be added automatically to your linked account after purchasing on eShop. 

But physical game card purchases require a few steps to receive gold points.

  • Insert your physical game card into your Switch.
  • Select the game from the home screen.
  • Press the + button on the right side of the controller.
  • From the options menu, select “My Nintendo Rewards Program”.
  • Click “Earn Gold Points”.
  • Select the profile for which you want to receive the points.
  • Select “Earn points for this Software”.
  • Click “OK” to complete the process.

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My Nintendo Deals

The available rewards can be redeemed online or by visiting a retailer. The latest deals and offers programs are also announced through email or app. A lot of deals like Nintendo Switch or accessory deals are available on eShop, website, and store.

Animal Crossing Pocket CampsLink to a Nintendo account300
Animal Crossing Pocket CampsComplete 10 Camper requests30
Animal Crossing Pocket CampsComplete 50 Camper requests50
Animal Crossing Pocket CampsComplete 100 Camper requests100
Animal Crossing Pocket CampsLink to a Twitter/ Facebook account300
Fire Emblem HeroesLink to a Nintendo account100
Fire Emblem HeroesClear Chapter on Normal100
Fire Emblem HeroesClear Book 1100
Fire Emblem HeroesClear Book 2100
Fire Emblem HeroesClear Book 3100
Fire Emblem HeroesClear Book 4100
Super Mario RunPlay Toad Rally (daily)10
Super Mario RunWin Toad Rally 3 times (weekly)50
Super Mario RunAdd friends100
Super Mario RunClear World50
Super Mario RunLink to a Nintendo account100

The popular Nintendo Service Deals are mentioned below.

Link Nintendo Network ID to Nintendo account100
Set promotional emails to receive updates30
Keep promotional emails (monthly)10
Sign in to Nintendo eShop30
Link your Facebook/Google/Twitter account on Nintendo account10
Find the Hidden Poochy Pup on the Yoshi’s Crafted World game page50
Create a Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit racer ID50
Find the 5 hidden stickers on the Super Mario100
Find the 5 hidden holes on the Mario Golf100
Find the 4 hidden dice blocks on the Mario Party100

How To Redeem My Nintendo Points?

To redeem the earned gold or platinum points, open the Switch eShop and access your account. Select and click “Proceed to Purchase” and select “Redeem Points”. Enter the number of points you want to redeem. Choose the payment method and the remaining amount to be paid after the redemption will appear on the screen.

The point balance will be displayed on your profile account next to the Point icon. The gold points will expire after one year and the platinum points will expire after 6 months.

You can see the point expiration details on the Point Summary section on the Menu page of your account. 

Is My Nintendo Rewards Worth It?

My Nintendo Rewards is worth joining as the program offers a lot of offers and discounts on games, accessories, and physical rewards like wallpaper and keychains. Every dollar you spend in the eShop give 5 gold coin worth 0.01 cents each off other purchases.

The members get early access to games and can take part in special events and surveys through which everyone can earn double points.