Netflix vs. Amazon Prime (Which is Better?)

Netflix and Amazon Prime are two of the most popular video streaming services in the world. Many people have both as they both offer great original programming and access to other popular shows from different networks. They’re both great options instead of having traditional TV and cost less.

Users who want many extra features bundled together will likely prefer Amazon Prime, as you get free shipping, music, third-party streaming like HBO, and Prime Video content. On other hand, Netflix only offers tv shows and movies but has a strong focus on original content, so some users may prefer the Netflix content.

Not everybody wants to get both services, so let’s review the options and features between them to decide which service to get.

NetflixAmazon Prime
TrialNo Free Trial30 day Free Trial
PriceFrom $9 / MonthFrom $8.99 / Month
Content Library15,000+26,100+
Supported DevicesAlmost everythingAlmost everything
Original ContentMassiveMassive
Third-Party NetworksNoneYes

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Pricing 

A price comparison between Netflix and Amazon Prime has them at basically the same price until you look at the combined Amazon Prime package, which gives you free shipping from Amazon, music, and a range of other features for only a few dollars more. Amazon Prime wins the price category.

You also need to consider that Amazon has only one price for Prime Video and 1 Price for the overall Amazon Prime package. Netflix upsells you for better video quality and more screens that run at the same time. So the price gets higher if you want those. Netflix Premium will cost you $17.99 per month.

Netflix StandardAmazon Prime
PriceBasic: $8.99
Standard: $13.99
Premium: 17.99
Video Only: $8.99 / Month
Prime: $12.99 / Month or $119 / Year
Simultaneous ScreensBasic: 1
Standard: 2
Premium: 4
The number of devices you can download on.Basic: 1
Standard: 2
Premium: 4
Maximum downloaded titles at once.10025
Amount of Content15,000+26,100+
Third-party streaming services for an additional cost.NoYes – 21+
HD VideoBasic: No
Standard: Yes
Premium: Yes
Ultra HD VideoBasic: No
Standard: No
Premium: Yes

Who is Netflix Best Suited For?

Netflix is a great overall streaming service, though it focuses on younger people who enjoy more drama and fantasy-type shows. However, it does have a huge variety of different shows to choose from and is constantly adding and removing options.

Netflix Pros
  • Available on almost any device you have.
  • You can download most shows to a device to watch offline.
  • Extensive range of original content you won’t see on other networks.
  • Different pricing options to match what you want to use the service for.
Netflix Cons
  • No third-party networks are available to subscribe to.
  • Limited new comedies in original programming
  • No additional perks from subscription
  • Range of titles changes based on location

Who is Amazon Prime Best Suited For?

Amazon Prime is an excellent option for people that want more choice by providing original programming, older movie and tv titles, as well as access to third-party networks for even more content if you want. It’s a perfect option if you also purchase a lot of Amazon as you get free shipping.

Amazon Prime Pros
  • Available on almost all devices, with Chromecast now supported.
  • Biggest range of movie and tv titles of any streaming service.
  • Original programming is constantly being added.
  • Great perks with the overall Amazon Prime package, such as free shipping.
Amazon Prime Cons
  • Includes TV and movie titles that you need to pay extra for in the listings, which is frustrating.
  • No option to set how much bandwidth to use on each device.
  • Mobile App isn’t as easy to navigate or split users as other services apps.
  • Limited language options for dub and close captioning.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Content

For the volume of content, Amazon wins, but many of those are old shows that nobody wants to watch. The quality of new content coming to both Netflix and Amazon are comparable, and it depends on which shows you prefer. Netflix does have a slight edge in having more popular shows, so we’ll give Netflix the win.

Netflix and Amazon have great shows, and it really is up to personal preference on which you’ll prefer. Take a look at what original shows are playing on each service, as well as any shows that get added you may want. Netflix favors shows for a younger audience (under 30’s).

If you’re not in the United States, a big issue is that Netflix changes what is available to you, so the content library can shrink quite a bit. You can work around this with a VPN, but that adds more cost, which is not ideal.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Features

When you take a look at the features of Netflix and Amazon Prime, you see they have the same features, but Netflix just does it better, and makes their content available to more people through more options. So Netflix is the winner in the feature category.

Device Compatibility

With the recent update to the Amazon Video app, both Netflix and Amazon provide extensive support on a massive range of different devices. They’re mostly equal on where they’re available now.

Download Content

Both Amazon and Netflix now allow you to download most content for playing offline. Netflix allows 100 downloads, while Amazon allows a maximum of 25. So it’s a significant advantage to Netflix for downloaded content.

Closed Captioning

Both Amazon and Netflix offer closed captioning support in many of their titles, especially original content. However, Netflix has more closed captioning support and even has more languages available in closed captioning. 

Languages Supported

Like the closed captioning, both Amazon and Netflix have different tracks you can play to get other languages in your content; however, Netflix has more languages available on more titles.

Audio and Video Quality

Amazon automatically adjusts your video and audio quality to whatever is the best option for your device and internet connection. On the other hand, Netflix allows you to set these in the app and lets you pay more or less for the video/audio quality that you want.

So if you want more control over this, then Netflix gives you two ways to set it, either through your package or specifically through your app.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: User Experience

Netflix has a much better app experience; it’s more intuitive, provides recommendations, lets you easily set and find “your list” of shows you want to watch later. Netflix even sends you specific recommendations via email, which I find are good and reminds me to check them out. So Netflix wins the user experience category.

Amazon Prime has a slightly poorer experience in the app, and it has worse recommendations and the ability to set and find your list. The shows you’ve been watching will often disappear, and you need to find them again. You also run into shows you want to watch but find you need to pay for them.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Verdict

Netflix easily wins in almost all categories, especially if you don’t look at the additional benefits you get with Amazon Prime. Netflix is dedicated to video streaming, while Amazon has it as an additional service. So Netflix is constantly leading in what new features are coming out and how they will work.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime: Which is Better?

The most important thing when deciding between Netflix and Amazon Prime is what shows do you want to watch. 

Netflix is best for people that want a more comprehensive range of original content and newer network shows. They are constantly adding new content for you to watch and making it available for a broader range of people.

While Netflix won in most categories in this list, if the original shows aren’t to your liking, and the other movies and shows don’t pique your interest, you shouldn’t get Netflix.

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Amazon Prime is a better option for an older demographic that prefers the original content that Amazon is producing and enjoys the older tv shows and moves that Amazon Prime has included in its more extensive catalog.

They’re constantly improving their service and have the money to compete with Netflix easily. So if the shows coming out on Amazon Prime look better than what you see on Netflix, then go with Amazon Prime.

In addition to the shows, you can get access to music, free shipping, photo storage, and a range of services that Amazon combines to make the service more enticing. The yearly price is also appealing instead of paying monthly, assuming you want to make that commitment.

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If price isn’t an issue for you, then I would suggest getting both services, or even getting Amazon Prime and adding Netflix into the rotation of shows every once in a while, as you can pay monthly and cancel. So it’s an easy way to pay yearly for Amazon and get all the benefits, then get Netflix for a month, try Hulu the next month, then try Disney+, and so on.