MY GM Rewards [Year]

Automotive reward programs are effective and unique customer retention strategies that boost brand popularity and customer value. Almost every automotive industry participates in reward programs for guest engagement by offering personalized deals.

General Motors Company, popularly known as GMC, is an American multinational automotive that focus on automobile, trucks, and automotive components.

GMC launched its digital loyalty program My GM Rewards in 2019. Anyone can join the program and will be rewarded 1000 points for signing up. Members earn 6 points per dollar spent on qualifying purchases that can be exchanged for vehicle accessory purchases or car services. 

My GM Rewards Benefits

My GM Rewards program allows members to earn points for every purchase and receive eligible rewards and unlimited bonuses at participating dealerships. The earnings and points can be used for a vehicle or accessories purchase to save money.

  • Anyone above 18 can join the program.
  • A sign-up bonus of 1000 points.
  • 6 points per 1 dollar spent.
  • Points can be used on the same day you enroll in the program.
  • Unlimited earning points and redemption.
  • Brand preference can be changed on the member profile.
  • Exclusive bonus offers like Paid service.
  • 20,000 points for a new vehicle purchase.
  • Points for monthly connected service.
  • Rewards can be linked with a Service account like the OnStar Plan.
  • Purchase products at third-party dealers also eligible to earn points.
  • Promotional points.
  • Voucher-based reward.

Additionally, GM Reward Points can be combined with the GM Rewards Card like GM Extended Family Card earnings for a new vehicle purchase or lease redemptions. 

A comparison table of My GM Rewards GM Extended Family Card benefits is listed below.

Unlimited earning and redemptionUnlimited earning and redemption
Redeem towards a new Chevrolet, Cadillac, or GMC vehicle.Redeem towards a new Chevrolet, Cadillac, or GMC vehicle.
Combine earnings and points for a new vehicle purchase
Exclusive bonus offersExclusive bonus offers
Unlimited 1% earnings
Combine earnings with GM employee discount for a new vehicle purchase
Collect points for paid service, connected service.
Redeem toward a new vehicle, parts, and OnStar plans.
Points expire in 5 yearsPoints expire in 7 years

Types Of My GM Rewards Deals

The earned points can be redeemed at any GM division dealer or online. Limited-time offers and deals help you earn double rewards that can be used for free purchases.

The reward points range from 1000 to 100,000 and more that can be exchanged for a variety of products.

Certified GM Service Allowance1000-100,000
GM Accessories1000-50,000
GM Genuine Parts and ACDelco Parts 5000-10,000
New Vehicle Purchase or Lease20,000-100,000
Certified pre-owned GM Vehicle 5000
Protection Plan10,000-50,000
OnStar Navigation Services- 2 months4800
GM Remote Access Plan- 3 months9000
Available 4G LTE Wi-Fi- 30 days5000
OnStar Guidance Plan-3months21,000

The OnStar Guardian app and its corresponding eligible points are mentioned below.

1 month3000
3 month9000
6 month18,000
12 month30,000

The other eligible purchase and rewards points include:

  • GM Online Accessories Allowance – 1000 to 100,000 points.
  • OnStar Safety and Security Plan, 6 months – 35,000 points.
  • Remote Access Plan, 6 months – 18,000 points.
  • WiFi Unlimited Data Plan, 3 months -15,000 points.
  • WiFi Unlimited Data Plan, 6 months – 30,000 points.

From time to time, General Motors reward their customers’ bonus points on special occasions like birthdays and exclusive events. The members get 1000-100,000 points for purchasing eligible accessories on Year-End Online Sales Events at GMC.

How Does My GM Rewards Work?

As a Sign-up bonus, the members will be credited 1000 points and they earn 6 points per 1 dollar spent by participating in eligible transactions. When purchasing a new GM vehicle, a reward of 20,000 points will be given to members that can be redeemed for a $100 voucher.

For online purchases, the points will be added to your rewards account once the purchased item is shipped.

The weekly and exclusive offers like the Monthly Connected service and OnStar plan allow you to earn extra points faster that help you to achieve the full benefits of the program. 

The participating dealership companies include Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac dealerships.

One of the easy ways to earn points is Onstar which is a subscription-based plan that provides services like roadside assistance and scheduled periodical maintenance. 

Onstar plan can be linked with My Gm rewards account and the earned points will be added to your account.

The earned points can be redeemed online or in person by purchasing accessories or vehicle parts. If you do not receive points on your account within 15 days, you can contact the Member Centre. 

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How Much Does My GM Rewards Point Worth? 

My GM Rewards points are worth it to get free service with earned points at participating dealership outlets. Additionally, you can enjoy limited-time deals and offers by redeeming the earned points online or in-store orders.

For example, the latest Essential Plan of 1-month validity will reward you 8000 points. GM FInancial Excess Wear or Mileage Allowance offers 10,000 to 50,000 to customers.

The earned points will be added to the account within 45 days of the eligible transaction. Additionally, the promotional offer benefits you from earning bonus points. 

The points can also be redeemed for a voucher that is available online. It can be presented to the dealer or third-part retailer during the check-out. Recently, printed vouchers are replaced by digital vouchers for easy loyalty redemption.

However, the points have no cash value but can be transferred to another rewards member by contacting the member center. It can be requested by providing recipients email and amount of points to transfer.

Once transferred points cannot be reversed. The sender and recipient will get the confirmation email when the points are transferred completely.

How Can I Redeem My GM Rewards Points?

After logging in to the My Rewards dashboard, click the “Redeem Points” button. You can either select the point redemption amount or select the vehicle you want the points applied to and select  “Redeem Now”.

The earned points can be redeemed with digital vouchers on any GM brands or online for eligible purchases or services. 

The activated vouchers on your account need to be shown to the dealers or online and the points will be deducted from your account during the check-out.

On the other hand, OnStar and Connected Services offer does not require vouchers. The members will get the qualifying order once they click the “Redeem” button online through their account and it will be applied within 24 hours.

Members can view their point balance on their rewards account or branded mobile app. The currently available points will be displayed on the home screen.

The points will expire only after 5 years from the date they are earned. The vouchers for vehicle purchase will expire after 90 days after redemption and all other vouchers will expire after 30 days of redemption.

My GM Rewards Sign Up

My GM Rewards is open and free to all residents above 18 years of United States. The existing members can access their accounts by logging in with an email ID.

To enroll in the program you must register for a member account on You need to sign up by providing valid details and submit by agreeing to the terms and conditions. 

Is My GM Rewards Program Worth It?

General Motors’ My GM Rewards Program is worth it for anyone who joins as it provides a lot of benefits for their members including free and discount accessories purchase, services, monthly plans, and birthday rewards.

As soon as you are enrolled, you can make use of the sign-up bonus points by starting the purchases right away. Members can find the participating dealers on the website using a dealership locator