Mint Mobile vs. T-Mobile: Which Is Better?

T-Mobile and Mint Mobile both use the T-Mobile network for their service, but Mint Mobile offers lower monthly prices with fewer value-added services, while T-Mobile can provide more value-added services, perks like free Netflix, and better rates for family plans.

Mint Mobile has no physical locations, so it’s impossible to buy phones or get support in person, while T-Mobile has many stores that you can visit for anything you need.

Which one is better will entirely depend on what you need from a mobile operator, so it’s important to review so you can make the best choice and then stick with it.

Mint Mobile vs T-Mobile Comparison

Both Mint Mobile and T-Mobile provide physical mobile phones and plans so that you can call and text people, use mobile data while you’re roaming around the city on your phone, and even use your phone as a hotspot for your laptop.

I give points to T-Mobile because it’s their network being used by both companies, and if required I imagine T-Mobile would pick their own customers service over Mint Mobile customers.

Mint MobileT-Mobile
Best 4G Coverage
Best 5G Coverage
Best Overall Coverage
Lowest Prices
Unlimited Premium Data35 GB Guaranteed50 GB Guaranteed
Hotspot Data5 GBUnlimited but limited speeds. Up to 20 GB of 4G speeds.

Who Should Be Using Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile has been set up for people who want the basics at a low price without any contracts or credit checks. If you simply need a single mobile phone that provides voice, SMS, and data, then Mint Mobile can offer better prices than single lines from T-Mobile.

Anybody that doesn’t need a physical store to purchase phones or get help with their phone will do well with Mint Mobile because they have no physical locations that you can visit.

If you’ve previously been a T-Mobile customer but feel the prices are too high and you don’t need any of the perks or added features, then Mint Mobile is a great option for you as a basic prepaid mobile operator.

Before buying a Mint Mobile plan, you should double-check that any areas you’ll be using your phone have coverage. It doesn’t matter how good the price is if you can’t get good coverage in your area.

View Mint Mobile’s coverage map

Mint Mobile Pros and Cons

Mint Mobile Pros
  • Cheap plans
  • No contracts
  • Flexibility on how much data you’re charged for
Mint Mobile Cons
  • Relies on T-Mobile for network coverage.
  • No discounts for family plans
  • Prepaid but no monthly plans available
  • No physical stores

Who Should Be Using T-Mobile?

Anyone who requires a full service and full-featured mobile operator should use T-Mobile over Mint Mobile. T-Mobile has physical locations that can sell you a phone, provide support, and even take payment if that is your preferred way to do things.

If you’re a family that all require phones, then you can get prices as good as Mint Mobile with all the added benefits and perks that T-Mobile offers, such as free Netflix, more premium data, and more hotspot data.

If you travel and need to use roaming services, then T-Mobile provides much better international service with texting and data included on most plans, and if you’re traveling to Mexico or Canada, then you’ll get unlimited text, voice, and data.

View T-Mobile’s coverage map

T-Mobile Pros and Cons

T-Mobile Pros
  • Plan price is exactly as shown. No upselling or sneaky fees added later.
  • Coverage is good compared to smaller mobile operators.
  • Netflix is provided for free with more expensive plans.
  • Some plans and addons are catered to frequent travelers.
T-Mobile Cons
  • Plans are expensive
  • Coverage can’t compare to bigger mobile operators
  • Unlimited plans get speed caps as needed by T-Mobile

Mint Mobile Pricing Plans

Mint Mobile is currently offering discounts on your first six months, and then your plan moves to a higher price. You can’t pay month to month either; you need to pay for at least three months at a time. You will get discounts if you pay for six months in advance and even more for 12 months in advance; with 12 months, you keep the introductory rate.

The features available on Mint Mobile plans are limited to the basics of what you need for data, SMS, and calls. There are very limited value-added services available and no special perks in any plans. In addition, the four plans listed are everything that Mint Mobile offers, so there are no discounts for any specific groups.

4 GB10 GB15 GBUnlimited
Price$15 – $25$20 – $35$25 – $45$30 – $40
Data Included4 GB10 GB15 GBUnlimited
SMS / VoiceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Mexico / Canada Calls
Hotspot Data5 GB5 GB5 GB5 GB

T-Mobile Pricing Plans

T-Mobile plans are cheaper if you add more lines to your account, so if you’re a family of 4 that all need phones, you can get some relatively cheap deals, Magenta Max is $85 for one line, but $43 per line when you have four lines on the account.

T-Mobile also offers a variety of other plans for specific groups of people that can get them discounts, such as over-55’s, active military and veterans, and even first responders. So with T-Mobile, you have many more options in plans and many more features included in all plans.

EssentialsMagentaMagenta Max
Data Included50 GB100 GBUnlimited
SMS / VoiceUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Mexico / Canada Calls / Data
Perks (Netflix)
Hotspot DataUnlimited 3G5 GB 5G, then Unlimited 3G40 GB 5G, then Unlimited 3G

Mint Mobile vs. T-Mobile: Pricing Comparison

The cheapest single-line plan you can get from T-Mobile is $60 on contract, while the most expensive plan you can get from Mint Mobile is $40 per month with no contract but prepaid for three months. So for basic services on the same network, Mint Mobile is cheaper for individuals.

Mint Mobile offers no family plans, so every family member pays for whatever plan they need, while T-Mobile gives you cheaper rates on all phones the more people you have on your account. So a four-person family gets a comparable price per month on either T-Mobile or Mint Mobile.

T-Mobile offers better value-added services such as more premium data, international roaming data, unlimited hotspot data, and with the more expensive plans, you also get perks like Netflix paid for, so you can stop paying for that yourself which is at least $9 per month.

Mint MobileT-Mobile
Plan NameUnlimitedEssentials
Price$30 – $40$60
Data IncludedUnlimited, low-speed after 35 GBUnlimited, low-speed after 50 GB
Premium Data35 GB50 GB
SMS / VoiceUnlimitedUnlimited
Hotspot5 GBUnlimited at 3G Speed

Mint Mobile vs. T-Mobile: Reputation

Mint Mobile has a reasonable reputation through a lot of that relies on the actor Ryan Reynolds who is one of the owners. Many online reviews appear unhappy with the customer service coming from Mint Mobile, which may be expected when you’re paying so little to a smaller mobile operator that’s only been around since 2015.

T-Mobile has an excellent reputation, especially considering how big they are and that they recently took over Sprint, their reputation for fair pricing, good customer service, and how they treat their employees is top in the mobile industry. They haven’t had any major scandals or issues publicly reported that have damaged their reputation.

Mint Mobile vs. T-Mobile: Verdict

Based on my opinion, the overall winner is Mint Mobile because they offer cheaper plans for individuals, you get the same network with either mobile operator, and none of the extras that T-Mobile includes with their plans interest me that much, I just need a basic mobile operator without all the extra fluff.

Mint Mobile is best for…

Mint Mobile would be best for individuals that do not need more than the basics from a mobile phone; for SMS, voice, and data, they are comparable to what T-Mobile offers at less cost. So if you’re trying to be frugal as an individual, then Mint Mobile will always be a cheaper option.

They just remove the extra stuff that T-Mobile offers, such as physical locations, data roaming, perks, family plans, and anything else that’s just not core to a mobile phone. So as long as you don’t need any of the extra stuff, then Mint Mobile is a better option.

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T-Mobile is best for…

T-Mobile would be best for anybody that requires more than the basics from a mobile phone; if you need a physical location to buy your phone, or get help in person, then T-Mobile is the better option.

The data caps on T-Mobile are also higher, so if you’re constantly going over 35 GB of data, then T-Mobile is going to be the better option. Unfortunately, mint Mobile does not offer any plans that include more than 35 GB per month of full-speed data.

Anybody that roams internationally would get better services from T-Mobile, as they offer unlimited data on some of their plans while roaming, and even free Wifi on flights to, from, and within the United States on United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, or Air Canada.

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