Microsoft Rewards (Everything You Need To Know)

Microsoft launched the digital customer loyalty program Microsoft Rewards in November 2005. Anyone can join for free and earn 1 point per dollar for searching, shopping, and playing on Microsoft. You can earn up to 20 points for eligible digital content.

Microsoft Rewards offers a free Xbox Live Gold subscription of 12 months for premium members. There are plenty of rewards and fun prizes available for members.

Xbox One X Console and 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate200
Branded Xbox Mug5000
Donate to girls who code1000
$1000 Microsoft gift card200
Surface Pro 7 Bundle200

The new users need to create a Microsoft account to sign up and the existing members can simply log in to their accounts.

Anyone above 13 years can create their own account and those under 13 should have parental accompaniment to create an account. 

After signing up, you can earn points for searching Bing on mobile, buying Microsoft products, participating in quizzes, and redeeming these points for offers, gift cards, sweepstake entries, and donations.

Microsoft Rewards Benefits

With an active Microsoft account, you will earn reward points for doing the things you already do like search on Bing, purchase products from the online stores, play games and participate in quizzes. The points can be redeemed for Xbox games and subscriptions.

  • Anyone can join the program.
  • Earn 1 point for each dollar spent on eligible purchase..
  • Earn 5 points for search with Bing on Microsoft Edge, or Windows 10.
  • Upto 20 reward points can be earned for digital content.
  • Daily Special offers.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Daily and Weekly Quiz.
  • Earn points for playing latest games.
  • Status tier levels.
  • Earn points  for downloading new apps.
  • Gift cards.
  • Sweepstake entries.
  • Charitable donations.
  • Exclusive prizes.
  • Product bundles.

There are two status tier levels for Microsoft Rewards-Tier 1 and Tier 2 in which you will reach level 2 once you earned 500 points.

EligibilityCompleting Sign-up.After earning 500 points
Points50 points per day250 points per day
Search limit10 searches limit per day with 5 points per search.50 searches per day.
Shopping Points1 point per dollar10 points per dollar

How Does Microsoft Rewards Work?

After creating a Microsoft account, sign in to the website of Microsoft Rewards and click on the Start Earning Rewards button to begin earning points for every search, purchase, and other activity online through Microsoft account.

The activities can range from simple polls and quizzes to games and trivia. You can also earn points daily for using the Bing search engine both on your desktop PC and mobile devices.

If you use Microsoft services every day, you will be rewarded bonus points. A set of activities will be updated daily on the rewards page and completing it will help you to earn points faster.

There are limited-time special offers that are available periodically. It helps to earn bonus points by making frequent purchases. 

Playing games through Xbox Live is another way of earning reward points by downloading games app and playing the latest games. You need to install the Microsoft Rewards app on your console to complete Xbox activities. 

Through the gaming apps, you can also complete challenges like checking Game Pass quests and launching the app 5 days in a row. 

You can also take part in quizzes and trivia that are available daily and weekly. Completing these activities increase your streak and offer you bonus points.

If you keep your streak up, you will earn extra points. However, you need to earn a minimum of 30 points on Daily Sets.

For example, after completing each daily streak you will be rewarded with bonus points that can range from 45 points for 3 days and 150 points for every 10 days.

When you search with Bing you can use Cortana which enables you to earn points faster for each search. Other than the Bing app, you can also use Microsoft Launcher for Android app or Microsoft Edge app.

Once you earn 500 points you will reach level 2 status which has a lot of benefits including double points, more offers, and rewards. For example, when level 1 status members earn 1 point per dollar spent on purchases, level 2 members will be rewarded 10 points per dollar. 

Additionally, level 2 members can access 50 searches per day with 5 points each in Bing while level 1 status members will have a limited search of only 10 per day with 5 points each.

The members can earn up to 150 points per month, 5 points per hour, for browsing with Microsoft Edge. 

Level 2 members with Xbox Live Gold Status can earn 20 points per dollar spent and they will start earning the bonus rate within 48 hours after subscription. 

You can gain points when you purchase items from Microsoft online store and once the order has been completed the points will be added to your account within 72 hours.

The deals are available on every service including games, apps, books, movies, TV shows, and hardware at the Microsoft store.

You can earn points for referrals where you will be rewarded a certain amount of points if your friend or family joined through your unique referral link.

After the points are earned you can redeem them for various purchases and sweepstake entries with 200 points. But some of the sweepstakes are free and can be entered without purchase and without redeeming any points.

You can make charitable donations to a cause, purchase gift cards and digital vouchers with the earned points.

Learn more: Microsoft Rewards FAQ

How Much Can You Earn With Microsoft Rewards?

The maximum earning capability depends on how often you search with Bing, and the status of the rewards level. When you reach level 2 you will get extra reward points than level 1. By regularly using the internet you can achieve the maximum point limit on a single day.

  • Maximum monthly points on searches – 7500 points, 250 points per day.
  • Completing daily offers – 1500 points, 50 points per day.
  • Browsing with Microsoft Edge – 600 points, 20 points per day.
  • Playing games – 10,000 points per month.
  • Rewards Weekly set – 100 points

You can earn free Microsoft points in the following ways.

  1. Use Windows 10
  2. Use Edge as your default browser.
  3. Use Cortana to search.
  4. Log-in with your Microsoft account.
  5. Install Bing search app.
  6. Visit Microsoft Rewards page regularly.

What Can I Get With Microsoft Reward Points?

The cheapest option of Microsoft point redemption is Sweepstakes. With the earned 200 points, you can redeem sweepstake entries. You can even save points by purchasing entries in bulk. 

200 Points1 Entry
500 Points5 Entries
1000 Points25 Entries

The following prizes will be available each month of the Sweepstake period. 

Another way to redeem points is charity donations and you can donate your points starting from 1000 points to various charities. The charity may vary from month to month. 

Some of the notable charity donations of Microsoft Rewards include:

  • United Nations Foundation for Covid-19 relief
  • Global Giving
  • Special Olympics
  • Stonewall
  • Care
  • AbilityNet

The expensive point redemption option is purchasing gift cards and digital vouchers. With 5000 points, you can get Game Pass Ultimate. Gift cards, on the other hand, range from $5 to $25 that includes cards from various shops and restaurants.

Microsoft Gift Card$55000
Starbucks CardFree6500
Hulu eGift Card$2528,000
AMC Movies eCard$1013,000
BurgerKing eGift$256500
Chipotle Gift Card$56500
Domino’s Pizza eCard$56500
Amazon Gift Card$55250

 When you earn enough points you can redeem them for Xbox Live Rewards, Membership Cards, Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft Store Credit, Skype Credit, and so on.

Skype Credit900
Skype Unlimited2000
Windows Store Gift Cards1000
Xbox Digital Gift Cards4050
Xbox Live Gold Membership6800
Groove Music Pass6650
Microsoft Apparel and Gifts9800
12 months of Ad-free Outlook6500
Online Microsoft Store Discounts24,500

Microsoft Reward Deals

Microsoft Reward deals are available daily, weekly, and monthly basis for members including games, subscriptions, and limited-time offers. The points you earn will vary depending on the services you use. 

Halloween Featured Offers100
October Bonus Round2000
Hispanic Heritage Month500
Complete 4 Daily Quests10
Earn an Achievement in Game Pass10
Dead Space Game25
The Long Dark Game50

You can redeem points for Promotional Game Play and win prizes after completing games within the promotional period. 

After clicking the link to play the Promotion game, a result will be displayed showing whether you have become the Potential Winner.

The prize corresponding to each game played will be shown on the result page on a specific day.

LemurSurface Headphones 2
Polar BearSurface Pro X
KangarooXbox Gift Card of $250
Penguin with Blue Scarf1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Penguin with Green Scarf3 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Penguin with Yellow Scarf12 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
FlamingoXbox Series X
Moose with Red Shirt200 points
Moose with Yellow Shirt500 points
Moose with Pink Shirt1000 points
Moose with Green Shirt1500 points
Moose with Orange Shirt5000 points
Moose with Purple Shirt10,000 points

An email will be sent to Winner’s email ID in which clear instructions will be given about how to claim your prize. If you get the prize as points, the gift points will be automatically added to the winner’s account.

The potential winner needs to provide a declaration of eligibility prior to being awarded a prize. The prizes will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days after being declared as a winner. However, the prizes will be delivered only to verified winners.

Types Of Punch Card Games:

 In Punch Card, you can activate the punch card by clicking punch number and earn an achievement in any of the available games. These achievements can be unlocked by doing easy, simple tasks.

For example, in the game, Aliens: Fireteam Elite there is an achievement Fashion Team that can be unlocked by changing one’s hat and outfit.

In the Sea Of Thieves game, you can get achievements by completing certain riddles and puzzle games.

Anime Edition500
State Of Decay 2500
Conmebol Libertadores2500

Another Microsoft reward is Top Deal Weekly Special Movies that can be purchased for a low cost.

2 Minutes Of Fame3999
Ford V Ferrari4999
Jackass 32999
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt3999
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain4999

How To Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points?

After you log in to the Microsoft Rewards page, you will see the current available rewards and offers on the home page. When you select your preferred reward, there will be a Redeem option below the reward. After clicking and Confirming the Redeem button, the earned points will be deducted from your account for that specific reward.

To redeem a gift card, you need to select the preferred gift card and choose the gift card Price Option. Then, select, “Redeem” and “Confirm” Reward. Enter the Phone number and Code and click the “Confirm My Order” option. The reward will be added to your account.

Your available reward point balance will be displayed on the home page of your Microsoft account. The total collected points will be shown near your profile name and the points earned in the current month will also be shown on the account.

Along with the earned points, the Streak Count and Points Break Down will be displayed.

Is Microsoft Rewards Worth It?

Microsoft Rewards is worth it for anyone who regularly uses Bing as it helps to earn points for paid searches and provides you easy income. They offer rewards and deals daily, weekly, and monthly that will benefit from earning points faster.

If you earn 1000 points, it is equivalent to $1 and 10,000 points will make you eligible for $10 in qualified prizes. 

The earned points can be redeemed for game, movie, or merchandise purchases, charity donations, gift cards, sweepstake entries, and digital vouchers.