Loop Earplugs Review

Living by the party center of a major city means that the noise at night has skyrocketed since bars and clubs opened back up. The Loop Earplugs let me rest in peace and quiet every night while still hearing if there are any issues like a smoke detector going off.

There are three different Loop Earplugs; Loop Quiet is for sleep and concentration, while Loop Experience and Pro are more for saving your hearing while at concerts or festivals. The prices are different so if you buy a pair, make sure you get the one that suits your needs.

What the Loop Earplugs are like

Loop Quiet Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction – Super Soft,...
  • NOISE REDUCTION - Loop Quiet earplugs are reusable and durable hearing...
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT - These noise reducing earplugs come in 4 different sizes, so...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Loop Quiet are versatile earplugs that offer protection from...
  • EASY TO USE - These earplugs are easy to insert and when you wear them...

Loop Earplugs have attachments to make them XS, S, M, L so that they will fit almost anyone, even children. My primary purpose for them was noise reduction from my neighbor’s partying and outside street parties as well as traffic noise; they work great but don’t completely block the noise out; this is intended and wanted by me.

They fit inside your ear, so if you’re sleeping on your side or moving around, they don’t move, and they don’t stick outside your ear, so there is no discomfort while sleeping that some other earplugs can have.

An added benefit is you can use the Loop Earplugs in your daily life to reduce the volume of the world while still being able to hear people speak to you clearly, and I can say it’s true and works fantastically. You can hear everything but at a lower, more manageable volume, which is excellent for sensory overload.

Loop Earplugs Compared To Older Models

Loop Earplugs came onto the market in 2018; since then, they’ve introduced a new concert model that allows you to enjoy the music while not damaging your ears. So instead of changing the original model, they’ve split the design and now have two distinct versions of Loop Earplugs, Quiet and Experience.

There have been slight modifications in how soft and flexible the Loop Earplug is. I haven’t owned them before, but online reviews indicate it was an improvement and makes them much more comfortable to sleep in, and they fit better now.

Loop Earplugs Compared To Other Earplugs

Loop Earplugs are a more expensive but longer-lasting earplug that is much more comfortable than other earplugs I’ve used before. They fit well and don’t pop out while I’m sleeping or during the day that I find with many other options.

They do not provide total noise reduction, but that is a benefit for me as I still want to hear some things, just not as loud. Many people with ADHD or require less noise in their lives also report that Loop Earplugs are great for keeping in throughout the day.

If you need total noise reduction, then there are many other better options that will be much cheaper even if they’re replaced every day.

Loop QuietFoam EarplugsSilicone Earplugs
ReusableYesNo / 60 Pairs No / 8 Pairs
MaterialSoft SiliconeFoamHard Silicone
Noise Reduction MediumHighMedium
Inside/Outside EarInsideInside/OutsideOutside

Loop Earplugs Pros and Cons

Loop Earplug Pros
  • Fit inside your ear and do not stick out, which is good for sleeping.
  • Blocks loud sounds but not all sounds, suitable for sleeping and day use.
  • Adjustable size
Loop Earplug Cons
  • The small may still not be small enough for you
  • Do not totally block noise if that’s what you want
  • Expensive compared to single-use options

Key Decision Makers To Buy Loop Earplugs

Key DecisionsDescriptionRating 0/10
Noise ReductionMedium9


Compared to disposable earplugs and semi-reusable silicone earplugs, pricing is on the high end. With Loop Earplugs, you get one pair that can be washed and reused for around 3 – 6 months, and then you need to buy replacement parts but not the complete earplug.

You would want to check that the features with the Loop Earplugs are required for your needs, as most other brands are much cheaper even if you replace earplugs every day.

Compared to noise-canceling headphones, which you may be using during your day, these are a much cheaper alternative.


Loop Earplugs are made of a soft, flexible silicone material that suctions and molds to the inside of your ear. They’re very comfortable, and while most people report they don’t feel them, personally, I did notice them, but that’s because I haven’t used earplugs very long.

Each packet of the Loop Earplugs comes in four sizes that you can test out to see which fits better inside your ear. The size options work for me, and online reviews indicate they can work for children as well, but some reviews state the small is still too large, so that may be a factor if you’ve had size issues with earplugs before.

Noise Reduction

Loop Earplugs are NOT for total silence and should not be used where that is required, they make the world around you quieter, but you can still hear noise and even people speaking to you at a much lower volume.

From a technical perspective, they reduce noise by 25 – 27 decibels, people speak at around 60 decibels, and a whisper would be 30 decibels, so people talking to you will sound slightly louder than a whisper.


Loop Earplugs can be used for a lifetime, but you need to replace components on them every 3 to 6 months, which ends up costing you $15 at least.

Disposable earplugs may need to be replaced every day, while other silicone earplugs suggest replacement after five uses. So the Loop Earplugs do last much longer than other earplugs on the market.


Loop Earplugs look stylish and fit inside your ear, so you only see a tiny circle object in your ear, which can be multiple colors if you’re looking for something a little different, though you only get six color options. So maybe Loop needs to enhance its color range.

Are The Loop Earplugs Worth It?

Loop Earplugs were well worth the purchase for me; I use them for sleeping and going to the gym to block out some of the noise that makes me want to cancel my gym membership sometimes. I’m even thinking of purchasing some as presents for people I know who would like them.

Loop Earplugs are best for people who require some noise reduction but still are comfortable or want to hear noises and even people speaking to them. These earplugs reduce noise to a medium level, so they are suitable for sleep, work, or even just walking around, living your life at a lower volume.

Anybody that has sensory overlord will benefit from the Loop Earplugs because you can still hear people speaking to you, you’ll hear car horns or anything else you need to hear while walking around, but with the reduced noise, you’ll feel much more comfortable.

Loop Earplugs will not be good if you need to swim or if you need total noise reduction when operating machinery or are in extremely loud environments that you want to block out totally. 

If you seldom wear earplugs and just need a pair once in a while, then Loop Earplugs are very expensive compared to disposable earplugs, so it may not be a good option if the price is a factor in your decision.

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