L.L.BEAN Return Policy (No Receipt, 1 Year Return + More)

L.L.Bean has an extremely generous guarantee which allows you to return most items up to 1 year from purchase if the product doesn’t live up to your expectations. You may even be able to return your item past the one-year return window if it becomes defective. 

The L.L.BEAN return policy exceeds most other competitors’ return policies regarding defects or issues with the product; stores such as UNIQLO and lululemon have nothing close to the guarantee that L.L.Bean offers customers.

Can You Return Items to L.L.BEAN?

You can return L.L.Bean products up to 1 year from purchase if they don’t meet your expectations, and you’ll be issued a full refund. You must provide a receipt, but if you purchased online or gave your details at a store, then it can L.L.Bean can look the information up.

Poor Quality
Changed Your Mind
Heavily Used / Dirty

If you find your item becomes defective or has problems due to manufacturing after one year, then you may also receive a refund or exchange at the discretion of L.L.Bean.

There are several situations where your refund or exchange won’t be possible, most notably if you want to return it outside of defect or satisfaction of the product or where you have excessively used the product outside of normal wear and tear.

You must make sure that you clean any product you return, L.L.B mean will not accept dirty items, but if you wash it and return it again L.L.Bean will accept it.

You can’t return ammunition to a store or via the mail; this is a final purchase item and L.L.Bean will not accept it under any circumstances.

L.L.Bean will not accept any items you purchased through a third-party seller. You must return your item to the store you bought it from.

If you are a habitual returner of products, then L.L.Bean may refuse your current and future return requests.

How to Return Items at L.L.BEAN

You can return any items purchased in-store or online to your local L.L.Bean store. You just need to bring the item and your original receipt with you to the store to get a refund or exchange your item.

How to Return Items By Mail To L.L.BEAN

You can return most items purchased online through the mail.

  1. Go to the L.L.Bean Returns website
    1. Provide your order number or email address associated with the order
  2. Select the item you will be returning, and if possible, you will receive a return shipping label.
  3. Drop off your item at a local post office.

Mails returned by US Mail will incur a $6.50 cost. You can use your own shipping method, but you are responsible for the costs.

Types of L.L.BEAN Returns

You can return almost any item for a refund or exchange as long as it falls within the return window and doesn’t fall under any specific exemptions.

You can return gift purchases using the L.L.Bean Returns Website as if you had purchased the item yourself.

L.L.Bean kiosks can only accept returns for items you purchased at a Kiosk and not other L.L.Bean items.

You can’t return large items through mail or to your local store. You will need to contact customer support to organize a return: 1-800-341-4341

Any items purchased more than one year ago may be returnable but not through the normal returns process. You need to contact L.L.Bean support to see if they will accept it for return: 1-800-441-5713

Can I Get A Refund If I Used A Gift Card Or Bean Bucks?

L.L.Bean offers gift cards and allows you to accumulate bean bucks for your purchases. You can return items if you purchased them using either a gift card or bean bucks. Your refund will be provided back to a gift card or to your bean bucks account.

If My Return Window Has Expired, Can You Repair My Item?

If you purchased your item more than one year ago, you might still be eligible for return. L.L.Bean will allow a return if the quality wasn’t up to the appropriate standards or if you found a defect after the one year return window.

At the time of purchase, you would have been offered an extended warranty of some items that allow you to get repairs for free or replace the item if there is any damage or something breaks outside of your control.

Items included in this type of service plan include fly rods, waders, and certain shoes or boots.

L.L.BEAN Return Exceptions

What If The Return Window Has Passed: If you want to return your item after one year, then it may be possible if there is a defect found after one year related to a manufacturing problem or quality control issue.

What If The Item Is Damaged: If you damage the item outside of normal wear and tear, then you will not be able to return the item. However, if you open an item or find damage not caused by you, then you can return the item for a refund or exchange.

What If I Don’t Have A Receipt: A receipt is required to return any item. If you provided your details at the time of purchase or purchased online, it’s possible to look the receipt up. If L.L.Bean can’t find your your receipt, then a refund or exchange will not be possible.

What If I Don’t Have The Original Packaging: Original packaging is not required if the item is defective. You may need to return all packaging and accessories included with the item if there is no defect with your purchase.

What If The Item Has Already Been Used: You can return used items as long as there is no heavy use outside of normal wear and tear. You must also wash or clean your item before L.L.Bean will accept it for return.