Kohl’s Rewards (List of Reward Items)

Kohl’s renewed their loyalty program called Kohl’s Rewards in September 2020. Anyone can join for free and earn 5% cashback on every purchase made online or at the store. The members get discount coupons and offer every month.

The earned Kohl’s Cash can be used for future purchases including bonus offers, and special deals. The members receive exclusive perks like personalized offers, free shipping, and weekly and monthly deals.

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What You Get with Kohl’s Rewards?

For every $100 spent for purchases at Kohl’s, the members will receive $5 worth of Kohl’s Cash that will be added to your account. Through Kohl’s Cash coupon system, you can redeem the cashback amount for purchases made in-store and app.

The members can exchange the save-on cash for offers, discounts, personalized offers, and sales. 

Kohl’s offers different types of discounts like holiday clearance, daily discounts, BOGO sales, promo codes, and anniversary and birthday discounts.

Kohl’s offers annual rewards to the members, for example, they will receive a birthday gift from Kohl’s. A $5 off coupon is provided on the birthday month which is valid for 1 month.

Get Kohl’s Cash With Deals

Other annual rewards include Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals where the members can earn $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent on various purchases. Some of the Black Friday deals are mentioned below.

Hamilton Beach Appliance$22.99$9.54
Rocket Deluxe Pro Stick Vacuum$119.99$66.99
Women & Junior Sweaters $9.99$7.99
Rachael Ray Cookware Set$149.99$43.05
Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker$99.99$57.67

Get Kohl’s Savings With Reward Combos

The members can combine Kohl’s Rewards with Kohl’s Cash, Kohl’s Coupons, Kohl’s Card, and Sales Promotions to get maximum savings on their purchases. Some examples are mentioned below.

The Big One Plush Throws(4 no.s)$17.99 each$9.46 each
Roomba WiFi Robot Vacuum$299.99$159.50
Fiesta Dinnerware Set (3pc.)$56.99$46.84
Ninja Air Fryer$169.99$93.05
Sonoma Goods Candle (14oz.)$11.99$8.39

 Kohl’s Rewards Benefits

Kohl’s Reward members will be awarded exclusive offers and personalized deals that will be updated through email. On every purchase, you will earn 5% of the purchase amount back which is converted to $5 cash coupons. 

The members get digital alerts of Kohl’s Cash coupons that can be used for purchases.

  • Anyone can join for free.
  • Easy sign-up process.
  • 5% cashback on every purchase.
  • Birthday gift.
  • Military Discount
  • Member-only savings.
  • Exclusive deals.
  • Personalized offers.
  • Black Friday Deals.
  • Cyber Monday Deals.
  • Kohl’s Coupons.
  • Promotional offers.
  • Save more with Kohl’s Card.
  • Combine coupons and rewards.
Birthday Gift
Personalized Offers
Anniversary Treat
Monthly Exclusive Savings
Monthly Free Shipping
Earning Rewards5%7.5%

How To Earn Kohl’s Rewards?

After creating a Kohl’s Rewards account, you can start earning towards achieving reward certificates. The members earn 5% of Kohl’s Rewards back on every purchase from in-store, online, or app, that is when you spend $100, you will receive $5 in the form of Kohl’s Cash.

The rewards will be added to your reward balance within 48 hours of purchase.

The rewards are automatically converted to Kohl’s cash coupons on the first day of the month. The members need to use the rewards within 30 days.

For online purchases, you receive Kohl’s Cash through email within 24 hours of purchase. For in-store shopping, the cashier will provide a physical Cash coupon that contains the amount and the redemption period in it. You can also add the Cash to your online wallet in the Kohl’s app.

For example, Kohl’s offers members a $10 cashback for every $50 spent on purchases. They periodically offer $5 cashback for every $25 spent.

Kohl’s offers discounts deals and coupons each month for members. To receive the rewards you need to link your rewards number with your Kohl’s Rewards account.

Kohl’s coupons can be combined with Kohl’s Rewards in a single transaction. For example, Kohl’s discounts are applied to department-specific discounts like $5 off for a $20 fragrance purchase. 

If you spend $75 for online purchases, a free shipping code will be applied after all other discounts.

The Reward points can be earned faster when you have access to special bonus point events. You will receive an email with the reward.

How To Redeem Kohl’s Rewards?

If your Kohl’s account is linked with Kohl’s Rewards, Kohl’s Cash will be applied to your purchase during the checkout of the online app purchase. To add any available Kohl’s Cash or coupons to your order, select the “Apply” option under “Order Summary” when placing an order.

If Kohl’s shopping account is not linked, you need to enter the 15 digits Kohl’s Cash number and 4-digit code during online checkout. The order will be deducted from the order total.

For in-store redemption, you need to present the email with Kohl’s Cash barcode to the cashier. You can also provide your phone number to lookup up any rewards available.

The current available balance will be displayed in the member’s account. Each Kohl’s Cash will expire 30 days after issuance. Kohl’s Rewards balance which is less than $5 will automatically expire 12 months after it is earned.

Kohl’s Rewards Membership Management

Anyone can join the program for free and create an account you need to build a profile by adding your name, email address, phone number, and other valid details. You can visit Kohl’s website or download Kohl’s app for enrollment.

How To Sign-Up

After providing your details and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can apply and click the “Enroll Now” button. The members will be given a unique Rewards ID number to use for earning rewards.

How To Access

You need to link your account and Kohl’s Rewards by entering your ID number in the “I Already Signed UP” section. You can set up preferences by selecting the “Shopping Preferences” button under the “My Info” section and start making purchases.

The rewards cash will be added to your wallet after each purchase.

How To Cancel?

To cancel the membership or close a Kohl’s Rewards account, the members can call Kohl’s customer service. Once you have deactivated your account, the accumulated earned Kohl’s Cash balance will be invalid.

Is The Kohl’s Rewards Worth It?

Kohl’s Rewards is worth joining as the program offers a lot of discounts and special deals for the members. Rewards can be earned every time you purchase whether it is big or small. They also provide special offers and bonus offers on special days. 

Kohl’s Rewards, Coupons, and Offers can be combined in one transaction and make huge savings on a purchase. Through Sales Alert, you can update the latest deals and offers.