Is There a Free Version of Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is an antivirus and security product, which has a free cut-down version of its antivirus software for Windows and a trial of its full products available for most major operating systems. 

The price depends on how many devices are protected and how many years you pay for, and you also get a discount on your first purchase, so you will get a more significant discount if you pay for three years instead of one year initially.

PriceDevices Protected
Bitdefender Antivirus FreeFree1
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus$14.99 / first year1
Bitdefender Internet Security$24.99 / first year1
Bitdefender Total Security$34.99 / first year5

Each product builds on the last and adds additional features that may be beneficial to you, including things like VPNs and parentals controls. If you already pay for a VPN, you could save money by using the Bitdefender option instead.

Is There a Free Version of Bitdefender?

Bitdefender has always offered a free version of its antivirus software for Windows, and the free version never expires, but it does stop supporting older versions of Windows once they become end-of-life versions. 

The Windows free version starts out as a 30 day trial of the full product, and then you drop down to the free version with restrictions on features.

Other operating systems will only be given a trial of the full products available for 30 days, at which point you must purchase them; this includes Mac, Android, iOS.

How to Download Free Bitdefender 

Getting to the download page for any of the free Bitdefender options is challenging, as Bitdefender wants you to buy one of the products. However, you can go directly to the download page by clicking here. You’ll see options for Desktop and Mobile versions.

Bitdefender can be a heavy user on your system, so older computers may get slowed down by Bitdefender. Make sure you have at least 2 GB of ram free for it to run, and I would not suggest installing it on poorly performing computers.

What Can Free Version of Bitdefender Do?

The free version of Bitdefender offers complete antivirus and malware protection to one Windows device of your choosing and does not provide any of the additional features you get with the paid products.

You can set up a schedule to scan your system daily, and Bitdefender actively monitors your system for new files and scans them.

Difference Between Free and Paid Bitdefender

Bitdefender free is the exact same product as the paid versions but is only available for Windows users and lacks some of the additional features.

Bitdefender free is best for anybody who runs Windows and only wants antivirus and malware protection with none of the value-added features that Bitdefender offers. For many, this is all that you really need from the product, so there is little benefit in paying.

If you’re not a Windows user, then you get the 30-day full trial, and then you must pay; otherwise, the product will stop working on your device.

Paying for Bitdefender would be best for people that want a complete solution to protect multiple devices from almost any threat, such as viruses, malware, identity theft, adware, ransomware, and any other type of threat on the Internet. You’ll also want to pay if you want a solution to lock down your child’s access to certain websites. 

Bitdefender FreeBitdefender Antivirus PlusBitdefender Internet SecurityBitdefender Total Security
Virus Protection
Malware Protection
Web Attacks
Parental Controls
Privacy Protection
Multi-OS Support

Can The Free Version of Bitdefender Be Used on All Devices? 

Bitdefender free can only be used on one Windows device per account, and if you require Mac, Android, or iOS Bitdefender protection, then you must get the 30-trial of Bitdefender Total Security and then pay for it. This is similar to Kaspersky that doesn’t offer a free Mac version either.

If you’re running any other type of OS or phone, then Bitdefender is not supported, and you’ll need to find an alternative option.

Is Bitdefender Still Free in 2024?

For users that only require antivirus and malware protection on one Windows device, Bitdefender offers a basic free product that you will never need to pay for.

If you’re looking for more advanced protection and features on your Windows device, or you want to protect your Mac, Android, or iOS device, then you’ll be able to trial one of the paid products for 30 days and then buy the best option for you.

Windows users can buy any of the products, while all other users must buy the Bitdefender Total Security product.

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