Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Reviews (My Personal Experience)

We all love fried food, but being older, we shouldn’t eat it when it’s fried in oil. My husband’s cardiologist doesn’t like it, nor does my doctor. I bought a small air fryer to see if we liked it… and we did. I then wanted an air fryer lid for my instant pot.

Who Am I & Why I Bought Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

I am a wife, mother and grandmother. My husband, older daughter and oldest granddaughter live with us. That means there are a lot of different dietary needs that need to be met. Some of those needs include taste needs for the nine year old.

I received my lid in December of 2020. It fit perfectly and everything worked out well. It took me a few days to get the kitchen set up to handle having a hot lid, especially with the curious grandchild. However, it was worth the wait.

It may seem silly, but only people who have bought this air fryer lid will really know how well it works. This is especially true if they haven’t had an air fryer prior to this purchase. I had to try it with the smaller version, as I didn’t fully believe that it would taste like fried food. It does.

Pros & Cons

Here are some Pros & Cons of my experience with Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid:

  • Easy to use, does what it says
  • Fits, works properly
  • Easy to use
  • Works well, easy to use
  • Heavy and the pad’s not great
  • One received a dirty lid with parts missing
  • Accessories rust/tarnish, manual not useful
  • Small capacity, not ideal for households with kids

What I liked about it

To most of my family, the most important feature of the air fryer lid is frying. French fries and onion rings top the list, but fried chicken and other goodies are on it. I like it for other features, especially the roast one. I used to have to heat up my wall oven to roast bones to make stock. Now I can do it in the instant pot with the air fryer.

That feature also helps me avoid using more dishes and pans. Transferring the roasted bones to the instant pot (or before that to a pot on the stove) could create a mess and a slipping hazard. Now all I have to do is switch lids after I add the rest of the ingredients and water.

The basket that comes with the air fryer not only helps the air circulate around the fryer, when I’m finished with the bones and vegetables I can lift it out of the instant pot for easy disposal. That helps prevent another mess. I’ve had the lid for almost a year and like it as much now as I did when I got it.

What I didn’t liked about it

If I had to find a flaw it would probably be the resting plate that comes with the lid. I find it better to use a more substantial item to hold the hot lid, such as a wooden cutting board. So far that hasn’t been damaged by the lid and it’s less likely to slide off. The plastic round sent with it can cause that problem.

This isn’t a flaw, but it would be nice if I could see the food as it cooks. There are those who may find that a necessity. I can usually tell when things are getting close to done by the aroma, but seeing can prevent over and under cooking.

These lids get very hot and they don’t cool down quickly. It’s not just children that need to be watched for. Adults who have diminished (or diminishing) mental capabilities should not use them. They could get burned fairly easily.

Mine isn’t the only one that comes with a rather inadequate cooling pad. Most of them do. Where the lid is placed to cool off has to be chosen with that in mind. It could damage your countertop otherwise.

Comparison vs Competitors

Here is a comparison chart of a few other air fryer lids. Mine is in the first column:

Instant Pot air fryer lid$89.95Air fry, roast, dehydrate, bake
Eosaga air fryer lid$39.99Choose a food type or customize
Icetek air fryer lid$59.99Ability to see food cook, choose food or customize
Toogel Air fryer lid$58.99Ability to see food cook, choose food or customize

In this comparison, there are things I see that would be nice to have with my air fryer lid, but most of them don’t really compare. The quality of my lid seems to far exceed that of the others listed. I wouldn’t mind being able to see the food as it cooks, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Was Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Worth it?

Was it worth the money? Absolutely. We love hearty soups in the winter, and this allows me to make them easily and without taking up valuable stove or oven real estate. We can “fry” food but still eat a healthy diet. It is a versatile piece of equipment.

Who is Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid for? Anyone who likes fried food would love this. Care has to be taken, as mentioned above but parents, spouses and anyone who cooks will find it useful. It has enough capacity to feed four people but it is still useful for one or two.

Who is Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid not for: I would hesitate to give one to a new mom who has young toddlers at home. It’s not a deal breaker, but it might not be a good fit. I’d also hesitate to give one to an older person with dementia. It is too easy to get hurt or damage things like the table or the counter.

Most people, however, would benefit from this device. Even those who are young and don’t worry about how much fat they eat would be better off with it. There will come a time when that worry appears.

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