How Do I Check How Much I Spent on Steam?

Valve keeps a running tally of every single dollar you’ve spent on Steam. Players normally use their Steam app to keep track on how much money they’ve spent on the platform.

You can check your Steam spending by going to menu on top, click “Help” and then click on “Steam Support”. Click on “My Account”, and then select “Data Related to Your Steam Account. ” Select External Funds Used, and you will see your total spending on Steam.

You can also use third-party tools like SteamDB to value your account based on how much games are being sold for.

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How to Check Your Spending on Steam App

  1. Open the Steam app and click Help on the menu bar along the top of the screen
  2. Click on Steam Support on the drop-down menu that appears
  3. Click on My Account on the Steam Support page
  4. Click on Data Related to Your Steam Account at the bottom of the My Account page
  5. Click on External Funds Used on the Data Related to Your Steam Account page
  6. On the External Funds Used page, you will see a table with 3 rows:
    • 1st Row – TotalSpend: This is the total amount of money you have ever spent on Steam. This is the number you are looking for
    • 2nd Row – OldSpend: This is the amount of money you have spent on Steam before April 17, 2015, the date when the “Limited User Account” restriction was put into place for people who have not spent at least $5 on Steam. The “Limited User Account” restriction was a way to prevent the restricted accounts from accessing certain community and social features that are commonly used for spamming, phishing, and other abuses
    • 3rd Row – PWSpend: This is the total amount of money you have ever spent on a Perfect World account. Perfect World Entertainment is a Chinese online gaming company that operates Dota 2 and CS: GO in China. So in short, this number is the total amount of money you have ever spent on Dota 2 and CS: GO in China

Check Your Spending on Steam Website

  1. Go to this Account Spend link on the Steam Support website
  2. Sign in to your Steam account
  3. You will see the same External Funds Used table as above
  4. The 1st row labeled TotalSpend is the amount you have ever spent on Steam

How Much Are Players Spending on Steam on Average?

Ever since 2018, Steam, the hugely popular video game online distribution platform from Valve Corporation, has been offering its users an easy way to check how much they have spent on the platform.

There are more than 40,000 games available on Steam. With that many things to buy, it is not a surprise that many people have spent a lot of money on Steam. A few examples:

  • Jeff Grubb, a writer for the tech industry blog Venture Beat, had spent $858.25 on Steam even though he got most of his games for free as a perk of his job
  • A Reddit commenter reported that they had spent $13,218.29 on Steam, mostly on Counter-Strike cosmetics. Fortunately, they also sold one of their skins for $20,000
  • Another Reddit commenter had spent more than $12,000 on Steam over 5 years
  • A user on the Steam Community forum reported a total spend of $6,639.59
  • Another Steam Community user had a total spend of $151

To check your spending on Steam, you can either do it on the Steam app or the Steam website.

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