How To Cancel YMCA Membership

YMCA is one of the biggest gym chains in the United States by a number of locations and members. It has more than 2,700 locations in the country.

YMCA has a reputation for being a no-nonsense gym. While you might expect it to be one of the cheaper gyms based on its nonprofit status, it turns out YMCA gyms are not exactly cheap.

But in general, they are worth their price. They typically offer a wide range of fitness classes and equipment. Some also offer swimming pools.

Membership fees at YMCA vary based on locations. Typically, dues range from $20 – $25 for youths (below 18), $30 to $50 for young adults (18 – 25), $50 to $70 for adults (25 – 60), and $40 to $55 for seniors (65+).

By canceling your YMCA membership, you can save up to $840 per year.

YMCA Membership Cancellation Policy

YMCA does not require contracts on its members. However, members are free to cancel at any time. To avoid having to pay, they must submit a written notice to cancel their membership at least 14 days before their next draft date.

Most memberships are month to month. If yours are in good standing, they will automatically renew once the 30-day cycle has ended.

There are also membership types that are affiliated with a specific program or initiative. These types of membership do not renew at the end of the membership cycle.

The membership cycle begins the day a member joins and ends 30 days after that member has paid off their balance.

Members can also prepay for annual, 6-month, or 3-month membership cycles. These plans typically renew every 30 days.

Members can cancel their membership at any time by providing a written notice to stop their subscription from automatically renewing.

How To Cancel YMCA Membership

The exact procedure of membership cancellation may vary depending on the specific YMCA branch you belong to. In general, there is a cancellation form you would need to fill out.

  1. Contact your local YMCA to let them know you would like to cancel your membership
  2. In many cases, there is a cancellation form you can get at your YMCA or print out from their website
  3. Fill out the cancellation form with your information
  4. Depending on the specific policy of your local YMCA, you can submit your cancellation form:
    • In-person
    • Via email
    • By fax
  5. Follow up with your YMCA after a few days to confirm that your membership has been canceled.

Members can cancel their membership at any time within 30 days of joining. They are not liable for a refund if they do so in writing.

If a member wishes to cancel their membership, they must do so in writing. The cancellation will be processed before their next draft.

The exception to the prorated value is for annual, 6-month, or 3-month memberships.