How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership

Anytime Fitness is one of the largest fitness chains in the world with more than 4,500 locations and more than 1.8 million members in 50 countries.

Anytime Fitness is known for opening 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most Anytime Fitness gyms can be found in convenient locations.

They have decent equipment – not the best, but adequate. There are also a wide variety of fitness classes for members to participate in.

If you are looking for a gym with a convenient location that is open all the time, Anytime Fitness would be a good choice.

Membership fees at Anytime Fitness vary based on location. According to the company, the average cost of a monthly membership is $36.50 in the United States and $49 in Canada.

If you are not happy with your Anytime Fitness membership, consider canceling it and saving money.

By canceling their Anytime Fitness membership, a member in the United States can save on average $440 per year.

Anytime Fitness Membership Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for each location is included in the membership agreement. It explains how to cancel, how to do so, and how to avoid any additional fees.

If you have a membership issue, please contact your club to discuss options. Each location has its own policies regarding suspended memberships.

All memberships are transferrable. Just make sure that the distance between your last residence and the club is at least 10 miles.

You won’t have to pay a transfer fee if you decide to move. However, if you decide to change the gym, rates may change depending on your monthly due date.

How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership

Anytime Fitness does not make canceling membership easy. Each location has its own policy for membership cancellation. In general, your cancellation process will involve these steps

  1. Review your Membership Agreement before you contact your home club
  2. Pay special attention to the cancellation policy outlined in that agreement
  3. Contact your home club directly to cancel your membership. To find the phone number of your home club, you can use Anytime Fitness’s online Club Locator

Pausing Your Anytime Fitness Membership

If you’re not sure of the cancellation, you can also consider pausing your membership.

With the ability to pause their subscription, users can get up to three months of unlimited fitness for up to three months.

The minimum freeze period for a single billing cycle is one week. If you have a recurring membership, the freeze period is 2 weeks.