How Much Does the Average Person Spend on League of Legends?

Online gaming can be a lot of fun. But it can also be very addictive. When you are absorbed in a game, you can easily lose track of how much money you are spending.

Even worse, many online games are designed and engineered to promote addiction on purpose. No wonder so many people end up spending more money on online games than they could afford.

How Much Have I Spent on League?

League of Legends players spent around $120 on average. You can easily find out how much you have spent so far by signing into your account and clicking on the “Show Me The Money” button.

The best way to take control of your online game spending is to keep a close tab on it. Internet laws such as the GDPR and the CCPA require internet companies to disclose to their users the information they are collecting on them.

That means online games need to offer you a way to keep track of your spending on the games.

Riot Games, the game development company behind League of Legends, provide a very simple way for their users to check how much money they have spent on that game.

Can I Play League of Legends without Spending Money?

It is possible to play league of legends without spending money. The only reason to spend money in League is to get skins, otherwise you won’t be able to play in high level.

However, most League of Legends players are willing to open their wallets. There are many ways to spend money on League of Legends – skins, champions, bundles, team icons, Hextech items, event passes, gifts for other players, loots, and more.

With that many temptations, no wonder many people are spending big sums on this free game. According to the League of Legends news website League Feed, the average League of Legends player has spent $120 in total.

Only 9% of League of Legends players have not spent any money on that game. Many players have spent far more than the $119 average.

  • A Reddit commenter have spent $4,600 on 1,150 skins in League of Legends
  • Another Reddit commenter have spent $5,795 in 6 years on 900 skins
  • Another League of Legends player managed to spend $1,035 in just 1 year
  • A Reddit user reported that they have spent $9,325 on League of Legends
  • Another League of Legends player has spent $7,845

League of Legends Items Cost

While the items you can buy in League of Legends are all virtual, the amount of money they cost is very real and can be very substantial. The table below summarizes the typical cost of the virtual items you can buy in League of Legends.

League of Legends ItemsCost per Item
Skin$5 – $100
Champion$2 – $10
Chest$2 – $50
Hextech crafting$2 – $50
Event pass$10

As you can see, it is not hard to spend thousands of dollars on League of Legends even though the game is free. If you have purchased an item by mistake, here is how to get a refund on League of Legend items.

Given how addictive that game is and how many ways you can spend money on that game, this should not be a surprise to anyone. It is common to use gift cards to limit someone’s spending.

How Do I Check How Much Money I Have Spent o League of Legends?

The amount of money you’ve spent on League of Legends is shown in big yellow numbers on your account page. You can check this by sign in to your LoL account and click on the Show Me The Money button.

  1. Go to Riot Games customer support page
  2. Sign in to your League of Legend account
  3. Click on the big red button labeled Show Me The Money
  4. You will see the total amount of money you have spent on League of Legends

This amount is based on your region and it is not outside of your current shard.

One thing to keep in mind – the value you see above is calculated only for the region your League of Legends account exists in.

If you play in multiple League of Legends regions or have multiple League of Legends accounts, your spending in those other regions is not included in the value you see above.

To get your spending in every region you play in, you would need to sign in to the above support page using each of your League of Legends accounts.

Using the above method, you will only get 1 total value that is calculated by summing up all transactions you have ever made in League of Legends in the specific region of your account – buying skins, buying champions, buying event passes, gifting other users, and more.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of your League of Legends transactions, such as a breakdown by purchase category or by purchase date, that information is available. But there is no way to get that information online.

You would need to contact Riot Games manually by submitting a support ticket (see the section below for detailed instructions on how to do so.) After that, it will take up to 30 days for Riot Games to give you a detailed report of your League of Legends spending.

League of Legends is not on Steam. It is on Riot Games platform only and Riot have stated clearly that there will be no plans in the near future to make League of Legends available on Steam.

What Is My League of Legends Account Worth?

If you want to sell your League of Legend account, you should know how much your account is worth. Your League of Legend account worth is mainly determined by your rank, server, champions. Additional deciding factor include skins, influence points, remaining riot points and the quality of rune pages.

How To Contact League of Legends Customer Support

There are 2 ways to contact the customer support department of League of Legends – by submitting a support ticket on the Riot Games website or by email at

Submitting a Support Ticket on the Riot Games Website

  1. Go to Riot Games’ Customer Support website
  2. Click on League of Legends on the upper left corner
  3. Click on Submit A Ticket on the top of the webpage
  4. Choose a request type
  5. Sign in with your League of Legends username and password
  6. Type out your customer support request and hit Submit