How Much Money Does Uber Make Per Ride?

Compared to other competitors of Uber, it is the only company that has the highest market share. It has been in business since 2010 and growing every single day. There is nothing that could stop the growth of Uber in every part of the world.

The company has been successful in providing millions of people with livelihood by connecting them to passengers. Anyone can easily apply to be an Uber driver and get selected if they fit the criteria.

How Much Money Does Uber Make Per Ride?

Uber makes around 25% to 50% per ride. It depends on the contract that was made with the driver. Old drivers who have been working with Uber closely are charged a bit less due to their high rating.

Uber officially asks for 30% but there are some hidden fees charged to the rider which increases the revenue of the rider.

ServiceThe percentage charged by Uber
Rideshare30% to 50%
Uber Eats10% to 15% (charged as a service fee)

The Uber Eats charges vary on the location of the restaurant and are for a self-delivery option that a restaurant goes for.

For example, if you make $10 a ride, depending on the percentage of the fee you have to give around $3 to $5 to Uber. Sometimes Uber also charges the rider service fee and other charges. But the driver doesn’t get a share from those payments made.

How Much Profit Does Uber Make Every Year?

Since the launch of Uber in 2010, the company has been growing rapidly in every stage. The company has earned billions in revenue every single year but somehow hasn’t been profitable enough due to high costs and driver discounts.

Let’s compare the revenue with profit or loss for the same year.

YearRevenue ($bn)Profit/Loss ($bn)

The only year that turned out profitable for Uber was 2018. The years before that and after that it has been a complete loss. Isn’t it shocking to see a company lose but still operate for many years?

Keep in mind that the revenue stream that we discussed above is only for the US and Canada divisions.

How Does Uber Make Money?

The main model of Uber rideshare is connecting drivers to passengers and they charge for the software that helps in this. The cars and drivers are not hired by Uber, they are in contract with the company.

The fuel expense and maintenance of the vehicle fall under the owner that is mainly the driver of the car. That is why many drivers always want Uber to charge as low as they can so both, the company and drivers can work in profit.

Uber charges the percentage for the service that helps passengers get a ride and the drivers earn by providing rides. But Uber spends a lot on their growth, marketing, and branding. High costs require to be fulfilled by the fee charged by them to the drivers.

How Much Cancellation Fee does Uber Charge?

There is no set amount that Uber charges for canceling a ride. The fee amount mainly depends on the efforts and time that the driver has spent on getting to your location and getting canceled midway.

If you have canceled a ride right after booking it there won’t be much cancellation fee as the rider was just getting ready to reach the pick-up location.

But if you cancel the ride when the driver is right out at the pick-up location then the amount of cancellation fee will most probably the half of your fare. Now that also depends on how far the driver traveled to get to the location.

Only request a ride when you are sure that you have to travel. Cancellation fees can add up to your account and have to be paid with the fare of your next ride.

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