How Much Is YouTube TV A Month? (Starting at $64.99)

YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that provides local network TV and some cable stations. It competes with cable providers and some streaming services like Hulu at a slightly lower price and with the convenience of Internet access on all your devices.

Compared to similar live TV streaming services like Hulu, it’s a comparable or slightly lower price, and compared to traditional cable providers, it’s a much lower price.

How Much is YouTube TV A Month?

YouTube TV has a single plan, which costs you $64.99, but you may get a discount on your first three months or similar benefits depending on when you sign up. You can upgrade to 4K video streaming for an additional variable price.

With YouTube TV, you get access to 85+ channels, depending on what zip code you sign up with. Included cloud DVR with unlimited storage, you can hold programs for up to 9 months.

You can sign up for 21+ premium channels or packages for an additional price, which does cost more but is an advantage over other streaming providers that only offer a few premium channels to add on.

You can also create six accounts for different people in your household, with three devices streaming simultaneously, but all accounts can record to the cloud DVR at the same time.

YouTube TVHulu + Live TVTraditional Cable TV
Simultaneous Streaming Devices321 TV
Accounts Allowed661 TV
Unlimited DVR – No Extra Cost

Does YouTube TV Have Ads? 

YouTube TV gets all of its content directly from the network or premium providers, so whatever ads are played by those providers are also played on YouTube TV.

There is no ad-free version, but you can record shows to your cloud DVR and then fast forward through them as long as you do not want actual live TV with no ads.

Does YouTube TV Have Free Trials? 

You can get a two-week free trial of Youtube TV with no limitations on your access, so you can watch all standard 85+ channels, use the cloud DVR, and stream to 3 devices at once.

The free trial was historically one week, so YouTube TV may modify the length of time or remove free trials once they become more established like other streaming platforms are doing now.

To sign up for your free trial, just go to YouTube TV and click “Try It Free.” You will need to use or create a Google account to access services. 

You’ll need to cancel your membership before the trial is finished, or you will be charged for an entire month. Just log in to the YouTube TV website, go to your profile, click memberships, and cancel your service. 

Full details for all your devices and a direct link to cancel your membership can be found here.

Is YouTube TV Free with Amazon Prime?

YouTube TV does not come for free, isn’t included, and you can’t get it through Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Video. You can use the Amazon Fire devices just like most other streaming devices, including Roku TVs.

If you want YouTube TV for free, your first option should be the free trial that gives you full access to the service for at least 1-2 weeks.

Verizon Customers Get 1-Month Free

Verizon currently offers a free 1-month trial when added to your Verizon wireless or internet package. You would need to cancel the trial before it was up, or you’d be charged an entire month.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a monthly service that you currently pay $64.99 for, there is no yearly subscription, and there is no student discount available. So your best-guaranteed price is $64.99.

T-Mobile and Spring Discount

If you’re a T-Mobile or Sprint customer, you can get $10 off your monthly YouTube TV subscription, either via your wireless or internet account.

Verizon Discount

Verizon has previously reported a discount for its wireless and internet customers of $49.99 per month. However, their documentation indicates that the price discount may no longer be available to everyone, so check your Verizon account.

Share YouTube TV

YouTube TV can be shared within a household, so if you have roommates, then you can split the cost. You get six accounts with three streaming devices at once, so make sure that matches your household needs.

Is YouTube TV Worth It?

I don’t personally think YouTube TV is worth it, it’s a costly streaming service when compared to Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime, but it provides access to live TV streaming for people that still want access to network stations and premium cable like HBO Max, which I don’t.

Most network TV shows become available on Netflix or other providers. Hulu has a slightly more expensive option if you want live TV but comes with Disney Plus and ESPN+ included, so you’re getting more benefits through them.

You also have much cheaper options, such as Philo TV, which offers fewer channels but still the standard network TV stations you’re probably wanting.

YouTube TV is best for

YouTube TV is best for people who want a bigger range of live TV options, including unlimited cloud storage that they can use across all of their TVs for a lower price than through a cable provider.

If you’re not ready to entirely cut the cable but want a cheaper option, especially if you’re going to watch live TV across multiple channels will find YouTube TV a good choice.

Anyone who wants access to live sports channels, news, weather, or even local tv shows that never make it to streaming services will need something like YouTube TV.

YouTube TV is not for

YouTube TV is not for anybody on a budget who wants full on-demand TV shows and movies without adverts.

The monthly price of YouTube TV could get you access to multiple streaming services that provide very similar, if not better programming except for live sports or news.