Walmart House Cleaning Services

Cleaning your home can be a time-consuming and arduous task, but must be done thoroughly to prevent dirt, dust, mold, pet fur, or other allergen buildups in your home.

If your home is not cleaned thoroughly, mildew or allergens like dust can quickly accumulate in various spaces throughout the house. Having this type of buildup can pose health risks to inhabitants or create discomfort for guests with sensitive allergies. For you and your guests, keeping your home clean and tidy is important.

Home cleaning services vary in cost depending on the specific cleaning services requested, such as the thoroughness, the number of rooms to be cleaned, or type of cleaning required (i.e., dusting, vacuuming, carpet shampooing, etc.). Homeowners may not be aware that Walmart offers a home cleaning service at a competitive cost compared to the market average.

Does Walmart Do House Cleaning Service?

Walmart offers a home cleaning service starting at $99 with Handy, which can be customized to fit the cleaning needs of your home. A home services company, Handy partners with Walmart to provide reliable home cleaning services at low costs to homeowners.

If you decide to clean your home yourself, make sure to follow these steps to conduct a basic cleaning:

  1. Dust the Entire House
  2. Vacuum Furniture and Fabrics
  3. Wipe Down Any Glass
  4. Disinfect Surfaces (like kitchen counters)
  5. Scrub Kitchen and Bathroom
  6. Mop Floors
  7. Vacuum Floors

For more information on cleaning your home to promote healthy living, refer to the Household Cleaning and Sanitizing Guide provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

How Much Does Walmart Home Cleaning Service Cost?

When purchasing Walmart’s home cleaning service, cleaning services are divided into three categories: home cleaning, deep cleaning, and move-out cleaning.

Pricing for home cleaning starts at $99.00 for a one-bedroom home. Deep cleaning begins at $139.00 for a one-bedroom home, as this is a much more thorough and detailed service. Move-out cleaning begins at $119.00 for a one-bedroom home, as this service combines aspects of the home and deep cleaning services to ensure the space you are moving out from is left pristine for the next occupant.

Walmart Home Cleaning Service Options

By partnering with professionals through Handy, Walmart can service almost any residential home, even if you do not live near a Walmart store.

Differences in the pricing for Walmart home cleaning services depend on the type of service requested and the number of rooms being cleaned. The home cleaning service is typically the cheapest, whereas the deep cleaning service is usually the most expensive. Pricing for the move-out cleaning service normally falls between the two.

Special requests, including additional time or requirements, can be made for an extra charge by the homeowner.

A breakdown of choices and pricing is as follows:

HomeDeepMove Out
1 Bedroom99139 (Best) 119 (Best)
2 Bedroom129 (Best)169149
3 Bedroom159199189
4 Bedroom199239224
5 Bedroom229269259
6+ Bedroom299339319

Costs in bold indicate this pricing provides the best value to the homeowner, based on cost per bedroom.

For services over $120, buyers can opt to purchase through Walmart’s installment financing, powered by Affirm.

What Does Walmart Home Cleaning Service Include?

After checking out the pricing for the different types of cleaning services provided by Walmart, homeowners may wonder what is included in each service.

Although pricing is based on the number of bedrooms, other areas of the house like common areas, kitchens, and bathrooms are also cleaned in each service.

Each service automatically includes the following cleaning:

Bedroom & Common Areas

  • Dusting
  • Floor surface cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Garbage disposal


  • Dusting
  • Floor surface cleaning
  • Appliance exterior cleaning
  • Dishes cleaning
  • Garbage disposal


  • Dusting
  • Glass cleaning
  • Scrubbing (sink, toilet, shower)
  • Floor surface cleaning
  • Garbage disposal

The deep cleaning service adds cleaning inside the cabinets, refrigerator, and oven for the kitchen. Specific attention is paid to removing layers of dirt and grime built up over time, which a basic home cleaning can’t remove.

The move-out cleaning service also includes cleaning inside the cabinets, refrigerator, and oven. The move-out service can be considered a deep cleaning but is specifically priced for a home that has already been cleared out. The move-out service can also be purchased for a clear home in preparation for moving in.

How Does Walmart Cleaning Service Work?

After purchasing a service through Walmart’s online store, you will receive an email acknowledgment of your order. Shortly following this acknowledgment, Handy will reach out to you asking a few follow-up questions regarding the service requested.

Once the requirements are clearly defined, Handy will connect you with a local cleaning professional. This professional will confirm the information specified in the order and coordinate an ideal date and time at the homeowner’s discretion to complete the service.

For more information on how services are completed with Handy, check out this helpful guide.

How Long Does Walmart Cleaning Service Take?

Cleaning your home can quickly consume most of the day, especially if the homeowner is the only one doing the cleaning. When working with cleaning professionals from Handy provided by Walmart, the time it takes to clean your home can be cut down to a minimum of three hours.

The total time it takes to clean will vary depending on the number of rooms to be cleaned. When purchasing home cleaning services through Walmart, a specific time will be recommended based on the size of the home and the type of service requested.

Additional time can be requested at the direction of the homeowner.

How Much Does Walmart House Cleaning Cost?

Home cleaning services provided by Walmart are highly-rated, cost-competitive services starting at $99 for 1 Bed Home. The most popular package is $129 for a 2 bed home and $159 for a 3 bed home.

Powered by Handy, the services are conducted by experienced local cleaning professionals with the right tools and expertise to complete the job effectively.

To take the best care of your home and prevent any of the health hazards associated with ineffective cleaning, make sure to research Walmart’s home cleaning services.