Sam’s Club Hearing Aids Cost 2022

In the United States of America, there are one out of three people within the 65 to 75 age bracket batting with hearing loss. Also, the odds of people above the 75 age mark having hearing loss increases to about 50%. This means that a sizable number of people in the US and worldwide would need hearing aids to keep functioning optimally. 

However, if you have ever had to get hearing aids, you will understand how expensive they are. For people who know about Costco’s hearing aid brand Kirklands, they are also wondering if Sam’s Club offer hearing aids.

How Much Are Sams Club Hearing Aids?

Most hearing aids at Sam’s Club cost around $1,000 to $4,000. Sam’s Club offers hearing aids at relatively lower prices for its members. Hearing test does not require a membership at Sam’s Club, but if you want to buy the hearing aids you need a membership.

The table below shows the price range for three different stores selling hearing aids.

StorePrice Range
Sam’s Club$999-$1500

Liberty Hearing Aids at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a subsidiary of Walmart, and the store handles the sale of hearing aids. Sam’s Club sells Liberty Hearing Aids. This brand is exclusive only to Sam’s Club, and at the moment, there are about 15 different models of this hearing aid available for sale at Sam’s Club. 

You should note that you may not be able to purchase hearing aids directly online. You will need to go to the store in person before you can purchase any model of the Liberty Hearing Aids from Sam’s Club. However, you can check out the available options online through the Sam’s Club website before going to make a purchase. 

There are about 15 models of Liberty Hearing Aids, and reviewing each of them will take a lot of time, which is not the purpose of this article. As a result, we are reviewing one of the most popular Liberty Hearing Aids known as the Liberty SIE 64 Behind-the-ear-style Hearing Aids. 


  • Dynamic Directional Microphone
  • 64 Channels
  • Enhanced Speech in Noise
  • Programmable Teleecoil


Noise Suppression Feature

The Liberty SIE 64 Behind-the-ear-style Hearing Aids is the most popular speaker-in-the-ear model from Liberty Hearing Aids, and this hearing aid focuses on comfort and functionality. Hence, one of the foremost features that you will notice in this hearing aid is its noise suppression feature. 

The hearing aid has a smart noise suppression technology that helps you stifle sudden noise and impulses. Naturally, loud noises and impulses have a short duration, so short that the amplification system fails to pick them up and control their decibels. 

However, with the Liberty SIE 64, it is a different ball game. The hearing aids engage and detect sudden loud sounds and suppress them while maintaining a natural loudness and sound. This way, noise from door slamming and dish clattering gets managed effectively. 

The hearing aids also offer a low-level noise suppression feature, providing users with comfort and serenity in a quiet environment. Therefore, noises from refrigerators, air conditioners, and other sources of low-level noises are managed and reduced by the Liberty SIE 64 Behind-the-ear-style Hearing Aids. 

You will also get the Environmental noise suppression feature, which is a system that eliminates non-speech-like noises. With this feature, you can multi-task and focus in a noisy environment such as a noisy restaurant or driving in a car. An example of the way the Liberty SIE 64 does this is through the suppression and reduction of wind noise, especially at the lower frequency where it is the loudest. This way, the user can enjoy their outdoor listening sessions with less noise and distraction. 

Intelligent Feedback Control

As the name suggests, the Liberty SIE 64 Hearing Aids used a Speaker in the Ear design (SIE) design. One of the issues that come with this design is feedback. To combat this problem, Liberty Hearing Aids used an Intelligent Feedback Control. This control equips the hearing aid with the dynamic feedback canceller. This canceller uses an in-house technique that adapts to the ever-changing circumstances of the user without compromising sound quality. 

The ever-changing circumstances of the users include when the user is in a moving car or when a person or object comes near the hearing aids, for example, when putting on a cap or getting a hug from a friend. The Liberty SIE 64 Behind-the-ear-style Hearing Aids also offers a Power 2 Seconds delay which delays the hearing aids’ functionality while the user is inserting them into their ears. This delay in functionality is to prevent unwanted feedback while inserting the hearing aids. 

Through this system, unwanted feedback gets subdued without affecting the sound quality. 

Fully Customized Hearing Experience

The Liberty SIE 64 Behind-the-ear-style Hearing Aids also comes with a volume control feature with on-site loudness balancing. What this means is that users can get a truly customized hearing setting and experience with these hearing aids. The Liberty SIE 64 has a fitting protocol that combines many factors to provide a customized hearing experience. These factors include hearing tests results, loudness preference, and ear canal acoustics. 

The hearing aids are adjusted before use by including the user in the process, an endeavor that reduces the time spent on the adjustment process while also providing an optimized fitting and hearing experience for the user. 

Digital Learnable Volume Control

The hearing aids also come with an Artificial Intelligence-like feature that allows it to learn the user’s volume preference. When you start using the hearing aid, it monitors and learns your volume preferences over a period of time. Then after some time, the hearing aid starts from the preferred volume while reserving the option of adjusting the volume to suit specific situations and environments. 

Intuitive Prompts

As with other smart devices, the Liberty SIE 64 Behind-the-ear-style Hearing Aids offers smart voice prompts through its Enhanced Tone Prompts feature. The feature is a set of pre-programmed chimes that alerts you to certain things about the hearing aid. For instance, you get to know when you need to change the battery. 

Protection against Damage

Some of the things that damage hearing aids include earwax, moisture from sweat, and high humidity. To protect against these issues, the Liberty SIE 64 uses a water-repelling water technology known as Tridion Nanotechnology. This innovation provides a coating cover for all aspects of the hearing aid, up to the nanoscopic level. 

What’s more, the water-repellant coating is invisible and covers all parts of the hearing aid inside out. The coating doesn’t affect the aesthetics, feel, and functionality of the hearing aid.  

Energy Efficiency

Finally, the Liberty SIE 64 Behind-the-ear-style Hearing Aids uses the most recent DSP hardware platform to increase its battery life and enhance processing power. The use of this hardware platform led to a 35% increase in battery life, a feature that ensures energy efficiency. 

These are some of the things you get to enjoy when you buy a hearing aid from Sam’s Club. Given these features and specifications, it is expected that a sizable amount of money will go into the purchase of such quality hearing aids. Thus, the price of this hearing aid is $1424.

Sam’s Club Hearing Aids Pros & Cons

As you may have inferred from the previous sections, Sam’s Club is one of the best places for purchasing hearing aids. Apart from offering members a discounted price for products and services, you also get many services regarding ear health.  

However, as much as there are certain benefits for shopping for hearing aids at Sam’s Club, some disadvantages are involved. This section will discuss the pros and cons of buying hearing aids at Sam’s Club.


Affordable and Competitive Prices

One of the reasons why many people prefer to get their hearing aids from Sam’s Club is the affordability of the hearing aids. At Sam’s Club, you can get a hearing aid for as low as $625. This price is very low compared to the price given by other retail stores selling hearing aids. 


While you may not be able to shop the hearing aids online, you can see the price and features of the hearing aids online. This allows you to see the hearing aid and make decisions as to whether you want to buy them or not. This saves you the stress of going to the hearing aid club for a product you will not buy at the end. 

Ear Health Services

The store offers you many services that have to do with your ear health, apart from selling the hearing aids to you. These services include helping you determine whether you need a hearing aid in the first type, the type of hearing aid you need, and the programming and readjustment of the hearing aids. 


Below are some of the disadvantages of shopping for hearing aids at Sam’s Club;


You need to be a registered member of Sam’s Club before you can access the products and services offered by the store. Becoming a registered member of the Club comes with some financial commitment, which stands at about $45 for an annual membership subscription at the moment. 


Another downside to shopping for hearing aids at Sam’s Club is the fact that you cannot order the hearing aids from the comfort of your home. You need to book an appointment to visit the hearing aid center in person to purchase the hearing aid, an endeavor that seems stressful. 


You can only buy one brand of hearing aids at Sam’s Club. This restricts your choice.

How To Buy Hearing Aids at Sam’s Club

There is a peculiar guide to buying hearing aids at Sam’s Club. This is because you cannot buy hearing aids online. You need to get down into the store, also known as the Hearing Aid Center, in person. 

The good thing is that there are about 450 centers in different states in the US. All you need to do is an appointment and have a scheduled date for visiting the center. As it stands, there are four different ways of scheduling an appointment with the Hearing Aid Centers. They include;

  • Visit the website to use an online scheduler
  • Call the toll-free number designated for scheduling; (888) 649-3756
  • Visit the center and schedule an appointment for another date
  • Use the Club Locator feature on Sam’s Club Website to find the nearest Club and schedule an appointment 

Of these four options, the last one remains the best and most effective way of scheduling an appointment. Many users have complained of not connecting and scheduling an appointment using the first two options. The third option is stressful and unadvisable. 

The last option allows you to input your Zip Code or state/city and search for clubs present in the state, city, or vicinity. Once you find the nearest Hearing Aid Center around you, you call the number linked to the address and book an appointment.

Other Services Sam’s Club Hearing Center Offer

You do not only get to purchase hearing aids at the Sam’s Club Hearing Aid Center, but you also get to enjoy different services and benefits. Some of the services include; 

  • Hearing tests and evaluation
  • Hearing Aid tests an evaluation
  • Adjustments and programming of hearing aids
  • Repair of Hearing Aids
  • Referral for medical treatment
  • Use and maintenance of hearing aids training
  • Annual Follow Up Tests and Support

 All of these services come at certain prices, but members of the Club get discounted prices for each of these services.