Netflix Plans Pricing (Starting at $9.99)

Netflix is the streaming service that almost everybody signs up to; it has a massive amount of TV shows and movies available, with new content being added daily. The cost is minimal for what you get and is average when compared to other streaming services.

The original programming from Netflix alone can often make the subscription worth it, with some of the best TV shows each year coming from Netflix, such as The Witcher, Stranger Things, and many more shows.

How Much is Netflix A Month?

You can get Netflix for as cheap as $9.99 per month, which provides you access to all TV shows and movies on Netflix, with no limitations to content. However, you will be limited to 1 simultaneous streaming and 480p resolution.

Netflix doesn’t offer yearly subscriptions, but you can modify your subscription whenever you need to. So if you want better video quality or more simultaneous streamings for specific months, you can switch your subscription.

Netflix Pricing Plans 

The difference between Netflix’s pricing plans comes down to different resolutions and how many devices you can stream on simultaneously.

If you’re like me and only watch Netflix on your phone in bed, then the Basic ($9.99) plan works perfectly, and you don’t miss out on anything that the other plans offer.

If you have multiple people in your house or you want to experience the best video quality that your TV can provide, then you’ll need to subscribe to the more expensive plans.

NetflixCostVideo QualityResolutionSimultaneous Streams
Basic$9.99Standard Definition480p1
Standard$15.49High Definition1080p2
Premium$19.99Ultra High Definition4K+HDR4
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Does Netflix Have Ads?

Netflix has no ads running on their platform for the free trial or other paid subscriptions. There is no pressure or upselling through add-on services or suggesting you upgrade your plan.

You may be shown suggestions at the end of your movie or TV show for other shows, but that is only part of the internal features to keep you watching and interested.

Does Netflix Have Free Trials?

Netflix stopped offering Free Trials in 2020 to US customers; in some cases, it offers free content by going to its homepage and browsing the available options, which could give you the first episode of some shows for free.

Netflix is a large enough streaming service that offers enough original content that people want that they believe you’ll pay for at least one month to get access. 

With your month subscription, you may be enticed to keep paying due to all the available content, or you may cancel and come back at a later date.

Is Netflix Free with Amazon Prime?

Netflix is not free with Amazon Prime and is not one of the available options to add to your Amazon Prime Video subscription. 

Netflix and Amazon are competitors in the video streaming space, so there are no deals or discounts by combining the two services.

Sign Up For T-Mobile

You can get Netflix for free when combined with other services such as your cellphone plan, T-Mobile offers several plans that come with Netflix included. Check with your current cellphone provider or other services you pay for to see if Netflix can be included.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get Netflix?

Netflix offers three plans for you to choose from, and the Basic $9.99 / month plan is the cheapest guaranteed option available. Netflix does not offer any discounts or promos directly.

Share Your Account

If you know anybody willing to share their Netflix account (in the same household) or they’re willing to split the costs with you; then you could get a slightly cheaper option.

Sign Up For Netflix In A Cheaper Country

If you or a family member have a credit card from another country, you can check if Netflix is cheaper there. Once signed up, you can use Netflix in any country and get access to all of the content from the country you’re in.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Some stores such as Costco will offer discounted Netflix gift cards which you can buy for yourself. So if you buy 12 single months of Netflix subscription codes, it can end up costing you the same as ten months of direct payments.

Don’t Subscribe Every Month

Netflix is paid monthly, so if you don’t need it every month, then cancel your subscription, which you can reactivate at a later date without any issues. 

Is Netflix Worth It?

Netflix is well worth the monthly subscription cost; they constantly add new original content and bring in a wide variety of TV shows and movies for you to watch at a very reasonable monthly cost.

Because Netflix isn’t forcing you into contracts, and you can cancel or subscribe at any time, you have the choice to cycle between streaming services to save costs. 

Simply pick which shows you want to watch in a month and sign up for that streaming service only, and then move on to a new streaming service the next month if you wish. 

Click here to sign up for Netflix.

Netflix Is Best For

Netflix is for anybody who enjoys a wide variety of content, without specific TV shows requirements, and doesn’t need any live streaming or add-on streaming services.

If Netflix’s original shows really appeal to you, then Netflix doesn’t often distribute those shows anywhere else, so you will need to sign up for Netflix.

Netflix Is Not For

Netflix is not the best option for people that still want access to live TV stations or wish to see specific shows that are delayed or not guaranteed to be available on Netflix. Better options for live TV streaming are Hulu and YouTube TV.

Some people find Netflix is more compatible with a younger viewing audience, similar to Disney Plus, so if you’re over 30-40 years old, you may want to shop around to see which shows appeal to you more.

Other Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Apple TV may be a better fit for your tastes.