Disney Plus Price Plans (Starting at $7.99)

Disney Plus offers competitive monthly prices for a streaming service, having a comparable price to other services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It provides streaming access to many Disney TV shows and movies, including options from what  Disney now owns, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

While many believe that Disney Plus is a kid’s streaming service, this is far from the truth with the Marvel and Star Wars franchises available, documentaries and reality shows from National Geographic, and a range of other great adult-themed TV shows.

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How Much is Disney Plus A Month?

Disney Plus costs $7.99 / month or $79.99 / year for full access to all standard features, including the best quality video your device and internet connection can maintain and simultaneous streaming to 4 devices.

In addition, you’ll get unlimited downloads to 10 different devices so that you can watch offline or when your streaming access has already reached four devices.

If you’re looking for early access to theatrical releases from Disney, you can purchase each movie for $29.99. However, that movie will later become free on Display Plus, so you need to ensure you really want to pay that much for early access.

Disney Plus Pricing Plans

Disney Plus only offers a single plan that many streaming services are starting to move towards; they then allow you to purchase additional options or bundle streaming services for a discount, such as with Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN+, and access to live network TV through Hulu.

You can also purchase theatrical movie releases for $29.99 per movie.

CostHulu – AdsHulu – No AdsESPN+LIve Network TV
Disney Plus Monthly$7.99 / Month
Disney Plus Yearly$79.99 / Year
Display Plus Bundled – Ads$13.99 / Month
Display Plus Bundled – No Ads$19.99 / Month
Display Plus Bundled – Ads + Live TV$72.99 / Month
Display Plus Bundled – No Ads + Live TV$78.99 / Month

Does Disney Plus Have Ads?

Disney Plus is entirely ad-free, but if you purchase the bundle, you have the option of Hulu with or without ads; however, that doesn’t affect Disney Plus.

The bundle that includes Hulu with ads costs you $13.99 per month, and without ads, it’s $19.99 per month. So you can decide if the extra $6 is worth removing ads from your Hulu programming.

Does Disney Plus Have Free Trials?

Disney Plus no longer has a free trial; it was removed shortly after the service went live in 2019. Instead, you must sign up for at least one month to see if you enjoy the content.

If you’re planning on purchasing the Disney Plus bundle that comes with Hulu and ESPN+, you won’t get a free trial of those services either. ESPN+ directly doesn’t have a free trial, but if you sign up for Hulu directly, you can get a free trial of Hulu for 30 days.

Is Disney Plus Free with Amazon Prime?

Disney Plus is not free with Amazon Prime or available as an add-on service through Amazon Prime. There have been historical promotions where Amazon has offered six months of free access to Display Plus when you purchase other services, but that is not always the case.

Get Verizon Service

Most major cell phone carriers offer free streaming services with their plans, and Verizon offers the Disney Plus bundle for free with some of their plans, so if you’re already a customer or feel their plans match your needs, you can also get Disney Plus for free.

Get US Mobile Service

US Mobile is another cell phone carrier that offers a range of streaming services for you to select, including Apple TV, Netflix, HBO Max, and the Disney Plus bundle.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get Disney Plus? 

The cheapest way to get Disney Plus is to pay the $7.99 / month fee, or if you’re willing to stick with the service for an entire year, you can get a discount and only pay $79.99 for a full year of Disney Plus.

Get The Disney Plus Bundle

If you’re interested in Display Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+, then the bundled package offers a better price than buying all three individually. The discount will be automatic if you already have Hulu and ESPN+ and sign up for Display Plus with the same email.

Student Discounts

Disney Plus does not offer any discounts for students directly, but there are sites offering deals such as 15% off when you purchase the year.

There are also a variety of websites offering discount codes for Disney Plus, but there’s no guarantee that they will work or are legit. Be wary of providing any information to sites in exchange for discounts.

Is Disney Plus Worth It? 

Disney Plus offers a somewhat niche streaming service, so it’s well worth the minimal monthly cost if you fit into the niche they are targeting. That niche is primarily younger viewers or fans of specific franchises, including Marvel and Star Wars.

You do get access to some great movies and TV shows, including documentaries from National Geographic. But you will want to double-check the content matches your tastes because it has a much smaller library than other services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

If you’re looking for access to all of the new Marvel and Star Wars TV shows that Disney is putting out, then Disney Plus is a MUST for you to purchase.

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Disney Plus is not for

Display Plus is not for consumers that don’t have kids and are not interested in Marvel or Star Wars. As well, the Disney Plus bundle is not suitable for anybody that doesn’t also want Hulu or access to ESPN+; while the discounts are good, they don’t offset your not using the other services.

If there are specific movies or TV shows you want to watch, then there’s no reason you can’t sign up for one month of Disney Plus and then cancel the service once you’ve finished everything you want; there are no commitments.

If you’re more interested in live TV then Disney Plus needs to be bundled with Hulu or you need to buy something like YouTube TV to get access to that kind of content.