How Much is An Eye Exam is At America’s Best?

Bad vision makes it harder to drive, read, and cook. The great news is that majority of eye issues and infections can be dealt with whenever caught early.

The good news is eye exams can be found anywhere. There are plenty of places that offer eye exams at a low cost. Big retail stores such as Target, Walmart, Costco, and America’s Best all offer eye exams, with or without insurance.

How Much is An Eye Exam is At America’s Best?

At America’s Best, the cost of an eye exam is $50 without insurance. If you purchase 2 pairs of eyeglasses for $69.95 from America’s Best, the eye exam will be free of charge.

According to Vision Center, Americans are more likely to get eye exams at big retail stores, such as Target, Costco, and Walmart. This is due to the fact it is convenient and much cheaper than private doctors/ healthcare centers.

Store NameEye Exam Price
America’s Best$50 (Free if you buy 2 glasses)
Sam’s Club$45+

Prices will vary from retail stores, but they are within the pricing range. These retail stores also allow people with or without insurance to get exams done.

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America’s Best Eye Exam Price with & Without Insurance

The cost of an eye exam at America’s Best with insurance is free and without is $50. Here is the list of insurances that cover America’s Best care:

  • Avesi
  • Community Eye Car
  • Davis Visio
  • FEP BlueVision
  • Heritage Vision Plans
  • MESVision
  • NVA
  • Spectera
  • Superior Vision
  • UnitedHealthcare

It is important to note that America’s Best does not require patients to have health care coverage to receive their services.

America’s Best offers a free eye exam with a purchase of any two pairs of eyeglasses for $69.95 which is not covered by insurance.

America’s Best Contact Lens Exam & Fitting Price

At America’s Best contact lens exams cost $89. When customers join the Eyecare Club program they are eligible to get 3 years of contact lens exams for $99.

This will cover your care for up to two years. Alongside this, there are additional discounts on contacts, eyeglasses, and other special services.

The steps to getting a contact lens through America’s Best.

  • Get an eye exam at any of America’s Best locations so you have a prescription, this will make it easier to verify which contact lens is best for your eye care.
  • Pick a preferred contact lens here.
  • Call America’s Best toll-free number 800-999-4758
  • Have a copy of the prescription on hand and upload it to your profile or the checkout process.
  • Having a current and valid prescription is needed for the check-out process.
  • Choose the best shipping option for you, the contact lens can be delivered directly to your house or your preferred America’s Best store.
  • If your eyes have not been examined by any of America’s Best locations, gather your eye doctor’s number, name, address, and phone number, this will enable America’s Best to contact them and verify your prescription.
  • If there is an issue with uploading the prescription, faxing the image is quick and easy to do, use fax number 877-291-854

How to Get a Free Eye Exam at America’s Best

Getting a free exam is very easy, all you need to do is schedule an appointment and call 1-800-TWO-PAIR or go online and ask for the special free eye exam offer with two glasses for $69.95.

There are no insurance restrictions to this offer. Anyone who makes an appointment will be eligible with or without insurance.

If you do not want the two pairs of glasses, eye exams will cost $50 without insurance.

How to Make an Appointment at America’s Best

America’s Best allows same-day appointments and is open 6 days a week 9 AM- 7 PM Mondays- Fridays and they are open on Saturdays from 9 AM- 6 PM.

If you feel that you need to see a specialist or get an eye exam the first step is to make an appointment. Making appointments can be difficult but America’s Best has a very simple and thorough process.

Step 1. Call America’s Best or Go Online

Either call America’s Best at 1-800-TWO-PAIR or go here to being the appointment booking process.

Step 2. Going Online

If you choose the second option which is doing it online, make sure to pick a location closest to you. This is important as you can plan accordingly for your convenience.

Step 3. The Booking Process

After you have picked a location, proceed to pick the schedule an eye exam option. This will directly link you to their booking process.

Step 4. Pick a Time and Date

The beginning of the booking process will contain a series of questions. Questions in regard to your eye care and your last eye exam check-up. Answer all the questions best to your ability.

When you are done answering the questions, make sure to pick a time and day that is best for you. There will be a calendar listing the available times and dates, choose one that fits in your schedule.

Step 5. Finishing the Appointment Process

When you are finished selecting the time you can proceed to the second half of the appointment-making process. The next step is to have your contact information ready.

The information needed is address, email, phone number (work and home) along with your full name and birthdate. After this, click done and you have finished booking an appointment with America’s Best.

America’s Best Pros & Cons

Watch America’s Best Eyecare Review video, this video goes in-depth regarding their experience with using America’s Best service.

This is a pro and cons list of America’s Best Eye exam care.

  • All America’s Best locations are open weekdays from 9 AM- 7 PM
  • They are also open on Saturdays from 9 AM- 6 PM
  • It is easy to make appointments online/ call.
  • A free eye exam with a two pair of glasses for $69.95
  • Huge selection of frames
  • Everything is reasonably priced within frames and lens.
  • Same-day appointments available
  • Walk-ins are available.
  • Insurance covered and no healthcare coverage care is available.
  • The two-eyeglass pair ad is only for certain prescriptions.
  • If your prescription is a -1 to -2, you are eligible to get the deal they offer.
  • If you are a -3 and -4, the two pairs of glasses will be $123.
  • If you are a -4 and higher the two pairs of glasses will be $198 for two pairs
  • You have to separately pay for anti-glare glasses $55 for one pair and $75 for both (anti-glare glasses are glasses that protect you from the glare of the sun)
  • The two-pair of glasses is only for the same prescription, it cannot be used for a prescription that isn’t yours.

The pricing fluctuates based on the difference in prescriptions. If you decide you only want one pair of glasses and you are a -4 and above the cost will be $298. This is because, without the second pair, they will charge for the eye exam separately which is an extra $50.

Why You Need an Eye Exam at America’s Best

CDC’s Vision Health Initiative and the National Eye Institute are urging Americans to deal with their eyes to ensure they can see well for the duration of their lives.

WebMd took a survey from CDC which prompted these results:

11,503 adults who were 40 and over were considered to have moderate-to-serious visual debilitation, 39.8% said they had skipped looking for care in the previous year because of expenses or absence of insurance.

Nearly 35% said they didn’t look for visual perception care since they believed they didn’t require it, while 4.5% said they couldn’t get an eye appointment.

Not taking care of your vision can lead to these many different issues that could cause other underlying issues. Eyes and vision are vital for good wellness and health.

Going to the eye doctor is often overlooked and regular eye exams are incredibly important to take throughout one’s lifetime.

Eye exams at any age and life stage can help keep your vision solid and is vital in taking care of one’s overall well-being.

If you are worried about your eyesight or if you’re overdue for an appointment, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with an eye healthcare center.