Walmart Vision Center Price Guide (Eye Exams, Glasses, Contact Lens)

Walmart is a one-stop shop for everything you need at a low price, including eye exams. When you’re looking for a cheap, convenient place to get an eye exam you should also consider Walmart’s vision center.

While you can find free online eye exams, Walmart’s eye exams are competitive among competitors for in-person options. Walmart sells glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and eyewear.

To find out how much is an eye exam at Walmart Vision Center, we visited a Walmart location in Chino, California, and asked the rep in person.

Does Walmart Do Eye Exams?

Walmart provides eye exams and contact lens fittings at its Walmart Vision Center locations throughout the United States. A standard eye exam costs around $79, and a contact lens exam and fitting are around $129.

Eye Exam$79
Contact Lens Fitting$129

The actual cost for your eye exam is dependent on your location, with prices ranging from $50 – $100 for an eye exam, so call your local Walmart Vision Center to get exact pricing.

Walmart typically has lower-priced eye exams in line with other vision care centers in the same area.

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Eye Exam Price without Insurance

A basic eye exam cost at Walmart costs around $70 without insurance, and there will be an additional fee for astigmatism or bifocal correction. Walmart Vision Center only accepts major insurance plans for eye examinations and in-store purchases.

In most cases, Walmart does not consider optometrists as store employees but as contractors, allowing optometrists to have a shop cheaper than they could on their own.

It’s a win-win-win for Walmart, optometrists, and you as you can get a cheap eye exam conveniently near you, Walmart can bring in customers, and optometrists get a cheap location with lots of customers.

Eye Exam Price With Insurance

Walmart Vision Center only accepts insurance for eye exams and in-store purchases, and online purchases are not covered. To check if Walmart covers your insurance, call a location near you.

Walmart is an out-of-network provider for the following insurances:

  • Cole Managed Vision
  • Davis Vision
  • EyeMed
  • Spectra
  • VSP

However, you can always submit reimbursement for these insurance providers by filling out an out-of-network reimbursement form, using a Walmart itemized receipt, and sending it to your insurance provider.

Walmart will not directly bill your insurance provider, and you will need to ensure that you keep your receipt and submit it through the methods required by your provider.

If you’re unsure about your benefits, contact your insurance provider before visiting Walmart so that you understand how much is covered for eye exams and how much is covered for prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Walmart is a good place to get an eye exam without insurance with a certified optometrist. Additionally, at Walmart, you can purchase glasses without an insurance plan.

Eye Exam Without Insurance

Walmart eye exams without insurance start at $70 for a basic exam. With insurance, an eye exam at Walmart will cost whatever your insurance dictates your copay to be, which can range on average between $10 to $40.

For the exact amount, you will need to contact your insurance provider to find out how much your copay will be for an eye exam at Walmart.

Walmart does accept most insurances and the common coverage for insurance is around 80%-90%. Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Glasses and Contact Lenses at Walmart

Besides eye exams, Walmart’s eye center offers a variety of eyewear and services including the following:

  • Prescription glasses and sunglasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Computer glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Contact lenses fitting
  • Treatment for eye infections or disease
  • Eye drops and eye care

Walmart has over 600 styles of different glasses for men, women and kids starting at just $20. The majority of Walmart’s glasses sell for under $130.

You can also choose your lenses in clear for free, basic tint for $41, polarized tint for $65, or transition lenses for $65 on any frame.

Walmart includes clear, plastic lenses with an anti-scratch coating for free. You can also add on a no-glare coating for $50, and impact resistance for $31.

If you need Walmart Vision Center to put lenses in your frames, some Walmart locations will replace lenses into your own frame for $25 as a service charge. This is the same price as Costco, and it is cheaper than other places where they normally charge $40.

Average Cost Of Walmart Glasses

Walmart sells prescription glasses in-store when you have a valid prescription through Walmart or another optometrist. Single vision prescription lenses come free with any glasses you buy, but anything extra for your lenses will cost more.

Price Range
Basic Glasses$10 – $40
Designer Glasses$150 – $300
Tinted Lenses$40
Polarized Lenses$50
Transition Lenses$65
Impact Resistant Lenses$30
Bifocal Lenses$80

Average Cost Of Walmart Contact Lenses

Walmart sells prescription contact lenses in-store or online; you will need a valid prescription from Walmart or another optometrist to buy contact lenses. You can set up recurring deliveries and get free shipping if you’re buying online.

Type Of Contact LensAverage Cost
Daily Disposable (90)$44 – $127
Monthly Disposable (90)$46 – $155
Conventional (Vial)$49.50
Toric/Astrigmatism (90)$64 – $99
Multifocal$79 – $130

Walmart offers all the typical major brands of contact lenses, including Acuvue, DAILIES, PureVision, Proclear, Biotrue, and many others, with a range of features that should match your needs and preferences the same as other stores.

A contact lens exam is around $130 at Walmart. However, if you also have astigmatism or need bifocals then the cost could be even more. Walmart’s contact lens prices start at $20. Walmart’s selection of contact lenses includes Acuvvue, Air Optix and Biofinity.

However, you do not have to purchase lenses or contacts from Walmart as they will give you your prescription which you can use to order from any retailer.

If you need them quickly, you can get contact lenses shipped in three to four days for $11.95 shipping.

How To Renew A Walmart Prescription

Walmart won’t renew a prescription for your glasses or contact lenses; you will need to provide a valid prescription from your doctor or your doctor’s details for Walmart to confirm your prescription.

If your prescription has lapsed, then an eye exam will be required by Walmart Vision Care, or you can get an eye exam at any other location and then bring it back for Walmart to confirm, and then you’ll be able to buy prescription glasses or contact lenses through Walmart.

How To Make An Appointment For Eye Exam

Walmart Vision Centers will accept walk-in customers for an eye exam as time, and other scheduled exams allow. However, it’s best to call your local Walmart Vision Center and schedule an appointment to ensure you get the time you want.

You can’t schedule an appointment for an eye exam through the website, and there are no prescription renewals provided through the website either.

How To Find Walmart Vision Care Location

Walmart has around 5,342 stores throughout the United States and 3,000 Walmart Vision Centers, so not every Walmart location can provide an eye exam.

To find the closest or most convenient location, visit the Walmart Vision Center locator.

Walmart Eye Exam Price Comparison

Store NameEye Exam Cost
Costco Optical$70
America’s Best Contact and Glasses$50
Pearle Vision$89
Walmart Vision Center$79
Vision Source$75
Warby Parker$75
Sam’s Club Eye Clinic$61
Bj’s Optical$65
Target Optical$70