Target Eye Exam Cost 2022

Until recently, eye exams could only be held in the offices of doctors who specialized in optical care.

Just like getting a physical examination, an examination of the eyes was only held in offices or facilities that carried such equipment.

Today, that has all changed thanks to a combination of consumer demand, a relaxation of laws governing eye exams, and large retail chains opening space in their stores for eye examinations to take place.

Target is one such retailer that has embraced eye examinations for their customers, providing convenience for those who otherwise find it difficult to make appointments with their eye doctor.

Target will allow walk-ins, but it’s best to schedule an appointment.

How Much is an Eye Exam at Target?

Most Target Optical charges $70-$100 for an eye exam without insurance. The standard price for a Target eye exam with the field vision test being an additional $25. This assumes you pay the price out of pocket and do not use your insurance.

If you have insurance that is accepted by Target Optical, it can cover around 80%, and you only have to pay $7-$14. A routine eye exam with contact lens fitting cost around $125, and an additional field test cost $25.

Insurance accepted by Target Optical in-store:

  • Advantica
  • AlwaysVision
  • Avesis
  • Community Eye
  • Envolve
  • Heritage
  • National Vision Administrators (NVA)
  • Superior Vision
  • United Health Care
  • UPMC
  • Vision Benefits of America (VBA)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP Vision

For insurance accepted by Target Optical online and accepted out-of-network insurance plans, you can visit Target’s vision insurance page.

In addition to the standard eye exam, Target Optical also offers an additional field vision test which is normally an additional $25 charge.

Plus, the standard examination assumes no issues are found that require correction beyond that of having lenses and frames created which itself is a separate charge.

Target Optical was founded in 1995 by the Cole National Group located in Cleveland, Ohio. Over the next decade, the Cole National Group was dissolved into Luxottica S.p.A. By 2004, the switch had been made to Target Optical which is now run from Mason, Ohio, the same location as the headquarters of the North American Retail Group.

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Eye Exam + Contact Lens Fitting

The cost of the examination is the same regardless of whether it is for glasses or contact lenses.

However, Target Optical does offer a combined price of $125 for the eye exam and initial contact lens fitting. This is not like glasses in which you purchase the frames separately and can try the ones available on for free.

The contact lens fitting is an additional cost, but it does help prepare the eyes for the lenses that will be created. The fitting may also spot issues that need to be addressed. While it is an additional cost, the fitting must be performed to ensure that the lenses will work in this manner.

This is unlike glasses in which the frames can be changed for an additional fee if they have been previously selected.

How Much Will Insurance Cover

Many health insurance companies will cover eye exams at 80% of the cost, leaving you to pay the remaining 20%. However, there are other insurance plans that may cover 90% of the cost, which translates into paying $7 out of pocket assuming that there are no other expenses.

Keep in mind that the insurance must be recognized by Target Optical. Given that health insurance is regulated at the state level, the exact policies that are covered may vary considerably across the US.

Be sure to read your insurance coverage to ensure that it offers vision care recognized by Target Optical.

However, all Target Optical locations will accept FSA and HSA. Standing for Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account respectively, these are not insurance policies.

Rather, they are money you allocate to such accounts for use in health-related fields.

Eye exams are one such field in which these accounts apply, so you can use them to fund your examination if you so choose.

Target Optical Reputation

The reviews for Target Optical will depend largely on what part of the country the store is located.

Each Target Optical store has its own reputation that is built off the reviews from its customers. So, one location may have considerably better, the same, or worse reviews than the next.

What can be said overall is that Target Optical does offer some of the lowest prices for eye exams compared to most other retail chains or outlets.

The low prices and convenience of having the examination performed at the store rather than a doctor’s office is a big plus in many of the reviews.

Keep in mind that all doctors who perform the examinations must meet minimum state qualifications just like any other physician.

Plus, the facilities must also meet local and state standards in terms of cleanliness and equipment available. This includes emergency services in the rare cases that something might occur.

Also keep in mind that all Target Optical stores will have at least a few negative reviews. This is true of any store in any industry.

What you want to look for is a pattern in the reviews that indicate issues that are not being addressed. Such as poor customer service, long wait times, or hidden fees or charges.

Special Discounts and Savings

On the eye examinations themselves, there does not appear to be any cost savings. The rate is a flat one for all standard eye exams.

This does not mean that exceptions cannot be found, but the price savings is really geared towards the lenses and accessories offered by Target Optical.

For RedCard holders, you can save 5% on all Target products which includes the frames. But there are additional savings when you check out the Target Optical special offer page.

As you can see, there are saving which include up to 50% off Designer frames. Clearance items are commonplace when selecting your frames at the Target Optical store.

There may be other discounts as well which include the following.

  • Purchasing Multiple Frames
  • Non-Prescription Sunglasses
  • Frames for Children and Teens

In addition, there are general sales that happen at Target which include Black Friday and Cyber Monday which includes discounts on frames, non-prescription sunglasses, and other eye accessories.

You can keep an eye out for all discounts when viewing the online webpage. However, keep in mind that this only applies to participating Target stores.

You can find all sorts of deals on frames and other eye accessories going on at Target Online. By keeping up with the sales prices, you can take advantage of discounts when they occur.

Target Online offers exceptional eye exam services, low prices on their frames, and fast delivery which is often completed in less than a single week.

Keep in mind that the eye exam services, frames, and delivery will depend mostly on the location that you have chosen.

This is information you’ll need to consider when conducting reviews of the services and products found at Target Optical.

How to Make an Appointment

Woman is having eye exam

There are different methods you can use to make an appointment at Target Optical. If you know the location of a Target store that has eye exams as part of its services, you can call or make the appointment in person.

However, many people choose to make the appointment online, taking advantage of the easy, convenient setup that makes creating an appointment a snap.

Start by visiting the main webpage for Target Optical and clicking on Eye Exams in the upper right corner.

  1. Enter Your Zip Code: This will find you the nearest location of a Target Optical center.
  2. Select Target Location: You will be presented with a list of locations, choose the right one for you
  3. Answer Questions: You will be asked if this is your first eye exam at this location. Plus, if you need a contact lens fitting
  4. Schedule: Now you can choose which date and time works best for you from what is available. A calendar will have the days and times that are open for an examination. Choose the one that works best for your needs.
  5. Name & Birthdate: Enter this information below the calendar
  6. Answer Questions: Here, you will provide information on whether you will be using insurance. Plus, your contact information will be requested.
  7. Book: Once you have entered the day and time, you can book the appointment. Now it is scheduled, and the doctor will be waiting when you arrive.  

If you have multiple family members who need an eye exam, you can book them as well. This provides you with considerable convenience when scheduling an eye exam with Target Optical.

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