Sam’s Club Eye Exam Cost 2022

Sam’s Club is a one-stop-shop, you can get anything there you need. Sam’s Club provides affordable eye exams at a low cost, making them accessible to everyone.

Independent optometrists operate out of Sam’s Club Optical Center, so prices may vary depending on location and optometrist.

How Much is an Eye Exam at Sam’s Club?

An eye exam at Sam’s Club starts at $50 without pupil dilation. If you have astigmatism or need dilation you can expect to pay about $65. For a contact lens prescription, you should expect to pay about $100 for the exam.

Sam’s Club sells a variety of eye options, such as glasses, contacts, as well as sunglasses. Sam’s Club’s large selection doesn’t just apply to glasses and contacts- it applies to food, medicine, and even clothing.

Sam’s Club’s large selection doesn’t just apply to glasses and contacts- it applies to food, medicine, and even clothing.

Sam’s Club Eye Exam Appointment

To make an eye exam appointment at Sam’s Club, you can contact the optometrist at Sam’s Club directly. If you don’t have the phone number for the optometrists, use Sam’s Club store locator and find a location near you and call for an eye exam appointment.

You Don’t Need a Sam’s Club Membership for Eye Exam

Sam’s Club does not require membership for an eye exam because health services must be open to the public. However, if you want to purchase merchandise such as glasses or contact solutions, you will need a Sam’s Club membership.

Insurnace Accepted at Sam’s Club Optical

Sam’s Club Optical does take some major insurance brands, but you will need to check with your local Sam’s Club to get a better idea of the price before heading in.

Sam’s Club accepted insurance:

  • Avesi
  • Community Eye Car
  • Davis Visio
  • FEP BlueVision
  • Heritage Vision Plans
  • MESVision
  • NVA
  • Spectera
  • Superior Vision
  • UnitedHealthcare

If you have vision insurance, it could cover up to 80% to 90% of your Sam’s Club eye exam cost, which may let you pay only $7-$15.

Sam’s Club Eye Exam Cost Comparison

Sam’s club’s average eye exam is around $65, and Costco’s eye exams tend to be a little more expensive. Costco’s eye exam ranges from $80-$150, and most people pay around $100 on average.

Contact lenses from Costco also have a larger price range, from about $20 to about $70. With the range of prices comes a range of options, from monthly contact lenses to daily contact lenses.

A typical Costco eye exam focuses on keeping your glasses and contact prescriptions up to date, just a regular eye exam.

For Sam’s Club, some of the contact lens brands offered include Acuve, Biotrue, and Dailies. The contact lenses and glasses come in name brands, as well as off-brands. Contact lenses can be shipped in as well.

Some of the glasses type that Sam’s Club includes sunglasses and frames, as well as reading glasses. At Sam’s Club, the eyeglasses range from $50-$100.

Name brand glasses cost $70, designer glasses cost $100, and prescription glasses will cost about $120.

The national average for an eye exam is about $200 dollars, so both Sam’s Club and Costco offer major discounts compared to the national average.

Eye Exam CostGlasses CostContact Lenses Cost
Walmart$59 to $118$20-$165$20
Sam’s Club$60-$70$59$21.98
Target Optical$65-$75$99$33-$150
1 800 ContactsFree with prescription$40-$500$27.99-$59.99
Membership: Not Required for Any Stores Above

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Costco Eye Exam Price

Costco eye exams tend to be a bit more expensive, about $80 for an exam. In order to have access to most Costco things, you will need a membership card, however, you will not need one for a Costco eye exam. It is wise to call ahead to make an appointment for your eye exam.

Sam’s Club Eye Exam Price

Sam’s Club eye exams cost around $67, and you do not need a membership to have an exam done.

Target Optical Eye Exam Price

Target Optical is another place to get your eye exam done. These exams will cost about $70. However, Target does not offer frames or prescription contact lenses.

They will give you a paper prescription to take elsewhere to get glasses. In order to get an appointment at Sam’s Club for an eye exam or glasses, you can use the Target Opticals Online website to make an appointment.

1 800 Contacts Eye Exam Price

1 800 Contacts has a free online eye exam that you can take anywhere, for free. However, it is only for contacts, and not for glasses prescriptions.

The online eye exam has its downsides because it is not specific to each individual, and should not be used for diagnosing illness.

This online exam does not provide an in-depth understanding either. Both of these are considerable drawbacks when it comes to an eye exam.

How Much is Sam’s Club Eye Exam Cost Without Insurance?

Sam’s Club’s regular eye exam costs around $65 without insurance. Sam’s Club eye exams are completely customizable, ranging from simple yearly checkups to getting new eyeglasses and contact prescriptions.

In order to access these eye exams, you do not need a Sam’s Club membership, making the exams more accessible.

Sam’s Club eye exams cost much less than the United States average price for an eye exam, which is $200.

In addition to offering quality eye exams, Sam’s Club offers name brands, designer, and prescription glasses.

They can also ship several brand name contacts, including monthly and daily varieties. However, if you do not have insurance, it is wise to call to compare prices with your local Sam’s Club and other local stores, to make sure you get the best price.